Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{baby d}: week twenty nine

Just a friendly reminder I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Feeling: I had an upset stomach for a couple of days this week. I think it was mainly due to starting to take iron pills, which are notoriously hard on your stomach. I had to stop taking them as I couldn't handle it anymore. Otherwise, felt pretty good this week.

Workouts: lots of walks with Harley,  CrossFit style workout at home, T25 with lots of modifications and a strength training workout. Not a bad week even with a rest day in there when my stomach was really upset.

  • finally painted the nursery on the weekend! So glad to have it done. Just need to set up the crib and hang the pictures/art for the gallery wall
  • bought a new winter jacket two sizes up that should hopefully fit me for the rest of the pregnancy. I ended up finding it at Marks Work Wearhouse and got a sweet deal on it....40% off the regular price plus another 20% off on top of that!
  • only 69 more days to go!


  1. Love your dress! I wore so many dresses and tights at the end of my pregnancy. Pants were not comfy! I hope your stomach feels better! I could not even do prenatal pills without being sick and stopped them before I was even pregnant!

  2. You may have already tried this, but it helped if I took my iron pills before I went to bed. That way I could kind of "sleep off" the upset tummy side effect.

  3. Love that dress! I hope the pills were the answer to your upset tummy. That's no fun. I always have to take vitamins before bed otherwise they hurt my tummy too. 69 days!! whoo hoo!

  4. I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery! I am glad that you got the painting done. I hope that your tummy feels better now that you stopped taking the iron pills. I have a tough time with vitamins and things like that in general as they are so hard on my stomach!

  5. Nice outfit!! Boots and dresses were so comfy from this point on!

    I took a liquid iron supplement bc I had low iron both times. It never bothered my tummy and is supposed to be easier on the tummy than the pills). I think it's called Floradex (sp?). I got it from my MW clinic but I think I've seen it at Superstore and definitely at health food stores.

  6. You can get Floradex at any natural food stores and I've bought it at GNC. You can get liquid or pill form and it is really gentle.
    Keep well!

  7. I got lucky and had better iron levels when pregnant than I do in 'normal' life. I think I would have found iron pills really tough on my stomach!
    You're looking great - and I hope you continue to feel pretty good.

  8. Time is flying! Can't wait to see her room!

  9. 69 days seems like a long time and not a long time all at the same time! You look so great and that's awesome you got so many workouts in last week!



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