Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The first weeks: helpful items

I know that I am still a newbie when it comes to motherhood, but I wanted to share the things that I found helpful in the first two weeks after child birth. Mr.D and I thought we were pretty prepared to come home with a baby, but there was definitely a few items that we had to run out and buy.

- this part of postpartum sucks and not many people talk about it, but it's completely normal to wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. You can thank your lovely hormones for that one! You will want to have a couple extra pairs of pj's as you will go through them quite quickly. 

- I'm talking the pads that bring you back to your "I just got my period" days. I had only bought the large/super ones, but I found that I only needed those for a week or so and wanted something not so large for during the day. Stock up before hand or ask your husband to buy them for you :)

Pain killers
- between the pain of delivering a child vaginally, your hormones and the other aches that come from having a child, you will want to have lots of pain killers on hand. I found that Advil worked the best for chills/fever. And stay on top of taking them! 

- this isn't something that you can buy, but if a friend/family member, etc offer to help you, take it! Even if they are doing a couple loads of laundry or walking your dog, every little bit helps. I couldn't have done it without my mom, my MIL and Mr.D.

Ice packs
- I am talking about the kind that you can either freeze or heat up in the microwave and will bend when frozen. I found these super helpful when my milk came in as I would heat one up before I pumped and then put a frozen one on my breasts after I pumped to help with the pain. Those first couple of days when your milk comes in are no fun at all and these definitely helped!
Disposable breast pads
- after my milk came in, I found that I was leaking a lot when feeding Amelia on one side or between feeds due to a large milk supply. These definitely saved my bras and shirts!

Tell me: what helped you during the first few weeks after child birth?


  1. Oh good, I felt like I was the only one that suffered from night sweats the first week or so after delivering. Ugh. Good list. I think I made it mandatory for anyone visiting to bring me the hugest coffee ever, haha.

  2. Great list Leigh! I agree with all of the above. Pain meds for the first 5-6 days were a huge help, especially with my surgery. The night sweats are crazy! I slept on a towel lol. And yes to disposable breast pads, I wore them for months!
    I cannot think of much else that helped me!

  3. Agree!! Yup pain meds for sure after surgery too. I slept with a towel and change of clothes beside the bed. I still have those night sweats! Yes help does a long way! Let me know if you ever need anything, we are a quick drive away!

  4. YES! Night sweats and Pads (both for the bleeding and milk) were life savers!!! And, the help definitely helps! :)

  5. Good tips for file away for the future! I also just sent your blog post to my coworker who is due on April 19!

  6. Great list - can't really think of anything else other than advice....such as sleep when baby sleeps, drink lots of water...

  7. Eeeep... that list for someone like me (who wants babies... but not in the near future) is intimidating! But probably useful... I'll keep these ideas in mind for the future.

  8. Yikes, that list scares me a bit!! But I think it's great to write posts like this since there is a lot of the process that no one talks about and I would definitely want to know what to expect if it was me!!!

  9. Multiple light swaddle/receiving blankets. We ended up with 8 muslin swaddle blankets and while I don't use them quite as much anymore, for the first few weeks and months, there was always one (or two) at arm's reach. Whether it was for baby fluids or my own (so much milk spurting everywhere...), or to use as an actual blanket, I'm glad we ended up with so many.

  10. I used disposable breast pads too, and kept using them for about 6 months :o
    Something that helped me a lot was sitting in the sitz (?) bath with some melaleuca oil for the first few days after giving birth.
    Great list! It's definitely an interesting time for your body, eh?

  11. I remember when my milk came in I woke up in the middle of the night SOAKED because I was not properly prepared for this special event. My husband was super confused when he woke up and saw me sleeping on a towel.

    One thing I made sure I had was a bottle of water within arms reach when I sat down to nurse. For whatever reason it always made me thirsty, so I made sure to keep water nearby at all times!

  12. Good list! I second the tons of receiving blankets/swaddle cloths for their multiple uses. I always had water and snacks in the nursery for those late night feedings. I always felt hungry in the beginning!

  13. My friend went through a lot of those disposable breast pads as well. I also think that in a few weeks or months you should talk about some of the things that you DIDN'T need, as I know that my friends have barely used half of the stuff they bought or received or thought they wanted!



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