Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've been struggling to come with post ideas lately, so I'm borrowing this post format from Lisa.

{reading}: nothing at the moment. I find that I'm tired by the time I crawl into bed, and haven't had any desire to read. I did read The Girl on the Train recently and it was really good!

{loving}: even though some days can be tough, I'm loving being home with Amelia and being a mom.

{thinking}: about the reason why Amelia has been a bit fussy/clingy the past couple of days. The other night, she wanted nothing to do with Mr.D which is tough for everyone. Hopefully it passes quickly!

{frustrated}: I'm not sure if this makes me sound like a terrible mother, but sometimes I get frustrated that Amelia wants/needs me all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love her and love being a mom, but there are tough days when I feel like I haven't had two seconds to myself.  Has anyone else felt like this?

{feeling}: a bit tired, but pretty sure that comes with parenthood :)

{anticipating}: the shower that my MIL and SIL are throwing for us this weekend, my 6 week check up (fingers crossed I get cleared to work out!) and a coffee date with a friend next week.

{watching}: oh goodness, we watch a lot of TV shows! Our favourites lately are: Suits, Shameless and Scandal.

{wishing}: that winter was over and it was spring. I hate when it gets cold and snowy out as I can't get out with Amelia and Harley during the day.

Tell me: any one of the above!


  1. Oh its completely normal to feel frustrated of being wanted all the time...I feel that way all the time. My three year old wants nothign to do with Daddy, mommy has to bath him, dress him, change his bum, if i am not at home, he has no problem having daddy do it, but if i'm there, no go. I usually get mad, especially if i am tired, and im all like, just let daddy do it. I think winter is to blame...we are sick of being cooped up! Bring on Spring!

  2. I think it's pretty normal to feel frustrated with her wanting/needing you all the time! It's a huge life change. Good luck at your checkup!

  3. Oh my goodness! It's totally normal to feel that way. Motherhood is hard and it's even harder to find the balance between finding time for yourself without feeling guilty. Just remember it's okay to ask mr D to take over even if that means she will cry so that you can go and take 30 minutes to yourself to have a bath or relax.

  4. So normal. You are with her ALL day long so when Dad comes home I found D at times was like heck no, I still want my Mom. They just get so comfortable with Mom. I still feel like there are days when I am never alone. D is always right there!! Being a Mom is a full time job! I find leaving the room so D had me out of sight often helped. I hope your shower is great!
    Holy 6 weeks already?! That's crazy!!
    You need to add an Amelia photo in your random posts. :)

  5. Yup, all totally normal! A went through phases where she only wanted me then she only wanted Chad, right now she is a Mommy's girl. One thing that helped me a ton was after supper Chad bathed Avery on his own and he still does to this day. This gave me time to myself even if it was doing dishes ;) I have probably bathed her 5 times myself! And she gets a bath every night as part of her bedtime routine.
    A also went through a phase around a month where she was extremely fussy in the evenings, but it passes just like every other phase! I think that was when I started drinking again ;)

  6. I don't blame you for feeling a bit frustrated that Amelia needs/wants you all the time. I have heard of lots of mothers just needing to lock themselves in the bathroom (as long as the child is taken care of) or even going on short walks or trips to the grocery store alone just for their own sanity. After all, you were an individual with no dependents for so long and now you're going through a huge transition!

    I am kind of in shock that in just a few months, we will have a baby in our house and lives. And I feel like we really aren't prepared for it yet. :)

  7. I have heard so many great things about The Girl on the Train! I'm really excited to check it out myself. I second what other commenters have said about not feeling bad that you want some time to yourself. This is actually one of my biggest fears about starting a family. I definitely require a good amount of alone time and the prospect of having very little makes me nervous. I am also wishing it was spring. Winter has worn out his welcome this year! :)

  8. Totally normal to feel that way! Especially when you've spent literally all day with them, and then when hubby comes home, you expect a little break, except the baby ONLY wants you. Sigh, it can definitely be tiring and draining and tough some days. When Sully's really upset, as much as he loves his daddy, it's his mommy he wants for comfort (I'm sure the nursing/boob thing is to "blame", haha!!).

    I didn't do too much reading in the first few months either. So much easier to just watch TV! :)

  9. So normal to feel that way hun. There is nothing wrong with wanting time to yourself. Even if it's just to go for a bath or read for awhile, go for a walk or a trip to the grocery store, make sure you get that you time.

  10. I am no Mom, but I love my independence and it would be really hard for me to always be needed! I have a question keep having these you always do the baby shower after the baby is born? We generally do it beforehand... Just wondering!

  11. Most definitely agree with you on your "frustrated" topic. For me, by the end of the day, I'm so tired of someone touching me! I just want to be left alone, in my own little bubble. Which makes it hard on my husband. I'm still trying to find a balance. It's hard.

  12. I bet a lot of moms would agree with you on the frustrated topic! I hear that sentiment as the kids get older, too, because no one can help them quite like their mom can! Try not to feel guilty about feeling frustrated, I think it is only normal!

    I'm currently fighting a cold that seems to be getting worse, not better, and wishing I could stay home from work today. But we have a big publication going out on Monday so being gone today is just not an option. :(

  13. all normal lol! I also loved being home with T all day, I felt like that's what life was all about:)
    I find myself skipping gym days now after work just so I can see him for a few minutes before he goes to bed ha!
    Also- totally currently wishing winter away and wanting spring. This winter is totes the pits, have you been seeing all the snow we've been getting on the East Coast? :/ Have a great weekend, Leigh!

  14. I'm not a mom obviously but I'm sure that frustrated feeling is normal. It would be hard to have someone be attached to you 24/7 even if you do love them more than anything in the world! I know that my friends who have recently had babies have said the first 5-8 weeks are the hardest and then they start getting more independence after that.



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