Thursday, November 6, 2014

I confess...

I haven't done a confession post in a while, so I thought why not do one today?

I confess.....
  • that I did absolutely nothing but blog, shower and watch tv last night. I felt a little guilty about it, but my stomach was feeling off all day yesterday and I really don't feel like coming down with a cold or the flu
  •  that I've eaten way too much Halloween treats in the last week. But they are so little and yummy!
  • that I've only bought one Christmas present so far
  • that I can't believe we are going to be parents in under three months
  • that I need a pedicure really, really badly but bending over to paint my toe nails is no longer comfortable
  • that I miss running and a hard workout some days, but other days I'm okay with not doing either
  • that I don't get the appeal of monogrammed things for your kids. Maybe that's because we don't have a name picked out yet?
  • that I really don't like the "in case you missed it " tweets with old posts links on Twitter

Tell me: what are your confessions for today?


  1. Pregnant people get cut a lot of slack. Blog, shower, and watch TV is a big day sometimes.
    I haven't bought any Christmas presents. There's another month and a half or do before I have to think about it.
    I have been wondering about the "In case you missed it" for the posts with really low readership, but have always thought it's a bit attention-whore-y. So I'm glad to hear you say you don't like them.

  2. I can't stand when people tell me "enjoy it while it lasts", but blogging, showering and watching TV can be a huge accomplishment once baby is actually here! Some days just transferring the wet clothes in the washer into the dryer is a huge accomplishment! Haha! You're pregnant - you do whatever you feel like doing! :)

  3. I love these kind of posts! I think it is good that you took it easy last night - take advantage of that now while you can! You'll be busy and sleepless soon enough!!

    My confessions:
    - any sentence that starts with, 'well it could be worse' or 'well at least' is bound to make my blood boil
    - I was nervous to open an email from my grandma that I got this week because last month she sent an email about how now that I've known Phil for 2 years, it's time to make an assessment and decide where this is going (tick tock!). Luckily her email did not contain any pressuring comments about my relationship.
    - I haven't bought any Christmas presents but I have started a list
    - I have been eating a lot of Halloween candy too and not working out nearly enough to burn off those calories!

  4. mom - now GrandmaNovember 07, 2014 7:55 AM

    I confess that I miss you guys so much - wish I was there to spoil you rotten, make cookies, dinner and anything you would what you want when you want to do it. Eat candy, fart, laugh, sleep, watch t.v. - enjoy enjoy enjoy.
    Can't wait to come out in January to be Grandma and make life easy for you all..... maybe I won't give her back! Love you!

  5. I have bought zero Christmas presents.

    I'm with Brie - I hated the "enjoy it while it lasts" and hate saying it, but I have to admit, a do-nothing evening sounds really great right about now.

  6. Maybe you can sneak out for a pedi this weekend!
    I haven't boughten any Christmas gifts and time is ticking for me!! Have a good weekend girl

  7. I slept in till 9am and I was still grumpy when I got up:/ Leo woke lots last night, teething, so I gave him to j when he woke for the day and went back to bed!
    Nothing wrong with chilling and watching TV. You are baking a babe which takes a lot of energy.
    Funny how you miss something when you can't do it!
    You need to book a pedicure stat! Gotta keep those feet healthy! I wish we could go for one together right now- I need one badly! My poor cracked feet.
    I haven't monogrammed anything for my kids either. I never committed to their names until they were born and I'm too cheap to pay for monogramming. Maybe a blanket or something would be nice though.

  8. I had a rough night with Josie last night and stayed in bed until mid afternoon today! But it was awesome to catch up on the sleep.
    I'm also with you on the halloween candy! I just ate my last coffee crisp bar and resisting buying more at 50-75% off will be a tremendous feat.
    How are you doing with baby names by the way? Are you narrowing a list down or waiting until the baby comes? I too wasn't into monogrammed items when I was pregnant (and I haven't really thought about it since). We had our name 95% decided, but we didn't really refer to my bump as "the name" just in case she would be born and we'd change our minds. But she was definitely a Josie when she came out. :)

  9. I confess that I have zero discipline with my diet lately and it's really annoying me. I need to get my shit together! (typing this after I spent the evening baking and taste testing cupcakes for my friends baby shower tomorrow! WAY too much taste testing happened!!!)

  10. I love your Moms comment!! SO awesome. I think she should move here. :)
    I never got the monogram thing, I think it's an American thing...?
    Go get a pedicure!!

  11. I think you should go and get a pedicure! You deserve it, lady!

    I agree with Amber (and your comment) about the the candy and diet. This fall has been an all you can eat candy and snack buffet in my household. I can't rein it in, but I have developed some bad eating habits over the last few months!



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