Tuesday, December 23, 2014

{baby d}: thirty five weeks

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Thanks Nicole for lending me the shirt!
Harley was too busy looking at the birds flying by to cheese it up for the camera this week :) Holy smokes, this pregnancy is flying by! Less than 35 days to go.

Feeling: I was having the worst pain in my pelvis/lower belly area on Thursday and Friday. I had taken Harley for a walk and had to keep stopping as the pain would just suddenly come on. It ended up going away by Saturday, so I am guessing that the belly was going through a growth spurt again as it sure feels bigger! Other than that, just tired. 

Workouts: not the greatest week as I was out of Tuesday night, Wednesday is baby class and then Friday I was in too much pain to walk Harley. Oh well, not the end of the world.

It's funny to look at my 15 week picture and think I had a belly then. I had no idea what was in store for me! Haha.


  • finally decided on my last day of work! I work until the 23rd (I had booked the half day on the 24th off back during our vacation planner) and I won't be going back on January 5th when our office reopens. I plan on using vacation and some other time I have to relax, sleep in and get a bunch of stuff done before she hopefully makes her debut :)
  •  the breast feeding pillow that I ordered back in November finally arrived!
  • I picked up some bottles and a pump that Kaella kindly gifted to me. 
Questions for the mom's:
  • in baby class this week, we were talking about the dad having the option to cut the cord- I'm curious...how many of your husbands/partners cut the cord?
  • for those of you who have kids without allergies, what type of laundry detergent do you use on their clothes? I was gifted a bottle of baby laundry detergent, but just wondering if it's a must? Or what kind you use?


  1. Enjoy your time off now!! I loved having extra time off before Avery arrived :-)
    I just used our regular detergent for Avery's clothes which I'd say is fine unless baby needs something else later.
    Cord cutting...Lol we never even talked about it until at the hospital and Chad said no thanks ;)

  2. John did y want to cut the cord until we had Tilly. With the boys he just didn't really want to touch it I think! 3rd times a charm. We used ivory snow for all our babies but I only used 1 bottle. It lasts for 6 months! And then I just switched to what the rest do us used. I figured if there was an allergy, we would know by 6 months from other blankets and our clothes.

  3. Enjoy the time off! I seriously loved having a few weeks off before Liam came. Do nothing and enjoy it because it's the last chance you have!!

    Layne wanted no part in any of that...I think he was freaked out enough just being there while I got cut open on top of the rest of the labor.

    I was gifted some Method brand baby detergent and it smelled heavenly. After it was gone, I just went back to using the Ecos detergent from Costco.

  4. My husband cut the cord with both of our kids, he thought the whole thing was "cool". We use Purex Baby laundry detergent - it's usually a little bit cheaper than the Ivory. My four-year-old is allergic to every other kind of laundry detergent we've tried. I'm not sure if baby detergent is *really* necessary if there aren't any allergies!

  5. Ah, you're looking great, Leigh. That's smart to take a few weeks off before she arrives. I'm sure it will be nice to have a little bit of prep/relaxation time. And it is funny to think that now (at 17 weeks) I think I'm big, but I know I have SO much further to go (and grow). ;)

  6. We didn't discuss cutting the cord, but they asked my husband to in the operating room and he did. It was a proud moment for him.

    As for laundry soap, I bought the baby purex one (pink lid) and its dye and scent free. It's often on sale and I just use it for all of our laundry now because why do my clothes need scent and dyes!? I also rotate betwee that one and regular method laundry soap. And with my high efficient washing machine, a little soap goes a long way!

  7. You look great?! What's you due date again? Soo many people due in January, I can't keep track haha.
    Mike wanted to cut the cord, but we didn't end up with that option.
    I use Purex clear - it is actually hypoallergenic but it's what we all use in the house, so no special soap here!

  8. J said no thanks to cutting. I would have. :)
    We use regular detergent. I was given sone baby stuff so used it on all our stuff then switched back and she has been fine.
    Enjoy the time off!! Do nothing!! Nap and relax. You won't regret it. ;)

  9. London breaks out with anything but Tide (the white bottle which I think is called clean??)

    J didn't want to cut it but I think it would be cool!!

    You look amazing!! She'll be here so soon!!

  10. Wow, what a change! I think that when I saw you, you were much closer to the middle photo, which seemed big at the time, but was nothing! Enjoy your time off!

  11. I absolutely loved my time off of work before baby arrived. There was a lot of reading and "nesting" going on, and it was so worth it! You'll definitely enjoy it.

    My husband didn't end up cutting the cord because he was more concerned about me, but I don't think he had much interest in doing it anyway. He might of changed his mind if he had been asked, but who knows! My feelings aren't hurt that he didn't. (And apparently it's pretty tough to cut?)

    We didn't use any special detergent, just Cheer for cold water. It's pretty mild and we didn't have any issues with sensitive skin, so we didn't have to invest in baby-specific detergent.

  12. Wow! Just crazy that she's going to be here soon! You look so good!

    J wasn't sure about cutting the cord at first but then he did for Audrey. Obviously it wasn't an option with Leo. I want to cut the cord next time! By the way they often show you the placenta which is weird! Amazing but weird!!

    As for laundry soap- I used Tide Free and Clear (or gentle?) for Leo's stuff, then switched to Ivory Snow and it was so perfumed that he had such a reaction. I now use Nellies on his stuff because it's very gentle. I wouldn't use anything heavily scented bc their skin is gentle. I never thought it was a big deal but skin reactions suck.

    Enjoy your time off alone! Do all the things you won't be able to do easily with a baby!

    We need to get together ASAP! I need to see your belly again before it's gone and she's here!!

  13. It'll be any week now! You look great! Kevin did cut the cord with Preslie. He wasn't able to with Landon because he was having so much trouble after he was delivered and it's something we both wished he could've done. I use Dreft baby detergent for Landon. Once Preslie was about 8 months old I tried washing her clothes in our regular detergent to see if she had any skin reactions to it & she didn't so that's what I used for her as she was older.

  14. Sorry to hear you've been having pain lately - that sounds so uncomfortable! I am glad you have time off now before the baby comes so that you can relax and rest up as much as possible!! Crazy to think that she could arrive any week now!!!

  15. That means that as I'm writing this comment you're on mat leave! Whooo! How exciting. I think it was a good plan not to go back on the 5th. Take these extra few weeks to rest, relax and nest while you get ready for baby girl to arrive!



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