Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This and that

I've got a bunch of random things for you today :)

  • Amelia is two months old today! Where the heck has time gone?! We go for her shots on Wednesday, so I'm waiting to post her two month update until we find out her weight and length. Though I took her to the community clinic last week and she was 11lbs then...chunking right up :)
  •  we've tried a couple of new recipes lately and have found two really good ones. The first one is for turkey, bacon and avocado panini's {thanks Lindsey for the idea!}. They were so easy and good! The second is for cheesy mushroom and broccoli quinoa casserole. Another easy and delicious recipe!
  • I won a giveaway from Sugarplum Lane Boutique and I can't decide what to get. Someone help me decide!
  • I'm also trying to decide what races I should run this year. I'm thinking of doing the 10K at the Calgary Marathon. What else should I run?
  • has anyone made lactation cookies? I've seen a coupler recipes, but just wondering if anyone can recommend a recipe
  • Mr.D has been making fun of my bounce/moves that I use to calm Amelia down, so he decided to video it so I could see it. I think he's secretly jealous of my calming techniques ;) Any other moms have sweet moves like this?
That's all I've got for you today. Tell me something random happening in your life :)


  1. I have no idea how much your credit for that store is but I'd either get this: http://www.sugarplumlaneboutique.com/product/organic-gender-neutral-onesie-grey-star or http://www.sugarplumlaneboutique.com/product/high-waist-ruffle-bloomers-heart (or both if you could cos omg cuteness!)

  2. Haha, yep I do the exact move haha! I haven;t been able to do it to my own kids lately, but that's what I do to my 6 month old neice!

  3. I used that same move for sure!! LOVE it! 2 months already - wow! That's crazy. I hope she does well with her shots. What an awesome shop! I love the mountain leggings or the kilim ones. The bloomers are too cute! So it the grey sweatshirt with the heart! :) I made lactation cookies a few times but can't remember which recipe. I think Lindsey posted one! Or Pinerest for sure! :)

  4. 2 months already?! Wowza. Take a look at the lactation cookies from How Sweet It Is, heard those were good. And lucky you for winning a giveaway!! I am determined one day to win something...

  5. Fitnessista is always posting lactation cookie recipes, worth a look?

    Love the 'mom dance'. Can't believe she's 2 months already. Soon I'll be saying, 'can't believe she's 2 already'.

  6. I swayed back and forth to calm Isla, and then noticed that I would sway even when I wasn't holding her. I guess it kept me calm too, lol.

  7. Awww that video is SO sweet! Being a mom looks so good on you!

    That cheesy casserole looks like something I would love. I will have to try it. Love quinoa casseroles!

  8. You should definitely do the Calgary 10k! The run in Canmore the week before looks fun too! Love the bouncing video, haha. I eventually got a big exercise ball and would sit on that and bounce Sully. Great ab and leg workout! ;)

  9. Love the bounce! I am not sure I ever did it, but might have!
    I need to try that casserole, it sounds awesome. Something A would like too.
    I just went to get the link for my fav lactation cookies and the blog is gone! Boo! Thought I have a second fav - https://babyfoodrecipes.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/food-for-the-boobs/
    I was going to ask what your next race was :) Come to RD! haha. I am running the 10km here on the long weekend :) I am also running the Lethbridge 10km (or maybe the half...) at the end of August - again, come!!
    Umm, where to start with all the cute things on that site, I literally love it all. You might get the most wear out of leggings though. Or a cute scarf/bib.

  10. Wow! 2 months already? I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

  11. Ha, I love your bounce moves! Too funny. And I can't believe Amelia is 2 months already either! That's just crazy! By the way - I was about 10 pounds when I was born - can you even imagine having a baby that big? My poor mom. ;)

    Let's see, something random in my life is that my dad ended up back in the hospital on Monday night with an infection in his incision from his ankle surgery so I took the afternoon off to spend it with him. Hopefully he's on the mend soon.

  12. Two months! Already? I can't wait to see more pictures of your little love as she grows :)

  13. Haha I did the same move for A and L too! Whatever works!!

    That casserole sounds good! Wonder if my kids would eat it? J made a polenta casserole a couple times and I love it. Kids, not so much ;)

    I'm doing the SDM run for women in May and I think my sis and I are signing up for the Stampede Road race again this year. I'm thinking of doing Harvest Half again too.



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