Monday, December 22, 2014

Highlights of 2014: part one

It's crazy that another year is almost coming to a close. I swear the months keep going by faster and faster! Let's see what we did this passed year:

In January, my mom and younger brother came for a visit. We spent the weekend in Banff and visiting Lake Louise. We lucked out as there was a free concert going on that weekend!

February was apparently a quiet month for us as I have no pictures on my computer. I know that I was busy training for the Calgary marathon in the snow and cold!

March was another month spent training for the Calgary marathon in the snow and cold. I ran the Run for L`Arche half marathon and almost set a new PR even in the snow!

April was a good and bad month for me. This is when I unfortunately hurt my knee at CrossFit, which meant my training for the Calgary marathon was put on hold for the year. No more marathon for me :( A good part of the month was that I made a trip home and got to spend time with my family.

May was a definitely exciting month! First off, I made another trip home to celebrate my older brother getting married.  Secondly, this was the month that Mr.D and I found out that we were expecting! 

June was spent taking a road trip to Kamloops with Mr.D and my younger brother to celebrate our cousin getting married. 

Tell me: what was the highlight from the first part of your 2014


  1. Wow, that would be a great year! I do not have kids but I imagine finding out you're expecting would be completely amazing. :)

  2. What an awesome half year!! I cannot wait for this year for you guys!! BEST yet.

  3. Lots of highs in that first half of the year for you! The high of my first half of the year was most certainly getting an offer for a job in Minneapolis and moving home!!!

  4. Hmmm I really have to think about that one ... :) I like these recaps!

  5. What a great first half of 2014! Especially finding out about Baby D!! :)



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