Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{baby d}: thirty seven weeks

Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Holy moly, we've made it to full term! It was way too snowy and cold out when we were taking the pictures, so inside it was.

Feeling: still feeling pretty good minus some groin pain that comes and goes. Besides feeling large and pregnant of course ;)

What I wore to the wedding on NYE
Workouts: still lots of walks with Harley and a couple strength training workouts at home

Only because Alison asked, here is a front belly shot. Wow nelly!
  • had my 37 week appointment at the maternity clinic and things are still looking good with baby. I had the group b strep swap the previous week and thankfully it came back negative, which means no antibiotics for me during labour. 
  •  Erica, Curtis and Quinn gave us a gift when we were over at their house on Sunday for dinner. Baby d sure is a lucky girl to have awesome friends and people in her life already!

    Question for the mom's:
    • I asked this on Twitter, but for those of you not on Twitter how many newborn diapers (if you had to use them) did you buy?
    • my doctor mentioned to me that I could have the membrane sweep done anytime now. Did anyone have this done? If so, would you have it done again with your next pregnancy?


    1. my babies were so big that newborn diapers didn't fit them, so i guess it depends on the baby...our hospital also provides us with diapers...however if you look at the weight from newborn to size 1, i think they overlap, i wouldn't buy too many newborn, but again, depends on the I said, i never used them!

      I believe i had the membrane sweep done but i dont think it progressed me any faster, now, I have heard of people getting it done, and they go into labour the next day sorta much as you want the baby out, they decide when it's time! good luck!

    2. My baby was 8lb 6oz at birth and he wore newborn diapers for quite some time after birth :) The box will tell you weight limits for the diaper, and I know that with places like Walmart, if you have an unopened box, they are supposed to let you come in and exchange for a different size if you can't use them. (I have never done this, but have been told you can do that :)).
      I had two membrane sweeps done (one at 38 weeks and another at 39). They did nothing for me but cause a little cramping, but I can see how they get things started for some women. It doesn't hurt, it's more just uncomfortable for a few seconds; so my school of thought was: if it can't hurt, then why not try? Good luck!

    3. I think I bought a small pack of newborn diapers for each baby, my first ended up in the NICU for 2 weeks (she was fine) but because of that we didn't use any of my diapers until she was 2 weeks old and she grew like a weed and was out of them FAST. My second was a peanut and was in newborn diapers FOR.EV.ER. So yeah it just depends.

      I had a sweep with both pregnancies. With the first I was super eager to meet her and had the sweep at 38 weeks maybe and then again at 39 weeks? I had her 3 days early, so maybe the 2nd sweep did something? For my second, I waited, I was less eager (I was enjoying not having to wake up every 2 hrs to feed a baby lol), but right around my 40 week apt had the sweep and then she was born 2 days overdue. Again, maybe it did something, maybe not? Both times the sweep wasn't bad, didn't really hurt too much, was uncomfortable and caused some bleeding and discharge afterwards.

    4. Love the belly shot!! I did bare belly shots daily the last bit, in case it was my last.
      I'm so excited for you! You look awesome, and are so close now!
      I've talked your ear off enough on the questions I think lol.

    5. I don't think I bought too many newborn diapers. One big box for sure, but we moved up to size 1 diapers within a month or so. If you do buy them, make sure you get the ones with the umbilical cord cutout. Really, it all depends on how big baby is when she arrives!
      I had the membrane sweep done twice during my first pregnancy. The first one got things rolling but didn't progress things very quickly, but the one I had three days later got the ball rolling. I'll definitely have it done again. It's not too painful, kind of like an intense PAP exam. Just bring a pantyliner for afterwards because like someone had mentioned already, there will be a bit of blood. (Totally normal though!)

    6. We were on newborns for a long time with Noah being born early and only 7lbs! You will go through quite a bit of diapers in the beginning as well, so maybe get 2 boxes and go from there?
      Look at that bare belly shot!! Baby appears to be liking one side lol! You look great though!!

    7. My friend had it done and she went into labor a few days later. She said it was painful. I know she was ready to have the baby at that time and just wanted her out. There are other natural methods of induction that you can do vs. an invasive procedure though, like hand expression - youtube it :) - it will help bring more colostrum in (you wont produce "milk" until after the placenta detaches, so don't worry about running out), and you can save it in little syringes and bring it into the hospital with you as back up milk incase baby needs a bit more.

    8. I've had the sweep many times - personally I would wait until you are overdue. Wait until 41 weeks maybe. It can be painful, but nothing unbearable. If you're ready to go into labour, it will help things along. If you aren't ready, it will just give you a bit of cramping and bleeding. It also gives you an idea of how dilated you are (if at all), so that's always good info.

    9. You look SO GOOD in your NYE dress! Good buy!! Can't believe you're 37 weeks already! Time flies.

    10. I bought one box of newborn diapers (100 I think) and then moved up to size one and baby was 8lb 2oz when she was born. They actually put her in size 1's at the hospital.

    11. Congratulations on hitting full term! You have a wicked awesome fit pregnant woman shape!

      My baby was 7 lb 4 oz and we used about 200 newborn diapers. I think we switched to size one sometime between week 3 and week 4 of her life (she was probably around 10 lbs when we ran out of newborns and tried size ones and they worked). The good thing about diaper sizes is that there's a considerable overlap between sizes, like size ones are something like "up to 14 lbs" but size twos are "12-18 lbs" so you can get away with either or when your baby is in the magical middle 12-14 lb zone.

      I never had a membrane sweep. The most I had was a dilation check at 39 weeks I think. Went into labour 39w6d. My only recommendation is to keep up the long walks as long as you can. :)

    12. Aw, you look so great! Your belly is big, but when you are wearing clothes it doesn't look that big (at least not from the photos). You look beautiful in the dress you wore to that wedding. I imagine that you are feeling pretty uncomfortable these days so I look forward to Miss D making her appearance but I hope she doesn't come too soon (although I guess you are now at the same point where she could come any day so that is good!!!)

    13. I had a membrane sweep when I was overdue and went into labour pretty much immediately. I kept waiting for the post-sweep contractions to stop but they never did. The sweep itself was super weird feeling.

      1. Not sure why it wouldn't let me finish my comment.
        I wouldn't have a sweep prior to my due date. But I also chose not to have an internal exam until after my due date as well. When I was in there the day before I was due, I didn't feel like I was going to go into labour any time soon so I just let things midwife said that it was fine to wait until the next appointment (which is when I had the sweep).

        I honestly don't remember how many newborn diapers we went through, but it wasn't a lot (and he was 7 lbs 1 oz when he was born).

    14. The membrane sweep hurts! I had it done at 40 weeks with Henry and he was born the next day. I never had it again because it hurts more than giving birth and there is a chance they can accidentally break your water. I think we had 2 boxes of NB diapers. I say start with one. It will last you 2ish weeks.

    15. You look awesome! SO close now, eh?
      T was in NB diapers longer than I had anticipated, like 3 weeks. I bought a big box of them and then a small little package and then we were on to size 1's. I wouldn't stock up on NB's and just buy them as you need 'em.
      Membrane Sweep- I had this done and went into labour 48 hours ish later. It was uncomfortable (not going to lie) but I was 40.5 weeks so I was so over being pregnant. I will definitely be getting it done next time too, but it can happen that night, so make sure everything is ready for baby haha! I delayed mine by a week because my nursery wasn't completed ;)

    16. YAY!!! Love the bare belly shot!! She's totally hanging out on one side!! So cute. Delainey was in MB diapers FOREVER!!! ha ha So it really depends on baby. We hardly bought any diapers to start cause we didn't know what size and what brand we liked. Plus it was always nice to have something we had to go out and do! :) You are looking so great an are SO darn close. So excited!!! Just don't have her before Sunday. :) I'm looking forward to wings.

    17. Looking fabulous! My sister and I had the"Love You Forever" book growing up, and now it is on my niece's book shelf. Such a cute one!

    18. Love the bare belly photo. And your outfit in the first pic. AND your NYE dress! Haha.

      I think I bought one package of NB diapers, but it went unopened. We took all of the diapers provided to us at the hospital and that was enough since he moved into size 1 pretty quickly.

      I did not have the sweep. It was offered to me when I was overdue, but was adament on not having an intervention and letting him come when he was ready. Can't believe you are full term already!!



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