Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{baby d}: week thirty two

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Excuse the outfit and sweet hiking shoes in my picture. This is what happens when it's -19C out and I have no desire to get dressed in real clothes. This was also the quickest photo shoot we've done as it was so freaking cold out!

Feeling: overall, still pretty good. Had one really uncomfortable day at the beginning of the week (she was sitting really high and in my ribs), which was the first day I've said that I haven't enjoyed being pregnant. Otherwise, still the typical groin pain and tiredness of being pregnant :)

Just in case you wondered what size she was this week...not a clue what that is though!
Workouts: not a great week of workouts as it was so cold and snowy near the end of the week. Still managed to fit in four long walks with Harley, a weights workout and an at home tabata workout

  • I had my 32 week check up and everything still looks good. I go to a practice that has 6-8 doctors that rotate through the clinic and hospital, so I usually end up seeing a different doctor each time. The doctor this week measured my belly and it was only 30cms, so she did it again and luckily it was closer to 31.5-32cms (your belly should measure the same as the number of weeks you are). She said it's nothing to worry about as it was different doctors and everything else looks good. I gained less than a pound in the last two weeks, but she didn't comment on that. Baby girl's heart rate was still in the 140's. 
  • we started our baby classes last week. We signed up for the birth and babies, which is 10 weeks long and goes after the baby is born. It was funny because three other couples (plus us) are all due on January 20th and delivering at the same hospital (there are four major hospitals that you can deliver at in Calgary). The class was a lot of introductory stuff, but I definitely think it's going to be worth it for us.
  • we came home to a surprise of a swing on our door step from my BIL and SIL, which was super nice of them!

  • ordered two changing pad covers from Tara's Cozy Creations {thanks for the recommendation!}, which should be arriving some time next week
  • decided to go with a small ottoman that has a tray on the lid for beside the chair in the nursery as I couldn't find a small side table I liked. Also picked up a lamp for it, so just need to hang the pictures and the nursery is done!


  1. You are looking fab! Glad it was just one uncomfortable day! She must be a growing in there!! YAY for the swing, hope she loves it!! :)

  2. I'm impressed you braved the cold to take that picture!! Your birthing class sounds fun. I think it's fun it continues after the baby is born!

  3. You're looking amazing!!! Hope you enjoy the classes---even though I had a C-Section I still really benefited from them. The classes after London arrived were the best!!

  4. Pomelo = Giant grapefruit. Or at least that's how I look at them. (Perks of working at a grocery store!) You look fabulous though, pomelo or no pomelo!

    I have to ask - what's it like going to a maternity clinic and not seeing the same doctor every time? We have a clinic like that here but I'm fortunate enough to have a family doctor who delivers as well. I would imagine that seeing a variety of doctors at a clinic wouldn't as personal as seeing one doctor through your entire pregnancy, but I could be wrong!

  5. I think my belly did not grow from weeks 33-37 if I remember right but then I had a huge jump and ended up at 38cm. You look great!
    Love that swing, we have the same one!
    So excited for you, cannot wait to see you when you come through RD :)

  6. So cute, I love your weekly bump pictures! She is going to be here so soon!! :)

  7. It's all coming together! That's awesome they gifted you guys that swing!

  8. I didn't know what a pomelo was either until I went to a fruit stand in Florida in March. I tried one but I have to say that I prefer grapefruit!

    You look so cute and I am glad that you continue to feel pretty good. I feel like January 20th is going to come FAST!!!

  9. My mom's birthday is January 20. Is the hospital far from you? Hopefully not.

  10. You are looking incredible! I love your lavender sweater. :)
    I was seeing my family doctor and my OB and their measurements of my belly would never agree! My family doctor would measure that I was 3ish weeks ahead while OB would measure right on track. You're right, you definitely shouldn't worry.
    And wow I love those changing pad covers! Mine are secondhand and not very pretty. I might be adding these to my Christmas list. :)

  11. You looks great! Did you drop a bit? You look smaller? Lol. Sounds like things are coming together in the nursery!! Glad the pain isn't too bad!!

  12. Glad you used Taras CC! We also bought six of these to keep the nice change pad cover clean...

    This system works great for us!

  13. You look awesome, what a cute belly! Great job on the workout. I remember not wanting to fit them in, but I always felt SO much better afterwards. Girl, the countdown is on! I'm so excited for you, you guys are going to fall so deeply in's crazy!! :)



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