Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Training Tuesday

Another week of workouts done! Some days were easy and some days were harder, but I have a feeling it might be like that for a while until my fitness returns. I had started doing the T25 workouts (and completed 3 weeks of it), but I just couldn't do it anymore. I like that the workouts were only 25 minutes long and that I could do it at home, but the moves got a little repetitive for me. I decided to give 21 day fix a try (just the workouts, not the eating plan though). So far, I'm enjoying it!

I also finally signed up for the 10K at the Calgary Marathon, so I'll be stepping up my running in the coming weeks. I don't think I'll have a time goal for the race, more just go out there and do it for fun :) I haven't ran a race since March 2014!

Monday March 23 
  • 4.2km walk
Tuesday March 24 
  • 5.0km (5:35/km) run with Harley
Wednesday March 25 
  • 21 day upper fix
Thursday March 26
  • 4.5km run with Harley
  • 21 day lower fix
Friday March 27
  • 5.4km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day pilates fix
Saturday March 28
  • 4.2km walk with the family
Sunday March 29
  • 5.25km run with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day yoga fix
 Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a great weekend minus the rainy weather we had on Saturday. Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} it was a gorgeous day out (I think it ended up being over 20C!), so I took Amelia and Harley for a long walk and then threw the ball in the backyard for Harley. Anything to enjoy the beautiful weather! Mr.D had gone biking with a friend, and once he got home we went to pick up a Chariot stroller that I found on Kijiji. Once we picked it up, I received an email about the infant sling I wanted to buy off Kijiji as well so we stopped to pick that up while we were out. I had been stalking Kijiji for a Chariot for a while, but they go so quickly here!

{saturday} it was a grey and dreary day when we got up, so we decided to just hang out at home for the day. It finally cleared up in the later afternoon, so we took Amelia and Harley for a walk. We made some homemade pizzas for dinner and then watched a couple episodes of Parenthood.

{sunday} in the morning, Mr.D went biking with Justin, so I decided to take Amelia and Harley out for a run to test out the stroller. It is definitely lots of work to run with it, but it will be nice as I can get out during the day now to run instead of waiting for Mr.D to get home. The afternoon was spend cleaning up the house, doing laundry and making dinner. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week has gone too quickly with having Mr.D home. It's been so nice! We haven't done anything super exciting, but it's nice to have him around instead of talking to a baby and a dog all day ;) Plus he got to spend time with Amelia, which is good for both of them!

Here are your five questions for this Friday:

{one} have you ever looked at someone's phone or email without them knowing?

{two} pretend you are walking your dog and you run out of poop bags and of course your dog chooses that moment to do his business. Do you pretend you don't see your dog pooping or do you go home to get a bag and come back to pick it up?

{three} have you ever farted in the grocery store aisle and tried to pretend it wasn't you?

{four} if someone paid you a million dollars to give up a food or beverage, what would you give up?

{five} would you rather lose your two front teeth or a big patch of hair at the front of your head?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Training Tuesday

I haven't shared my workouts in a long time {probably because they were pretty tame while I was pregnant}, but I thought I would as I'm starting to get back into the swing of it. I was cleared to workout at my six week check up, but haven't gone back as hard as I was before I got pregnant. I will admit that some days I have zero desire to workout if I am super tired or if Amelia just wants to be held. Those days are the ones that I am okay with only getting a walk in with Harley....better than nothing and you learn to go with the flow with babies :)

I'm also not training anything at the moment, but am thinking about signing up for the 10K at the Calgary marathon. Someone tell me sign up already!

Monday March 16
  • 4.35km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • T25 alpha total body circuit
Tuesday March 17
  • 4.35km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • T25 alpha speed 1.0
Wednesday March 18
  • T25 alpha lower focus
Thursday March 19
  • 5.15km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • T25 alpha cardio
Friday March 20
  • 4.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
Saturday March 21
  • 3.0km walk with the family
  • 4.65km {5:40/km pace} run with Harley
Sunday March 22
  • 4.5km walk with the family
  • at home tabata workout of: burpee + front kick, Russian twists, clean & jerk, dumbbell plank row and kettle bell swings

Monday, March 23, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was very quiet and laid back, but nothing wrong with that. 

{friday} the day started off really good when Amelia slept from 11-6:30am!! I woke up and looked at my cellphone and was so surprised at the time. It was wonderful! Neither of us felt like cooking when Mr.D got home from work, so we went to grab burgers from Smash Burger. A quick stop at Wal-Mart after and then we were home watching tv for the night.

{saturday} in the morning, Mr.D let me sleep in which was greatly appreciated! In the afternoon, we walked up to the toy and clothing sale that was happening in our neighbourhood. We got there towards the end, so I didn't end up buying anything. We went for a walk afterwards and it was so foggy and cold out! I summoned some motivation and took Harley for a quick run in the afternoon. We ended up just hanging out at home for the rest of the day and watched many episodes of Parenthood...we are addicted!

She's too cute not to share

{sunday} another sleep in for me (I'm spoiled!) and a quiet morning at home. We took Harley for a long walk in the afternoon and then Mr.D made a fabulous rib dinner....I think I'm still full from it.

Mr.D is off work this week, so I'm looking forward to having him home with us. I'm also going to get my hair done tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to a little "me" time and some new hair.

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

{amelia}: two months

You can find her one month update here.

Weight: 11lbs 5 ounces (50th percentile)

Length: 57.5cms (50th percentile)

Hair/eyes: still has lots of her brown hair. She's lost a bit of it though and the stuff that is underneath looks way lighter. Still has her very blue eyes.

  • all of the same things as last month
  • looking around and bright things (ie: lights) 
  • all of the same things as last month
  • being overtired which is a new one for her 
Eating: she is still eating every 3-4 hours during the day and the night stretches are getting a bit longer. She will sleep from 10:30-11 until between 3:30-5:30am. The other night she wake up until 5:20am and I was so surprised when I saw the time on my cell phone! She is still 100% breastfed and I am still pumping a bottles worth of milk to freeze each morning.

Sleeping: she has a loose sleep schedule during the day and the nights are a bit more regular. I still feed her between 10-11pm and then she falls right asleep. She will sleep until 3:30-5:30am and then will go back down for another 3-4 hour stretch which is nice. We still swaddle her at night as she flails her arms too much. She will also take a nap in her crib in the morning anywhere between 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • she had her immunizations the other night and poor girl cried so hard :(
  • she has been a bit fussier lately, which I think is due to a developmental leap (I've been reading a bit about them on The Wonder Weeks app)
  • we've had a couple tough evenings as she will not settle for Mr.D, but will settle down right away for me
  • she is way more alert now and will stare at bright lights/objects and will follow voices/sounds
  • is smiling way more often

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This and that

I've got a bunch of random things for you today :)

  • Amelia is two months old today! Where the heck has time gone?! We go for her shots on Wednesday, so I'm waiting to post her two month update until we find out her weight and length. Though I took her to the community clinic last week and she was 11lbs then...chunking right up :)
  •  we've tried a couple of new recipes lately and have found two really good ones. The first one is for turkey, bacon and avocado panini's {thanks Lindsey for the idea!}. They were so easy and good! The second is for cheesy mushroom and broccoli quinoa casserole. Another easy and delicious recipe!
  • I won a giveaway from Sugarplum Lane Boutique and I can't decide what to get. Someone help me decide!
  • I'm also trying to decide what races I should run this year. I'm thinking of doing the 10K at the Calgary Marathon. What else should I run?
  • has anyone made lactation cookies? I've seen a coupler recipes, but just wondering if anyone can recommend a recipe
  • Mr.D has been making fun of my bounce/moves that I use to calm Amelia down, so he decided to video it so I could see it. I think he's secretly jealous of my calming techniques ;) Any other moms have sweet moves like this?
That's all I've got for you today. Tell me something random happening in your life :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Another weekend has come and gone way too quickly yet again! We like the days with Mr.D at home and there definitely isn't enough of them. Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} during the day, Amelia and I met up with some of the ladies from our prenatal class for a walk at Nose Hill Park. It was nice to get out with the other moms for a bit and talk babies and other stuff. Once Mr.D got home, I took Harley for a run which went amazing! We ran 4kms with an average pace of 5:35/km. Fingers crossed they keep getting better and feeling great like this one! Later that night, Mr.D's mom arrived as she drove down for the weekend.

{saturday} Amelia had a wonderful sleep that night/morning and I had to wake her up at 9am to eat! Once I had finished the feeding routine, my MIL, Amelia and I took Harley back to Nose Hill Park for a walk and to throw the ball. It was supposed to be close to 15C out, but didn't quite make it that warm while we were out. Later in the afternoon, I went with Erica to watch a bit of the open workouts where I used to go to CrossFit. It was fun watching everyone do the workout, but still not craving going back yet. No one felt like cooking, so we grabbed some Indian food from a local restaurant which was really good.

{sunday} Mr.D took Amelia in the morning, so I had a wonderful sleep in! I guess he was feeling bad for me since Amelia pooped all over me when I fed her at 4am. So lovely! Once I got up and going, we decided to walk to Tim Horton's for some breakfast. In the afternoon, one of Mr.D's co-workers came over with his wife to meet Amelia. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, making cookies and bath night for Amelia :)

Squeaky clean!
 Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really dropping the ball lately on blogging. Miss Amelia has been a bit fussier this week, which means she wants to be held more and it's hard to type with one hand. I'm just not that talented :)

{one} pretend you met someone who had never heard of the internet before. How would you explain it to them?

{two} if you could be one character on a TV show, who would you be?

{three} if you could do one major outdoorsy thing (ie: hike the Pacific Coast Trail, climb a major mountain, etc), what would you do?

{four} would you rather meet Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

{five} have you ever used a bidet?

Because every post needs a random picture of Amelia
 Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{amelia}: newborn pictures

When Amelia was just over two weeks old, Lindsay Leachman came to our house to take her pictures. It was a really casual and laid back photo shoot as I knew I didn't want a lot of the typical newborn posed pictures. Lindsay was super patient as Amelia didn't want to fall asleep and then stay asleep. We won't take about the poop incident either :) Lindsay also did our maternity pictures, which you can find here.

Thank you again Lindsay! We love all of them :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It was a beautiful weekend here...if only this weather was here to stay and that winter wouldn't return. Let's see what we were up to this weekend:

{friday} I took Harley and Amelia for a walk in the morning. Mr.D ended up getting home early from school, so we took Harley out the field by our house to throw his ball. With the warm weather we have been having, he was filthy! He ended up going right into the shower when we got home. We ended up picking up some pizzas that night and hanging out at home.

{saturday} in the morning, I went for my post baby run with Harley. Oh man, I don't miss the burning lungs at all! I survived running 3kms, so hopefully it gets easier from here on out. In the afternoon, we made a quick trip to Toys R Us to look at some gliders. They didn't have many in store, so we stopped at West Coast Kids as well. Those were way out of our price range! We didn't do much else beside watch Horrible Bosses Two and I snuggled with Amelia on the couch.

{sunday} I woke up super tired, so Amelia and I had a nap on the couch. Later in the morning, my friend came over and we went for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather! I worked out in the afternoon and we FaceTimed with my brother and his baby in Ontario. I love technology! And just like that, the weekend was over :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Question Friday

Since this post went over so well last week, I figured I'd do it again :) Considering I have no idea what else to blog about when my day consists of feeding, changing diapers and rocking Amelia. You guys want to know all about how many dirty diapers I changed that day, right? ;)

{one} if you had to eat a pound of chocolate in one sitting, would you rather it be Lindor or mini eggs?

{two} you decide to take public transit one day and on the seat beside you is a camera. You turn on the camera to look at the pictures to see if you recognize the people in the pictures and to your surprise it's your co-worker's and there are some naughty pictures on it. Do you return it to them and pretend you never saw the pictures or leave it where you found it?

{three} if you had to meet an imaginary thing, would you rather meet Santa Clause, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy? 

{four} if you take to take back or re-do something in your life, what would it be?

{five} have you ever taken a scary taxi ride? If so, tell me about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Holy cow, that was a busy weekend! Not complaining though as it was a fun weekend :)

{friday} Mr.D had an appointment at a hospital in the south, so he had taken the day off to attend it. Amelia and I decided to go with him. After his appointment, we stopped for Chinese lunch buffet (Mr.D's request) and then headed home. I fed Amelia and then treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It was nice to have an hour to sit, zone out and of course get my nails pretty :) Once I got home, I took Harley for a walk and then we spent the night hanging out at home.

{saturday} we were off bright and early to drop Harley off at the dog sitter's and then made the three hour drive to Mr.D's hometown. Amelia did great on her first road trip! We had to stop only once to feed/change her and barely any crying which was a relief. After dropping our stuff off at my inlaws and having a quick lunch, we headed out to visit Mr.D's grandma as she hadn't met Amelia yet. Later in the afternoon, my BIL/SIL and kids came over and we had a family dinner. It was nice as we don't get to have those very often!

{sunday} in the morning, we got ready and then headed to my BIL & SIL's house as they were hosting our shower with my MIL. Amelia was spoiled yet again by our family and friends! Such a lucky little girl. 

After the shower, we made the drive back home and Amelia spoiled us by sleeping the whole way home! 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


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