Monday, November 3, 2014

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We got snow this weekend...yuck! Good thing it's supposed to warm up again this week.

{friday} As it was Halloween, we hung out at home giving out candy to the trick or treaters. I think we had just over 40 kids, which is pretty good. I thought we would have more since it was Friday and the weather was decent. I wasn't going to put up decorations, but decided last minute too and you can see what I came up with above. Easy and simple.

{saturday} I had a wonderful sleep in that morning and then did a few things around the house before heading out to my hair appointment (see above). I decided to go a bit darker as my hair is growing so fast and wasn't sure if I will be getting my hair done again before baby comes. After my hair appointment, the wet snow was coming down, but decided to suck it up and take Harley for a walk. Later that night, my friend Kim came over for pizza and a movie. 

{sunday} I had another wonderful sleep in before getting my act together and running some errands with Mr.D. In the afternoon, I had a nap before taking Harley for a long walk as the snow had finally stopped and the sun came out. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. I love the darker hair on you!! Glad you had a good weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a goof weekend. Hair looks good! Glad you got some sleep ins! :) My Mom saw B at Superstore!! :)

  3. Your hair looks great!! Boo to snow!! We got some too, but nothing like yours!! Lucky girl on the sleep ins!!

  4. Your hair looks great! I love getting my hair done and plan on doing that in December after we get back from Jamaica. I plan to go darker, too!

    My weekend was great. We had parties on Friday and Saturday night but my days were unplanned so I got a chance to catch up on some things around my place, read, knit, and cook!

  5. Hair looks great!! Hope you continue to sleep well because its not happening for me!

  6. Your hair looks great! I had a good weekend. Luckily I had Friday off work too and I originally had all these plans for Friday but ended up getting up in the morning to run and then going back to bed for three hours, which was amazing! Then I took my grandma out for lunch and some thrifting and we spent the afternoon/evening doing house stuff. On Saturday I went to yoga in the morning, saw the movie The Judge with my grandparents and mom and then Eric and I spent HOURS reorganizing our laundry room and hooking up our new washer and dryer. Seriously we were up until 11pm doing it! Then Sunday we drove to Penticton, ran our race and drove home, so that was a full 10 hour day in itself. So overall a pretty busy weekend but a good one!

  7. Your hair looks great! Spooky decorations! Great turnout!

  8. Love the hair, and you are right, it is growing super fast! Your decorations are super cute, too!



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