Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Randomness for your Tuesday

I've got a bunch of random thoughts for you today...
  • I have two $20 USD codes for Shutterfly that expire on January 31, 2014. We aren't doing Christmas cards and doubt I'll be able to make birth announcements before then. Does anyone have a use for them? I could send you the code or mail them to you.
  • we are going to a wedding on NYE and I have nothing to wear. I'm looking for a form fitting dress (preferably lace)...any ideas of where to find one? Not looking to spend $200 either
  •  does anyone watch Homeland? It's quite the season!
  • who wants to pick out an outfit for me to wear for our maternity pictures? I have no idea what to wear.
  • baby girl was hanging out on my right ribs yesterday and it was the first day where I was truly uncomfortable being pregnant. Tough life I know :)
 Tell me: something random for your Tuesday!


  1. I'll pick an outfit for you!!! You know I love that sorta thing! Pink Blush have any dresses like you have in mind? ASOS has nice maternity stuff too. I have the dress I wore in my Mat pics - beige with black lace you could borrow - it's not super form fitting but flattering.

  2. I don't know much about maternity clothes but I did notice Target has some really cute maternity stuff when I was there the other day so maybe they will have a dress for you!

  3. I have a black and white lace dress I wore to wedding while pregnant you could borrow. It's not form fitting. I also have a plain black form fitting dress you could borrow.

  4. Okay getting married on NYE would be so cool! I imagine quite the party :D

  5. I totally just ordered from Shutterfly, I got a code for a free calendar, only had to pay shipping. Not bad but I was not a fan of the editing capabilities vs Mixbook!
    I vote Alison to pick you out an outfit!!

  6. You always look cute in your weekly photos so hopefully you can come up with a cute outfit for your maternity photos! I think you can't go wrong with leggings and boots or something like that!

    I hope you can find a dress that you like for the NYE wedding that is inexpensive!

    Something random about my day is that I had to return the coat I recently bought because it was shedding feathers like crazy. :( I ordered a different one so hopefully I like it.

  7. I have zero maternity clothes suggestions for you.

    I need to catch up on Homeland!!

  8. I saw nice dresses at Old Navy when I was pregnant, they were form fitting, but not sure about lace. They were like $20;)
    YES, we watch Homeland. OMG, I was so stressed out the last two episodes and I can hardly wait for Sunday's. I can already tell it'll be a nail biter of am episode.
    Random? we bought his and hers peanut butter last night. Crunchy for me and smooth for him. Ha! It's only been 8 years of sharing smooth, I finally demanded my crunchy type. (very random!)



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