Monday, March 2, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Holy cow, that was a busy weekend! Not complaining though as it was a fun weekend :)

{friday} Mr.D had an appointment at a hospital in the south, so he had taken the day off to attend it. Amelia and I decided to go with him. After his appointment, we stopped for Chinese lunch buffet (Mr.D's request) and then headed home. I fed Amelia and then treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It was nice to have an hour to sit, zone out and of course get my nails pretty :) Once I got home, I took Harley for a walk and then we spent the night hanging out at home.

{saturday} we were off bright and early to drop Harley off at the dog sitter's and then made the three hour drive to Mr.D's hometown. Amelia did great on her first road trip! We had to stop only once to feed/change her and barely any crying which was a relief. After dropping our stuff off at my inlaws and having a quick lunch, we headed out to visit Mr.D's grandma as she hadn't met Amelia yet. Later in the afternoon, my BIL/SIL and kids came over and we had a family dinner. It was nice as we don't get to have those very often!

{sunday} in the morning, we got ready and then headed to my BIL & SIL's house as they were hosting our shower with my MIL. Amelia was spoiled yet again by our family and friends! Such a lucky little girl. 

After the shower, we made the drive back home and Amelia spoiled us by sleeping the whole way home! 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. What a great weekend! So glad she was so good on the drive! And that you were showered again! LOVE the photos with the nieces, so cute! They have such pretty eyes! What a special weekend.

  2. Ah, that sounds like a great weekend with all the family and such. I am wondering how car rides will go. Do you sit in the back with her or do you both still sit up front? I hope Mr. D is doing okay!

  3. What a good little traveller! I loved that stage when they would sleep for most of the car rides! I find it tougher now that A wants to be busy and not strapped into her carseat.
    Love the photo of you with your nieces! Beautiful girls :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sleeping babies in the car is the best!

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend! That is great that Amelia was such a great little traveler! I hope that trend continues! How fun that you got showered with love and presents once again!

    My weekend was pretty boring... I ended up taking a sick day on Friday and canceled all of my weekend plans and was on the couch for most of the weekend. Phil was having back problems so we were one sad, sick couple. :P But I am feeling better now so all of the rest and relaxation was what my body needed I guess.

  6. That looks like a fun weekend! It's good that you have so many good friends and that they have all gotten to see Amelia!

    I had a good weekend running with friends and having dinner with other friends.

  7. That picture with your nieces is so cute! I love that Miss Amelia was showered with love again. We do the baby showers before the baby is born here, but I think I like this idea better!! :)

  8. That sounds like a really lovely weekend but wow was it ever busy! So nice you got spoiled by another awesome shower. I've been thinking about baby showers lately (as I have a lot to attend this year, ha!) and I know that it's typical in Canada for the shower to happen after the baby is born but then I think about my coworker who is due in April and her and her husband have literally bought everything they could possibly need -- so what are people supposed to get them for their shower in May?

    I get the logic of having them after the baby is born so people can meet the baby but I also think it makes sense to have them before so the parents to be can get all the stuff they need before the baby comes. I was also wondering why it is common in Canada for them to happen after baby vs. in the USA before baby. I should google this...

  9. What a busy weekend! How did you manage fitting everything in your car (baby stuff, gifts) at the end of it?
    And Amelia is definitely melting hearts all around her. What a joy she is bringing to the world! :)



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