Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Question Friday

Since this post went over so well last week, I figured I'd do it again :) Considering I have no idea what else to blog about when my day consists of feeding, changing diapers and rocking Amelia. You guys want to know all about how many dirty diapers I changed that day, right? ;)

{one} if you had to eat a pound of chocolate in one sitting, would you rather it be Lindor or mini eggs?

{two} you decide to take public transit one day and on the seat beside you is a camera. You turn on the camera to look at the pictures to see if you recognize the people in the pictures and to your surprise it's your co-worker's and there are some naughty pictures on it. Do you return it to them and pretend you never saw the pictures or leave it where you found it?

{three} if you had to meet an imaginary thing, would you rather meet Santa Clause, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy? 

{four} if you take to take back or re-do something in your life, what would it be?

{five} have you ever taken a scary taxi ride? If so, tell me about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. How do you come up with these things?! Lol
    Lindor, I would never eat mini eggs again if I ate that many and like them too much to ruin them for myself.
    Leave it :)
    Santa of course!!
    School - I like my field but now that I know myself better I know I also could have liked another field more.
    I am not sure it was scary but in NYC our taxi driver was going crazy fast and I was motion sick and thought for sure I was going to be sick in the car.

  2. 1. Mini eggs! YUM!!
    2. Leave it.....too awkward for me!
    3. Santa for sure.
    4. I'm not sure. I mean of course there are some things I wish didn't happen, but good or bad, they made me who I am today. SO CHEESY, I know! ;)
    5. Yes, in Rome. Our driver was insane. I was sure I was not going to make it from the airport to the hotel alive.

  3. {one} Lindor white chocolate balls, all day long!
    {two} I'd hand it back to them and just say, "I found your camera on the bus," and leave it at that.
    {three} Santa!
    {four} I would've taken something different in university, like nursing. I love writing, but a journalism degree just isn't cutting it, career-wise.
    {five} Taxi drivers in Las Vegas are always scary. When driving on the freeway from the Strip to Fremont Street they will speed excessively (time is money!) and weave in and out of traffic. I'm amazed I didn't die in a cab while we were there.

  4. 1: If I'm going to eat a pound of chocolate, it will be the good stuff.
    2: return and zip the lip.
    3: the tooth fairy. I'm wondering if she's related to the poop fairy that triathletes so assiduously cultivate.
    4: I'd go say hello to that tall redhead that was giving me the eye.
    5: You get a two-fer on the taxi ride. One is the driver that crashed on the bridge from bow trail to south crowchild trail. I was wearing a seat belt. They took him away in an ambulance, and I suspect the cab was a right off. Two was more scary. Driver picks me up at the Westin to go to 4th st about 25 ave SW. Takes the corner way too fast, and catches the lights. He's doing 80 going under the tracks, and picks up speed. I notice he has no fingers, just thumbs and his grip on the steering wheel is tenuous at best. He runs one red light way late, then screeches to a stop at the next one only because the car in front had stopped. I thought he was going to hit him. The driver was looking around, as if he was planning to drive up on the sidewalk to take out a pedestrian. I got out. I've never been so frightened in a car before or since, and that involves being in several collisions.

  5. 1. Mini eggs but really either would be good!
    2. Return but anonymous if possible so they don't know it was me.
    3. Santa
    4. I wish I had taken something different in university. Not sure what though!
    5. In Madrid our cab driver was crazy and we thought we wouldn't make it to the airport!

  6. 1. Lindt
    2. I would return it, unless it was someone I really disliked, then I would put the photos on FB (just kidding!)
    3. Wait, Santa is not real?
    4. Not really. I mean, I have done some stupid things, but they have made me who I am today, so I am good with that.
    5. I have only had them try to take the long way in order to get a higher fare... and there have been some crazy fast and dangerous cab rides in different countries (Egypt or Thailand for instance).

  7. 1. Neither! I don't like mini eggs and I actually haven't had Lindor!
    2. I would leave it!
    3. Santa Clause.
    4. Buying my condo back in 2005. WORST DECISION EVER. It's still worth about 1/2 of what I paid for it which is so frustrating and depressing.
    5. Yes, I have taken some scary taxi rides, I think the worst was a taxi ride in New York. The driver was weaving in and out and was so aggressive... it was scary.

  8. Haha your questions crack me up!

    {one} this is a tough one. Probably Lindor because while I do like mini eggs I don't like them THAT much and find them to be almost too sweet. Can I have multiple varieties of lindor so I can at least switch it up as I'm making it through my pound?? haha

    {two} I would totally give it back to them but only because I'm super close with all my coworkers and we'd probably have a good laugh about it ;)

    {three} Probably the easter bunny!

    {four} I would travel more in university. It's one of the only things I regret. I spent all my summer and winter breaks working my butt off to make money but all that working back then hasn't really gotten me any further ahead now, I wish I'd used those long breaks of time off to travel more.

    {five} not one that stands out in my mind right now!

  9. I would DEFINITELY have the mini eggs. I love the dark chocolate version though. I'm not a big fan of Lindor.

    I would probably return the camera and not say anything.

    I would want to meet the Easter Bunny.

    I would do college over in terms of really trying to find out what I wanted to do as a career before picking a major and trying to get a part time professional job or internship during those four years.

    During my first trip to Puerto Vallarta with a friend and her family, we were in a taxi that was passing (on the RIGHT) a huge line of people turning left all so he could get in front of them and turn left too. Just scary in general with the speed and lack of care and the fact that we weren't wearing seat belts because there weren't any in the car!



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