Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I figured I'd change it up this week and come up with five questions for you to answer :) Feel free to answer all or none!

{one} if you could do anything this weekend instead of what you have to do/should be doing, what would you do?

{two} if you were in the woods and you came upon a bear, what would you do? Run, scream, stand still?

{three} if you won the dream home, would you keep it? Or try and sell it?

{four} be honest, when you are home alone have you ever looked behind the shower curtain before you peed?

{five} when was the last time that you said or did something that made you cringe thinking back on it?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Fly south!! Totally missing our trip there this year.
    Stand still....probably out of shock!
    Sell for sure! We've discussed this. Many dream homes are much more than we'd ever need.
    Umm I do that all the time!
    Hmmm...Not sure! Probably yesterday lol.

  2. Fly south!! Totally missing our trip there this year.
    Stand still....probably out of shock!
    Sell for sure! We've discussed this. Many dream homes are much more than we'd ever need.
    Umm I do that all the time!
    Hmmm...Not sure! Probably yesterday lol.

  3. Ha, this is a fun post!

    1. I'd fly to AZ and visit my sister (it's her birthday today and it's warm there so that sounds like a good idea)
    2. I'd probably run which would be a bad strategy.
    3. Definitely sell it because the typical dream home is not a dream home for me since I prefer smaller homes with less space to fill!
    4. Actually never!
    5. Hmm... nothing comes to my mind but I am sure there are things I've said that made me cringe after the fact.

  4. 1: I always do what I want on the weekend, unless my wife tells me otherwise.
    2: I would talk to the bear in nice soothing tones. I would promise it something to eat, or play with. I suspect bears, especially polar bears, are very interesting conversationalists if only you take the time and give them half a chance.
    3: If it was MY dream home, I would keep it, because it would have a 25 m lap pool in the basement. If it was someone else's idea of a dream home, I would sell it or rent it out, whichever seems like the better deal.
    4: No.
    5: Never. But then, we all know how faulty my memory is.

  5. 1. I'm already doing something I want - going for a float and to a yoga class - but if I didn't have errands to run and a house to clean, I would love to just eat snacks and watch movies all day, or do something super fun with Liam.
    2. I've had bear awareness training from working out at a gas plant out west. Haha, you're 'suppose to' put your hands out and say 'whoa bear' and back away slowly while calmly talking to the bear. It's been a running joke for years. 'Whoa bear'.
    3. Depends on the size I guess. I would love a house with three bedrooms and a garage but it's just Liam and I so if it's too much space (and utilities, taxes, etc are too much) I would sell it and buy something reasonable.
    4. I keep my shower curtain open!
    5. Ha, I do this all the time. Probably last Friday when I tweeted out some pretty lame jokes on the Art Battle RD account during the event.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. 1. I would go to the beach. A really warm sunny beach!
    2. I think I would stand still out of pure fear.
    3. I would keep it. Houses are so crazy expensive here, that if I won one, I would just have to keep it.

    Happy Weekend, and fun post!! :)

  7. 1) leave sooner for vacay instead of Monday haha
    2) stand still and probably snap some pics if I had a camera or phone!
    3) depends on the layout and location. A lot of them are within the city and that just wouldn't work for us!
    4) can't say I have! But I always check behind me when coming from the basement.
    5) last night! Haha

  8. 1. As much as I am not one for down south and sun, I think I would go for a weekend to somewhere hot and sunny where i could bury my toes in the sand - this winter has gotten us all really down this year!
    2. I was always told to pretend to be dead, but honestly, I would probably scream and run like mad!
    3. I have often thought of this when they have the CHEO Dream House - first of all, we would have to change our whole life cuz its in a different province, different schools etc...BUT if this said Dream Home was in my town, I would probably keep for a year then sell cuz I probably couldn't afford the taxes on it.
    4. I have never experienced this because I don't shower...literally had like 3 showers in my life, I'm a soaker, I need a bath every night!
    5. Uumm...i don't know actually

  9. 1) If I wasn't pregnant, I'd ditch the toddler at grandma's and go to Vegas. But since I am, I'd love to just go somewhere sunny & warm.
    2) I'd probably stand still, or play dead. Apparently they won't try and eat you if they think you're dead.
    3) I think it would depend on the home. If it was in an area of town I liked and suited my family's needs, I'd probably keep it. If not, I'd sell it and use the money to buy a place that fits the bill.
    4) I haven't before, but I may start to now!
    5) A guy I dated back in grade 9. Thinking back, I wonder what the heck I saw in him.

  10. 1. A sunny beach with endless drinks and someone to watch my kids;)
    2. I was going to say play dead but reading the other responses 'whoa bear' and back away! Haha!
    3. Totally depends on the home. The current one I would sell bc it's in the wrong area. Last years I would have moved to in a heart beat but I was too cheap to buy a ticket...
    4. I don't think I've ever done that but I rarely use the bathroom with a shower curtain and its often open bc it's the kids bathroom.
    5. Probably yesterday...

  11. 1. I kind of did what I wanted, so...the same thing!
    2. Depends on what kind of bear it is.
    3. Depends on the dream home... probably sell it...unless it is in San Francisco. Although then the taxes would still be too high!
    4. No.
    5. A few days ago. I made a silly mistake at work...

  12. 2. I would run, and I know that's so wrong. Well, first I would probably pee my pants, and then run away. Haha!
    This was a fun post!:)

  13. You're so good at coming up with random questions! I love it :)

    {one} Actually I'm really excited for this weekend as it's a 3 day one for me and we're spending it at Sun Peaks with family!

    {two} I would back away slowly and speak loudly and calmly. I've actually come across bears twice before while running but they've both ran away from me before I even had a chance to react!

    {three} This year I would consider keeping it as it's in an awesome neighbourhood but last year I definitely would have sold it.

    {four} haha no I really haven't!

    {five} I can't think of anything here! I think I've blocked those memories from my mind :)

  14. Fun!
    1. We've been on the go a lot, so a nice relaxing weekend (with a pre-cleaned house and beautiful weather) would be a dream.
    2. Umm well my very limited knowledge tells me black bear = look big and make noise, grizzly bear = play dead, but what I'd probably actually do is panic.
    3. Sell it. I'm not a fan of McMansions in sidewalk-less neighbourhoods!
    4. The only time we ever have our shower curtain closed is when someone is showering or we have company... but I've definitely peeked behind it during a party fearing someone might be trying to scare me.
    5. Tough one! Oh wait, I remember sending a message to a friend last week and after I had sent it I read it and thought it was the cheesiest sounding message ever. But no going back, oh well.



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