Wednesday, November 5, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty eight

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

I had to take advantage of it being Halloween last week and being pregnant :) Can't beat a $6 shirt, a sharpie and ten minutes to make a costume!

Feeling: major back pain last week :( I felt like an old man by the end of the week as it took me forever to go from sitting to standing. As long as I didn't do either for too long, I was fine.

Workouts: my last prenatal yoga class, many walks with Harley and an at home tabata workout. One day of doing nothing because my back was killing!

  • only 76 more days to go! Where the heck has time gone?!
  • I had my 28 week check up at the maternity clinic, which means I am now going every two weeks. Found out that I passed my glucose test (thank goodness!) and belly is still measuring on track. I also really liked the doctor that I met this time {the clinic that I go to has 6-8 doctors that rotate through the clinic and the hospital, so you don't usually see the same doctor every time}. Fingers crossed she is at the hospital when I go into labour!
  • tried to find a new jacket that I can wear while walking Harley now that the weather has turned colder and that my other jackets don't quite do up anymore! I don't want to spend a tonne of money since I'll only wear it for a couple of months. Any ideas?
  • she was hanging out on my right side for a good portion of the week, which was very uncomfortable


  1. LOVE the pumpkin! 76 day! WOW. So darn excited!! I have a couple coats you can try if you want, I had that problem. I'll get them for Saturday! We need to make a plan for Sat too! Hope your back feels better! Try that yoga DVD I gave you..? May help.

  2. Love the Halloween shirt!! You look great and yay for passing the glucose test!

  3. Old Navy has some cute, cheap coats, but I'm not sure if you have one up there. I have also seen other preggo bloggers comment about how much they like Asos maternity clothes. You're looking great!

  4. I love the shirt, and the little bow! Looking adorable as usual! :)

  5. Love the pumpkin costume! Super cute. And I can't believe how quickly time is flying by!

  6. Awww cute costume! I'm happy you passed the test! The drink was okay but the hour of waiting was awful-- blah!!
    Old Navy has cheap coats! It's too bad you weren't closer.. I could lend you one of mine!!! xx

  7. Yay for passing your glucose test!! Love the pumpkin!! Boo to back pain!! Being prego in the winter is hard with trying to find coats and warm clothes, but then you feel like someone turned up the furnace and have to dress in layers haha. Luckily I had lost a lot of weight before getting prego and could wear an old coat - not that I had many winter outings with a broken ankle haha

  8. I hope you can find a coat - Target often has some cute ones that aren't too expensive or maybe Old Navy?

    You look so cute with your pumpkin shirt! Sorry to hear about the back pain, though. Ouch that sounds miserable!

  9. Love the costume! So cute!

  10. This might come through twice -

    Babes in Arms sells a panel that you zip into any coat and it adds some room. Is also works for winter baby wearing too so it's not just a useless pregnancy purchase. Go check it out!

  11. Check out value village for a jacket! If it's just for walking the dog it doesn't need to be super nice right?

    LOVE your cute costume. So fun! Can't believe you only have 12 weeks to go!

  12. I used a kokakoala panel last year...worked well and I'm using it this year for baby wearing. I think that's the one they sell at Babes in Arms?
    Also - I had wicked SI joint pain when I was pregnant and the chiropractor was my best friend. Might be worth trying!

  13. Hello third trimester!!! You and baby d will be a full term package in no time! :)
    I love the costume and am blown away that it is a DIY! Looks totally maternity store bought.
    Is your baby favouring left or right or usually staying in the middle? Josie was a right side girl until the last week or so when I'd catch her hanging out on the left.

  14. I did the same costume for both my pregnancies. You are smarter with the sharpie though- I did it the hard way with felt!!

    I have a maternity coat you could borrow if you want. It has draw strings at the waistso you can make it smaller. It's about thigh length (on me), with a hood so good for walks and plenty of room to layer a sweater under.

  15. You look great! I had the hardest time finding a jacket when I was pregnant with Preslie. Hoepfully you have better luck!



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