Thursday, January 15, 2015

{baby d}: the nursery

As my due date nears closer and closer, I figured I better hurry up and finish the nursery! It's finally done, so I thought I would share it with you.

I had the hardest time picking a paint colour for the room, which meant it took me forever to start. I knew that I didn't want pink (nothing wrong with pink, but that's just not me) and I wanted something that wasn't super girly. I finally decided on a colour and set to work! I decided that I wanted the colour scheme to be the wall colour (not sure how to describe it!) with grey, cream and yellow accents.

View from the doorway
View of the left side of the room
The gallery wall- still going to add a few things
The right side of the room

Her closet

Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It's not an over the top type of nursery, but that's definitely okay!

Where I found things:

Crib- we were gifted it to us by my BIL & SIL
Dresser- found that last Christmas at Leon's for $200 as there was a couple scratches on it. So glad Mr.D convinced me to buy it then as it's the perfect size!
Curtains- Wal-Mart
Ubbi diaper pail- West Coast Kids
Chair- IKEA that we've had for a few years
Grey lamp- Wal-Mart
Square ottoman- Canadian Tire 
Frames- Michael's and Winners
Lamp- Wal-Mart
Crib sheets and bed skirt- Target
Giraffe print and 'love' print- made myself
Chalkboard labels- Michael's
Change pad cover- Tara's cozy creations


  1. Looks great!! Good work Leigh. I love the giraffe print! How did you make it!? I can't wait for her to see all your hard work.

  2. Love it!! All. It's so perfect :-) I'm not a pink girl either, just not my style. You did great!

  3. Love it!! Beautiful and relaxing room :)

  4. Love it!! Very calm and serene!! She will love it!! Love the giraffe print!!

  5. I LOVE IT! Such a beautiful space and I love the giraffe print and love print you made. You should seriously sell your crafty stuff on etsy. I would buy it :) Haha

  6. Super cute! Love the wall color.

  7. It looks great!! The wall color makes the room look really calming.

  8. It turned out so perfect! Love the wall color, and all her little clothes hanging in the closet!

  9. I love how the nursery turned out! It looks like a very soothing space! And I am impressed that you made those prints - you are so talented!

  10. Looks great! I love the colours! I still haven't gotten around to sharing photos of our nursery yet, haha, probably because I still haven't hung the gallery wall!

  11. Beautiful!! She will love it! I'm not a big pink person either! xo

  12. It looks great! My favorite part is the giraffe print!

  13. Looks so nice!! Love the art work you made!! And the bike print is so cute!! You did a great job!

  14. beautiful and classic. I'm also not a pink, girly person so I likely would have had the same color scheme for a girl!
    We have the grey ubbi as well! We bought a box of the white kitchen bags from Costco and I'm only like 1/18 of the way through them so far!

  15. Love the color you ended up choosing!! Great job!!

  16. Love how it turned out. Love love the dresser



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