Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{baby d}: week thirty three

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

I got Mr.D to sneak a picture before we headed out for maternity pictures :)

Feeling: still having groin/pelvic pain. I felt anxious and nervous (see below for more info), but otherwise good.

Workouts: lots of walks with Harley and a weight workout from Nhershoes shred when I did it a while ago

  • on Tuesday morning, my alarm had gone off and I accidentally hit my phone off my bedside table. My phone ended up falling close to the two carpeted steps that are in our room {sounds strange I know, but our room is above the dining room area and we think they wanted the ceiling to be raised in there}. In my half asleep/forgetting I was 33 weeks pregnant state, I tried to lean over and grab it, but ended up falling out of bed onto the steps on my side. I mainly hit my hip area, but was still a little nervous. I knew if I didn't get checked out, I would have worried and worried. Later that morning, I headed to the hospital (Mr.D was luckily able to leave school and meet me there) where I was hooked up to monitors for about an hour and asked lots of questions. Luckily, everything looked good with baby and myself, so I was able to leave over an hour later. Definitely relieved and felt silly explaining what had happened!
  • getting a sneak peek of our maternity pictures- Lindsay did a great job and I am so happy that I decided to get some done!
  • I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I've been using olive body cream from the Body Shop on my belly since the beginning and no stretch marks yet. It's so dry in Alberta and this definitely helps.


  1. LOVE your sneak peak photos!
    Falls are so scary, so happy you and baby are okay! I had a really bad fall at 17 weeks that landed me in the ER and another at 39 weeks on the ice that was not that bad but they are still worrisome. Be careful out there right now!

  2. Eeep that is so scary about your fall. I'm really glad both you and baby girl are OK. That's smart to get checked out just in case!

  3. I'm glad everything is ok. I managed to go my entire pregnancy without a fall and I was pretty impressed with myself considering I'm a klutz and that there was a lot of ice and snow for the part of pregnancy that I couldn't see my feet :)

    I used coconut oil on my belly and it definitely helped it stop itching in the winter - glad the olive oil lotion is working for you - Calgary is dryyyyy. If you do get stretch marks, blame genetics rather than the lotion.

  4. Good on you for going to the hospital, better to get it checked for sure!
    I used thyme maternity's stretch mark cream and loaded myself up with the orange oily stuff (forget the name) every night and I didn't get them on my belly!

  5. Scary about the fall! So glad you and baby girl are ok!

    Your maternity pictures are so beautiful!! So happy you decided to get them done!
    I used the body shop cocoa butter stick on my belly and didn't get stretch marks. I think the key is to moisturize, although genetics apparently play a part as well.

  6. Oh yikes, that is scary. I am glad that everything checked out ok, though. I would have gone to the hospital like you did, too.

  7. Glad you are ok!! Silly belly just gets in the way! Yay for no stretch marks! :) Glad you found something that you like.

  8. Glad you are okay!
    The photographer you chose is amazing!



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