Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

{one} Happy Friday everyone! Not being at work makes it tough to tell the days apart, but I'm definitely not complaining! Friday means that Mr.D is home for the weekend :)

{two} sorry for being quiet lately, but I just don't have that much to blog about. So far this week, I've napped, watched tv, walked Harley, went to the doctor, took the car in, and visited with Nicole. It feels like I've been busy, but nothing that exciting is going on. I'm trying to enjoy these days as I know they are getting more and more numbered :)

{three} I don't know what's going on this week, but I have seen some really weird stuff. Like:
  • a middle aged lady explaining a pregnancy test to a teenage Asian girl who barely spoke English while at Superstore the other day
  • an older lady touching all of the buns in the bulk bins at Superstore without buying any of them
  • a lady at Winners who was shopping with her dog in a stroller
{four} I feel like we are in a weird limbo state....not quite baby time, but then again she could come at anytime now.

{five} since my life isn't exciting right now (well, not quite yet!), tell me something that is happening in your life. Reading a good book? Watched a good movie lately? It can be anything!


  1. haha my life is boring this week. Since I'm following the 21 day fix nutrition plan I'm trying to avoid making any plans that might make it tempting to eat bad food... So I basically have been working out, going to work, reading and watching netflix. I did start getting really into Suits on netflix the last week though and I finished the first season last night. I also started reading the book "Untamed State" last night and it's really good! Definitely a page turner.

    Glad you're getting some down time before baby girl comes!

  2. Dogs in strollers is just wrong. So wrong.

    I'm almost done reading the Rosie Effect. SO GOOD. I also watched Gone Girl recently which was amazing. I hadn't read the book or even seen a preview so I really had no idea what it was about, just seen a lot of hype on Twitter when it first came out. Glad I took the chance on it.

  3. It is totally a limbo state eh! I recommend paying a local bar a last visit. We did that (I polished off most of a huge plate of nachos) and now I totally can't even imagine the next time we'll ever be in a bar (especially at night with live music). Do you have your hospital bag packed and ready yet?

  4. Ewww to the buns! That's gross! Bulk food grosses me out sometimes for that reason haha!

    I saw Annie is theatres and it was completely cheesy but cute! I still remember most of the words to a good chunk of the songs hahaha! xx

  5. Weird things are just attracted to you it seems!! Hope the weirdness stops! Haha!

    I think I caught you up yesterday! Nothing else exciting has happened since then!

  6. I suggest planning and then going on a fun date night! Then just relax and get lots of sleep before baby comes!!

  7. Wow, you have experienced some random stuff this week! I agree with the person above me who commented - you should plan a fun date night so you can take advantage of just being together without a baby while you can!!

    The most exciting thing that happened in my life was booking that trip to Santa Barbara. It's been terribly cold here this week so I am glad we have another getaway to look forward to in about a month!

  8. That's nasty that the lady was touching all of the bulk bin items. Makes you want to make sure anything you buy from there can be cooked, but that is usually not the case! I just read Sarah Jio's Goodnight June. It was a fast, easy read and I enjoyed it although it was not that substantial.

  9. ha ha so many weird things!! This waiting stage is tough. Just relax and enjoy the quiet for now. :) Nap. :) Glad you caught up with Nicole, sad I missed it.

  10. Haha your witnessed moments of weirdness are the best. I would surely show my disgust for touching all the buns!



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