Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{amelia}: one month

I can't believe that little miss is already a month old! I have a funny feeling that I'll be saying that each month though ;)

Weight: 9lbs even as of yesterday at the doctor's. This makes me so happy after the scare of her not gaining much weight two weeks ago.

Length: 55cms / 21.21 inches. This hasn't changed from birth, but I think she has grown as her newborn outfits are starting to get short in the legs and arms. She has such a tiny waist!

Hair/eyes: still loves of brown hair, but it's lightening up a little bit. Eyes are still very blue 

Diapers/clothes: we just switched her to size 1 Pampers diapers as we were running out of the newborn ones and they fit her. She is so long and skinny waisted, but a lot of her newborn clothes are getting too short in the legs and arms. 

  • being swaddled
  • being warm
  • her swing
  • her soother as long as it stays in her mouth :)
  • going for walks with Harley and I
  • white noise machine
  • being cold
  • when her soother falls out of her mouth
  • having to wait for me to get set up to breast feed
  • when she has to poop or has a poopy diaper

Eating: she eats every 3-4 hours during the day and then anywhere from 3-5 hours at night. No real schedule to her eating, other than her eating on demand now. She is still being 100% breast fed and it's going much, much better. It was definitely rough and so tough in the beginning, but the nipple shield and my milk fully coming in has helped. She takes between 15-25 minutes to eat and then I pump once a morning. She will take a bottle from Mr.D, which is helpful.

Sleeping: no real schedule to her sleep yet, but will sleep between 3-5 hours at a time at night. She also sleeps lots during the day and I have been trying to put her down for a nap in her crib so she gets used to it when we transition her. After I feed her at night, I will change her diaper, swaddle her and then dim the lights in the nursery (I feed her in the nursery so I don't wake Mr.D during the week as she has to work) and then rock her almost back to sleep. She is in a bassinet beside our bed, so if I get her almost back to sleep she will go back into the bassinet without a problem.


Thank you for being such a happy, calm and content baby! You've made the transition into parenthood so easy for your dad and I. We still can't figure out who you look more like- you definitely have my nose though. Your dad is hoping that you keep your blue eyes :) This past month has definitely been a learning curve for us, but we are so glad you are here and are our daughter. 

We love you so much sweat pea!


  1. One month baby is turning 3 on Sunday - it makes me laugh that she's a month and 9 lbs, my babies were that at birth!

  2. One month! WOW! So crazy. She is such a little cutie and I'm so glad she's been such an easy baby. Way to go Amelia! :)

  3. Crazy how fast it goes, hey? She sounds like a great baby! And good for you to get her napping in her crib! I wish I started it right away, we did not start till 3-4 months, even though she slept in there at night - kinda weird!
    I see Brian in her for sure in the above photos!

  4. Such a beauty!! I can't believe she is 1 month either! So happy to hear she's a content baby and fitting right into your family!!
    I think she looks like both of you but leaning towards Brian!

  5. Wow, that last month flew by!! I'm so happy that her doctor's appointment went well and you're both doing great!!

  6. So sweet! I can't believe it's been a month already. Can't wait to meet the little lady!

  7. 1 month already! How!?! She is so cute! I see both of you too. Beautiful little girl!! :)

  8. Happy one month Amelia!
    Remember when we were both pregnant? Doesn't that seem like yesterday?
    Glad to hear hat you're enjoying every precious moment. :)

  9. She is such a sweet baby! I can't figure out who she looks like either - I feel like I see both of you in her. I am glad the transition to parenthood has been fairly smooth for you guys! Soak up some baby snuggles for me!!!

  10. Aww, she's so adorable! And good idea on the napping in the crib - that's something I never did and 12 months later, Sully STILL won't nap in his crib ;) And that's great you've gotten on a pretty good nursing schedule. I felt like I nursed every 2 hours (I probably did haha!). And yes, you will say "how are you another month older!?" every single month, I promise ;)

  11. Holy crap she's a month already?! Time flies!!!

  12. Happy one month Amelia! She is looking very cute these days! I am glad she has gained some weight, as I am sure that was not something you needed to worry about on top of everything else.

  13. Can't believe it's been a month already!! Time really does fly. I love her eyes! She really is a happy chill baby.



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