Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really dropping the ball lately on blogging. Miss Amelia has been a bit fussier this week, which means she wants to be held more and it's hard to type with one hand. I'm just not that talented :)

{one} pretend you met someone who had never heard of the internet before. How would you explain it to them?

{two} if you could be one character on a TV show, who would you be?

{three} if you could do one major outdoorsy thing (ie: hike the Pacific Coast Trail, climb a major mountain, etc), what would you do?

{four} would you rather meet Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

{five} have you ever used a bidet?

Because every post needs a random picture of Amelia
 Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. {one} this would be like my daily conversations with my parents. They still don't get the internet. Cue the frustration!

    {two} My immediate thought was Rachel Green..but I'm sure there's probably someone more current. Oh well.

    {three} anything in fiji/bora bora. but no snorkelling. I am scared to death of fish and snorkelled in Hawaii- it was a terrifying experience.

    {four} neither

    {five} nope!

  2. 1. I should figure this out so I can explain it to my grandmother who recently got an ipad for her 90th birthday. Or my son.
    2. Donna from Suits
    3. bungee jump at Nevis bungee in New Zealand (biggest bungee)
    4. Hilary if I had to choose
    5. No.

  3. 1: Have they heard of television, telephone, telegraphy, photography, movies, and are they literate? Need to know those things before starting.
    2: I couldn't really say, not watching much TV, and not identifying with what little I have seen. Ask me who I'd like to hang out with, if they'd have me, and that's a different list. Captain/Major/Colonel Carter is top of the list.
    3: Learn to surf.
    4: Hillary, easy choice. Unless I had immunity from prosecution...
    5: No.

  4. Love these posts!

    {one} that is like an online dictionary about everything :) It would be a start at least!

    {two} probably someone from Glee, I just want to be able to sing and dance like them!

    {three} I would like to say back pack some cool trail somewhere but I am terrified of heights so that might be a stretch ;) I have always wanted to go on an African Safari, if that counts!

    {four} would you rather meet Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton? Hilary :)

    {five} have you ever used a bidet? Nope!

  5. {one} Hahaha I kind of agree with Keith's answer to this one. I would probably say it's a way to communicate with people all over the world.

    {two} I want to be Tami Taylor! Just so I could be Coach Taylor's wife ;) He's hot right???

    {three} if you could do one major outdoorsy thing (ie: hike the Pacific Coast Trail, climb a major mountain, etc), what would you do?

    {four} Definitely Hilary Clinton!

    {five} Yup! My mom loves bidets and has one installed in each of her bathrooms. I don't use it when I go over though and one time when I hosted a birthday party there my friend was looking at it and accidentally turned it on and shot my other friend in the stomach with a stream of water. It was HILARIOUS!

  6. {one} It's a deep and dark place for all things fun, exciting, and terrifying, but never, EVER believe what you read on it.

    {two} Gilmore Girls. I'd be Lane's half-Korean (although I'm half-Chinese) cousin. Her dad was the black sheep of the family and shunned when he married a white girl from Kentucky. Ha!

    {three} Doing a portion of the PCT would be amazing on so many levels. I haven't truly "roughed it", so that would be a challenge!

    {four} Probably Hillary!

    {five} Lord no. The peri bottle after giving birth was awful enough.

  7. I LOVE these posts!!!!

    {one} It's a never-ending source of entertainment, a place to connect with others and an information gateway.

    {two} I LOVE Becky's answer! Donna from Suits!! YES!

    {three} Hike Machu Picchu

    {four} Clinton! Would her husband be there too? ;)

    {five} Nope! I actually had to google what the heck that was haha!

  8. 1. It's the best place to go to get a somewhat reliable answer to most questions that you have. It also lets you connect with people both near and far!

    2. I would say Christina from Parenthood because I would love to be married to her husband, Adam. I have a big crush on him!

    3. Do the hike to Machu Picchu.

    4. Probably Hillary.

    5. Nope! I've seen them in European hotels but have never used one!

  9. Yay!

    1. It's this network that allows anyone to connect to each other and share all forms of media. Kind of like an interactive TV, but you can access it from anywhere with many different devices.

    2. Same as Amber: Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, haha ;)

    3. Run the Easter Island Marathon/Half Marathon.

    4. Clinton, and I don't have any concrete information to back me up. I think she's a feminist? And that makes her cool in my book.

    5. Nope! There was one in the apartment I stayed in Chile (one that got wrecked by a huge earthquake a year after we went!) and I think I pressed the lever and saw water shooting out, but that's as far as I got.

  10. She is sooooo precious!! I love those chubby cheeks.

    1) It's like an encyclopedia for everything you could ever think of, and it also allows people to connect and share information, ideas, etc. instantly.
    2) That's tough ... I am not sure at the moment
    3) I'd like to do a multiple day adventure race or obstacle course
    4) Neither
    5) Yes, in a hotel at my cousin's wedding as a kid



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