Monday, March 9, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It was a beautiful weekend here...if only this weather was here to stay and that winter wouldn't return. Let's see what we were up to this weekend:

{friday} I took Harley and Amelia for a walk in the morning. Mr.D ended up getting home early from school, so we took Harley out the field by our house to throw his ball. With the warm weather we have been having, he was filthy! He ended up going right into the shower when we got home. We ended up picking up some pizzas that night and hanging out at home.

{saturday} in the morning, I went for my post baby run with Harley. Oh man, I don't miss the burning lungs at all! I survived running 3kms, so hopefully it gets easier from here on out. In the afternoon, we made a quick trip to Toys R Us to look at some gliders. They didn't have many in store, so we stopped at West Coast Kids as well. Those were way out of our price range! We didn't do much else beside watch Horrible Bosses Two and I snuggled with Amelia on the couch.

{sunday} I woke up super tired, so Amelia and I had a nap on the couch. Later in the morning, my friend came over and we went for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather! I worked out in the afternoon and we FaceTimed with my brother and his baby in Ontario. I love technology! And just like that, the weekend was over :)

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Great job on your run! 6:05 pace is awesome :) looks like a fun weekend! I'm hoping the nice weather will stick around :)

  2. Nice work on your first run and workout! This weather is so good for walks, we loved them too. Do you not like the chair you have? I love Facetime, it's so handy!

  3. Awesome job on the run! You will be amazed at how fast your body picks up running again :) Even that run was proof of that.
    I have never used Facetime - crazy, hey?

  4. I have had a really hard time finding a chair I like the look and price of. We may end up just buying a high backed not glider chair from Ikea with a foot stool that we can use post baby. All the cute glider/rockers seem to be $500-1000. I also sort of like one that Target has, but it's a bit short for the manfriend. We'll see...

  5. I had the HARDEST time finding a chair. I read a ton of reviews for the ones at Babies R Us and they all reported the chairs to be pretty cheap and would squeak soon after use. And west coast kids is just redic with their prices. I end up ordering mine from Wayfair- which even after having shipped from the US was a pretty decent price *compared* to what I would have paid at a Canadian retailer--- for what I wanted. I tried Kijiji too, but could never find anything :(

  6. That's awesome that you've had such nice weather! Spring arrived here this weekend, too, and I feel like a different person! That cold weather was really wearing on me and made me feel so blah! I hope the nice weather sticks around for you guys!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, though. Mine was busy but really good. The highlight was my 10 mile race!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you guys got some nice weather and were able to enjoy some time outside. We were at Sun Peaks until Saturday evening which was super fun but it made yesterday super busy as we squeezed in a gym trip, grocery shopping, meal planning and prep, laundry and a hike with Chloe all into one day! The last two weekends I've been gone Saturday and had to fit everything into Sunday so I'm excited to be home for two full days this coming weekend!

  8. Gliders from what I hear are pretty pricey! Hope you can find one soon. Any luck with kijiji or mom2mom type sales? We got a secondhand glider for free but the cushions were pretty beat up and it was an ultimate magnet for cat hair, so it sits in the attic collecting dust. We ended up with a big old wooden rocking chair: I definitely couldn't use it until after I finished healing but I love the look and it's very easy to keep clean.
    Amazing work and excellent pace on the run!
    And I just can't get enough of Amelia's smooshy face in the picture. Precious. :)

  9. Nice job on getting out for a run! That's awesome. I remember getting back into running after I had been on a long break and it is weird starting back with smaller runs. However, in no time you will be back to your normal routine!

  10. Yay for your first run back! Glad that weather is cooperating for you, too. Naps and baby snuggles are the best!



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