Wednesday, December 17, 2014

{baby d}: thirty four weeks

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Doesn't Harley look so impressed to be in this one?! Haha. I'm guessing he spotted something in my in-laws backyard that looked better than sitting for a picture with his pregnant mother.

And only because it's funny, I had to include this outtake:

Such a gentleman that Harley!

Feeling: starting to get a little anxious and nervous that she could be here really soon! It's weird to think that my pregnancy is getting close to the end. I had one terrible night last week where I woke up at 12:45am with the worst heartburn ever! Tums was not helping, so I got out of bed and watched tv until almost 2:30am when it finally went away. So glad my heartburn has not been nearly that bad!

Workouts: not much besides my almost daily walks with Harley (they range from 3.2kms-5kms). I just don't have a huge desire or the energy levels most nights to much else, which is okay with me. I know I'll have time to get back into working out once she is here. 


  • baby D has received a few packages lately and has been spoiled by friends near and far! Thank you so much to the three of you!
From Lindsey and Avery
From Kaella and London

From Gabriella and Homie- she also included a bone for Harley, but that didn't last long!

  • I love that she received two pairs of the the all you need is love pjs! Both are different sizes, which is perfect!
  • I had my 34 week check up, which means the end of biweekly appointments and onto weekly appointments at the maternity clinic. Her heart rate was in the 130's this time (it's been mainly in the 140's) and belly was measuring 33cms. The doctor didn't say anything this time, but she was also very frazzled and running way behind. I've enjoyed going to this maternity clinic, but that wasn't the greatest appointment. Otherwise, nothing new to report :)
  • still trying to decide when my last day of work is going to be. I just can't make a decision!
  • for the mom's that breastfeed, do you have any good resources to share that I can look at? Either book or website? 


  1. Such sweet gifts! Love that you got the same PJs from both of them!! You look awesome! LOVE that top! Can't wait to borrow all your clothes someday - ha ha! :) YAY for weekly appointments! Be done at Christmas. You want time. :) Rest relax and enjoy!!

  2. Looking fabulous! Can't wait to see her in those Pjs and bows! Glad Harley enjoyed the bone - can't leave out big brother! :)

  3. Aw love the sweet gifts. Love your sweater also!! I set my last day of work two weeks before my due date, just in case I was early. Of course Liam was 2.5 weeks late so I had lots of time off which I had no complaints about!!

  4. La Leche League's Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is IT. The only book you should need. And if there is a La Leche group you can get to, go before you have your baby. They usually welcome pregnant mamas, and it is so helpful to surround yourself with other breastfeeding mothers.

  5. Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding. I know, I know, it's a man. But, my midwife recommended it to me before baby #1 and I used it to help with #2. Great help. I agree with Angelica's advice to connect with La Leche group if you can. Know where to get help if you need it, it's not always as easy as you think or want it to be. Good luck and keep well; your bump is gorgeous!

  6. you look absolutely lovely! i'm 23 weeks right now, but i've been doing a pretty horrific job at documenting the bump growth. luckily, there's still time to change that :) oh, and such cute packages you're receiving - you're going to have a very lucky girl!

  7. In regards to when to go off of work, don't be afraid to take a little extra time off if you can! Just think, those will be the last weeks ever that you can do whatever you please, sleep whenever you want to sleep and just take care of you! I had to go off about 6 weeks early because of severe physical pain and discomfort and let me tell you, those 6 weeks FLEW by!! I felt a little guilty telling my co-workers I was going off so early, but the best piece of advice one of them told me was, "don't be a hero". And in case baby comes early, you'll want some time home alone :)

  8. It is crazy to think that the little lady is going to be here soon - but hopefully not too soon! Bummer about the doctor appointment feeling rushed... That heartburn sounds awful!!

  9. I recommend the Dr. Sears book on breastfeeding....which I will happily loan you if you'd like? (i'm in Calgary too....) Another great resource is the Calgary Milk Bank- my hubby and I attended a breastfeeding info session there about 2 months before I was due, and it was really helpful (I know that AHS has one too, but they fill up quickly and aren't offered very frequently). In the hospital, make sure you request to see the lactation consultant before you leave. Additionally, the post-partum clinics have LC's available, but you just have to request an appointment with them specifically. Breastfeeding was the hardest thing I've learned to do, but also the thing I am most proud of! There are some great resources in Calgary, just make sure you are vocal about requesting help if you have any trouble at all! (and also, have your hubs google some articles about how dad's can support the bf'ing process!)

  10. You look so great! Love the "all you need is love" pjs!

  11. Love those all you need is love pj's! Obviously they are perfect for you :) You are looking great as always! Love that top

  12. Love the PJs - they go perfectly with your blog's theme. We too got doubles of a cute sleeper in different sizes - score! :)

    These aren't concrete resources but I recommend:

    1) Downloading a breastfeeding app to use for the first few weeks, until you really get the hang of breastfeeding. The one I used is called BabyNursing and was free. It's like a stopwatch that you can time (go, pause, and stop) how much time baby spends on each breast. It also has a diaper tracker which the hospital recommends doing for the first little while. So many times I would be like "didn't I just feed her" *checks app* "holy crap, it's been two and a half hours?" It's so easy to lose track of time in those first few weeks (who am I kidding, it doesn't get better). I also found it reassuring to know that Josie was averaging the same number of minutes feeding each day. I'll admit it can be a bit of a hassle to record every single feed (especially when your phone is blinding you in the middle of the night), but I loved having a record that I could just whip out and show my doctor if need be. After getting a clean bill of health at her one month appointment, I felt confident enough to stop recording my feeds. But I'll defnitely follow the same guide for baby #2. :)

    2) If I could go back in time I'd go out and buy myself a $100 gift card for Target for a "nursing shopping spree" during baby's first week. Pre-baby I only purchased one bra and one tank top that ended up fitting awkwardly because it's hard to judge your size when you're still pregnant. It can be hard to spend money on yourself after baby comes, so having some set aside for nursing duds may be helpful. $100 is enough for about three tank tops and one bra which is my exact rotation with my 8-week old. :)

  13. I second downloading an app. It helps you keep track of feed length and which side you started on. There's also one called 'Breastfeeding Solutions' that can help you do some troubleshooting.

  14. You look great!! Love those Jammie's she got!! Won't be long now!! Be sure to check out for anything breastfeeding. Very resourceful!!



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