Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{baby d}: week thirty six

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recap a week behind

Gah, getting so close yet so far away! That belly is sure getting big though. Oh boy!

Feeling: a bit tired last week being that work was busy before we closed for the holidays. Otherwise, still no major complaints.

Workouts: still mainly lots of long walks with Harley and that's it

  • had my 36 week check up at the maternity clinic. The doctor did a quick ultrasound and she is still head down, which is good to hear! Also had the swab for the group b strep- fingers crossed it comes back negative. Otherwise, everything looked good.
  • had my last day of work, which was such a strange feeling. 
  • we stopped at the Carters store before heading home after Christmas and they had some great deals! Found ten items for baby D for under $40!
  • My work threw baby D and I a surprise shower last week and spoiled us rotten! This is only some of the stuff that they got us....seriously, so spoiled! 


  1. You're adorable! I can't believe you're already done work! She's going to be here so soon!!

  2. Yay for being done work!! It will be nice to have some time to yourself before the baby comes! We love our sleep owl!! Looks like you guys got spoiled, but you deserve it!!

  3. That is awesome that your coworkers threw a shower for you! And yea for finding some great deals! I know you feel huge but I think you look really great!!

  4. Look at that beautiful belly! You are glowing, Mama :) Also - those Swaddle Me things are a Godsend!!! We used them for as long as we could when Rylie was first born!

  5. That is awesome you got so many great gifts from your coworkers! I can't believe Baby D is going to be here so soon. You look so great and cute with that bump :)

  6. So close!! Love that you got spoiled! Nice surprise!

  7. Yay for being done work! The time is going to fly by, and really, baby could come any time now! (but hopefully stays baking for a few more weeks ;) )

  8. So spoiled!! So glad you are done work! Looking good! Do a front belly shot! It's always fun to see how round it is! We love Carters!

  9. So close, and so spoiled! I love it!



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