Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A little catch up

Holy, it feels like I haven't blogged in a while! That might be because I wrote last weeks posts before I left for Ontario as I knew I wouldn't want to sit down and blog. Anyways, I'm back and hopefully back into the swing of blogging.

Let's rewind to last week. On Tuesday, Amelia and I flew out to Ontario to see my family. Our flight wasn't until 12:40pm, so I did our morning routine and then headed to meet Mr.D at his work which is close to the airport. He was luckily able to drop us off and help me take my bag in. We landed in Ontario just after 6pm (4pm Alberta time) and my mom was there waiting for us. We headed back to her house and just hung out for the night. Side note- Amelia did pretty good on both of the flights- cried a bit, but also slept.I might do a post later on my tips if anyone would be interested.

I told my mom that I didn't want to plan too much to do while I was there as I wasn't sure how Amelia would do each day. For not having a tonne of plans, we were still pretty busy! Lots of visiting with family and friends who had never met Amelia yet. I got to meet my nephew who was born 9 days before was neat to see them together! My mom arranged a photo shoot for Amelia and Charlie, so once I get the pictures back I will post them. I have a feeling they will be cute!

Hard to get one of them both looking and not moving!
my mom and her grandbabies
My dad and Amelia
Enjoying the rare bit of sunshine!
My SIL and I swapped babies :)

My family :)

We had dinner with my two brothers one night, went for a couple of walks, went to see my dad and his wife. Not sure where the time went, but the six days flew by! The weather wasn't super nice while we were home, but we made the most of it. I was definitely sad to be leaving on Monday, but so glad that I was able to make the trip home to see my family. 

Tell me: what did I miss in your life while I was gone? 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A day in the life

I've seen a few other people do these types of posts, so I thought I would join in :) The date was Friday April 17, 2015. Amelia just turned 3 months, I was 28 and Mr.D was 32 years old.

5:15 am: Amelia wakes up and is ready to eat and let's me know by exercising her lungs! I take her from her bassinet and go into the nursery to nurse her.

5:43 am: all done feeding and changing Amelia, so put her back in her bassinet and crawl back into bed. Harley is up and pacing, so I gently remind him it's not time to eat yet.

7:04 am: Amelia is up and screaming for no reason, so luckily Mr.D was going into work a little later this morning so he took her downstairs so I could keep sleeping.

8:01 am: Mr.D brings Amelia back upstairs to me so I can feed her and so he can go get ready for work.

8:38 am: I'm finished feeding/changing Amelia as well as pumping, so we head downstairs to make myself some breakfast. It's usually toast with peanut butter as it's quick and easy. While I eat my toast, Amelia hangs out in her swing. I quickly do the dishes and sterilize my pump parts while she is still happy.

9:20 am: change Amelia's diaper and put her down for a nap. Head into our room to flat iron my hair and realize how much post partum shedding sucks! So much hair everywhere. I get myself dressed as well.

the time is wrong because we never changed it after the time change and it wasn't really 0C in her room!
9:45 am: Amelia wakes up, but I can tell that she is still tired, so rock her back to sleep.

10:10 am: Amelia wakes up again and is cranky! I decide to give her a quick feeding to see if that will help her, which is does. I change her diaper and put her in an outfit once she is done eating.

10:40 am: head out to meet Alison (& Delainey) and Nicole (& Leo and Audrey) at the market. 

11 am: arrive at the market and discover how freaking windy it is out that day! We wander around a bit and then decide to grab lunch from a Mexican food stand. Amelia falls asleep in my arms without a fuss, which is nice.

12:15 pm: the kids are getting restless and ready for their naps, we all head out our seperate ways. Amelia falls asleep on the drive home, so I decide to go meet up with the girls from our prenatal class. 

4 pm: Amelia is getting fussy and sleepy, so I decide to head out. It was nice to see everyone again!

4:15 pm: get home, talk to Mr.D who was home early and took Harley for a run. Amelia has woken up happy on the way home, so she plays on her playmat.

4:45 pm: text with Erica to see if we should brave the wind and go for a run. Decide to make a decision after I feed Amelia.

5 pm: feed and then change Amelia's diaper. Text Erica and we decide to go for a short one.

5:35 pm: meet Erica and Quinn for a run. It was super windy, but almost 20C so it was nice. Plus it's always nice to see them and have an adult conversation. 

6:10 pm: get back from my run and head to the basement to see how Mr.D and Amelia are doing. She's sleeping in his arms, so head upstairs to take a shower.

6:20 pm: once showered, head downstairs to make and devour a sandwich...I was starving!

6:40 pm: I clean up the kitchen and then head to the basement to sit down to blog and watch some TV while Amelia is still sleeping. 

8:39 pm: Amelia wakes up, so I feed her and she falls right back asleep.

10:10 pm: head upstairs and give Amelia a quick top up before bed. I swaddle her and put her down in the bassinet. I get myself ready for bed, browse the internet for a bit and then it's lights out.

How's that for an exciting day? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{amelia}: three months

You can find her past updates here:

One month
Two months

Weight: 12lbs 4 ounces as of April 7th (50th percentile)

Length: 60cms as of April 7th (50th percentile)

Hair/eyes: still has lots of brown hair, but has lost a ring of it on the back of her head because of rubbing on the car seat/play mat. Her eyes are still blue and hopefully they stay that way!

  • standing with assistance
  • her play mat
  • bright lights/TV
  • blowing bubbles with her mouth
  • putting her hands in her mouth
  • tummy time as long as she's not tired or hungry
  • being tired
  • sometimes having a wet diaper, but for the most part she doesn't complain about them
  • waiting to eat
  • eating from a bottle depending on the day
Smiling for dad!
Eating: not much has changed in this area. Still eating every 3-4 hours during the day and then longer at night. Depending on the day, she will take a bottle of pumped breast milk, but she mainly eats from me.

Sleeping: ooh we had a rough week this month with her naps. She would get so tired during the day, but would scream and resist falling asleep. Luckily she still slept great at night during that week. She is still sleeping in our room in the bassinet. She will also let me put her in her bassinet at night awake and will fall asleep on her own. She is also still swaddled for naps and at night. 

Modeling the hat that Alison's mom made
  • rolled over from front to back for the first time on April 15, 2015 and has done it multiple time since
  • getting much stronger and better at keeping her head up during tummy time
  • celebrated her first Easter

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Training Tuesday

Another week of workouts done! I've realized that getting out for a run (even a short one) by myself helps me so much! I don't mind taking Amelia in the stroller, but it's nice not to have to worry about her crying. Mr.D always talks about mountain biking is his stress reliever and running is that for me. 

Monday April 13
  • 6.55km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day plyo fix- this one kills my legs!
Tuesday April 14
  • 4.35km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • at home workout from Glistenfit- this was a great at home workout! 

Wednesday April 15
  • 6.8km {6:04/km pace} run with Amelia
  • strength training workout from Glistenfit
Thursday April 16
  • 3.67km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day extreme upper body fix- holy balls that was hard!
Friday April 17
  • 5.13km {6:08/km pace} run with Erica and Quinn
Saturday April 18

  • 21 day extreme plyo fix
  • 4km walk with the family

Sunday April 19

  • 7.18km {5:20/km pace} run with Harley- it was such a gorgeous day out!
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Another weekend has gone by in a flash! Let's see what we were up to:

{friday} during the day, I met up with Alison and Nicole (plus the kids of course!) at the market. We wandered around a bit and grabbed lunch from the Mexican food stand. It was really good! After the market, I was going to head home but knew that the ladies from our prenatal class were getting together. Amelia fell asleep on the way, so I decided to go. It was nice to see everyone again and see the babies! I headed home from the get together around 4pm and Mr.D was already home. I feed Amelia and then headed out for a run in the sunshine (and crazy wind!) with Erica and Quinn. The rest of the night was just spent hanging out and watching tv.

Amelia and her friends :)
{saturday} the weather was kind of crappy out, so we spent the morning hanging out and I did a 21 day fix workout. We took Harley for a walk in the afternoon and then Mr.D ran out to MEC. Neither of us felt like cooking, so we picked up food from The Chopped Leaf, which hit the spot! The rest of the night was spent watching Parenthood- gah, it's making me cry so much this season!

{sunday} Mr.D and Justin went biking in the morning, so it was just Amelia and I. I put her down for a nap and was expecting her to be up 30 minutes later as usual, but she ended up sleeping for an hour and twenty five minutes! It was wonderful. Once she was up, I fed and changed her and then we headed out to run a bunch of errands for our trip. After our errands, we headed home. Once Mr.D was home, we traded off and I took Harley for a long run. It was a gorgeous afternoon out! Mr.D made us a delicious dinner of shrimp tacos and the night was spent watching even more Parenthood. 

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Body & mind after baby: three month update

You can find my one month update here

Body update

As you know from my weekly posts about my workouts, I am back working out. I promised myself that I would wait until my 6 week check up to get the okay from my doctor before I started working out again, which I did. I did go on lots of walks with Harley and Amelia during the first 6 weeks though. Starting to workout again after having a baby is definitely humbling! Between being out of shape, the extra weight, being tired and increased cup size, it's been challenging. There are days where I can only get out for a walk and that's okay. 

4 days/17 days/87 days postpartum
In terms of my weight, I've lost a couple pounds but still hanging onto about 5-8lbs (depending on the day) of baby weight. I know that I shouldn't give myself a hard time about it, but it'd be nice to have it gone. At the same time, I haven't been watching what I've been eating (holy intense cravings for carbs while breast feeding and working out!), which I know is a big part of it. I'm also trying not to push myself too much as I don't want to screw up my supply as Amelia sometimes won't take a bottle.  The linea nigra is still faint on my belly, but hopefully that goes away with time. 

Mind update

Can I be honest for a second? Holy shit, motherhood is HARD some days! I knew that having a baby was going to be a big adjustment, but it doesn't hit you how big of an adjustment it is until your baby only wants you 24/7. I think breast feeding plays a big part in that, but it's definitely frustrating some days. Don't get me wrong, I love Amelia with all my heart and love being a mom, but it's hard having this little human who wants to be attached to you all the time and doesn't want anyone else. I know that it won't be long until she wants nothing to do with me and only wants Mr.D, so I'm trying to remember that on the hard days. 

I think the word to describe motherhood the last couple of weeks is hard. But it's also so rewarding and incredible. When Amelia looks up at me with her big blue eyes and smiles at me, all of those hard moments are erased. It's also amazing to watch her grow and discover new things like that her hands can go in her mouth or that she can smack her tongue. Even crazier to me is that she is growing solely off the milk that I provide to her and nothing else!

Staying in contact and getting together with the other moms from our prenatal class has been so good too. As our babies are all so close in age, we can discuss what is happening with our babies and how each person is handling it. It's nice to know that you aren't the only one going through it!

I'll probably do my next update at six months.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Training Tuesday

Another week of workouts done! I've found that the trick to getting in a workout during the week is to be in my workout clothes and have everything set up, so that as soon as I get Amelia to sleep, I go workout right away. She has been only napping for 30 minutes in the morning which is the perfect amount of time for a 21 day fix workout!

Monday April 6

  • 4.3km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day cardio fix

Tuesday April 7

  • 5.07km run {5:54/km pace} with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day upper fix

Wednesday April 8

  • 21 day total body cardio
  • 2km walk

Thursday April 9

  • 6km run {6:06/km pace} with Amelia. It was a warmer day out and this is the farthest I've ran since having her, so a few walk breaks were taken
  • 21 day yoga fix
  • 4km walk with Harley and Amelia- I was going to take Harley with me on my run, but he faked an injury (I could barely get him off his bed even with treats and he is so food oriented), but was totally fine when I got home. What a little shit head!

Friday April 10

  • 21 day dirty thirty fix
  • 5km walk with Harley and Amelia

Saturday April 11

  • 3.2km walk with a friend
  • 21 day lower fix

Sunday April 12

  • I wasn't feeling great this day, so decided to take a rest day. I was hoping to go for a run while Mr.D was home, but it was also super windy out
Tell me: how was your week of workouts? If you are a mom, how do you fit your workouts in?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Anyone else think it's crazy that it's the middle of April already? I feel like it was just January and I was counting down the days until Amelia arrived.

Let's see what we were up to on the weekend:

{friday} when Mr.D got home from work, we went to the mall to grab some dinner and look for a bigger swaddle for Amelia as she is getting too long for the ones we have. I found a couple shirts at Old Navy, but didn't try them on until I got home and they just don't work. Looks like I'll be making some returns this week.

the baby straight jacket ;)
{saturday} in the morning, Mr.D and Justin attempted to go to the mountains to go for a mountain bike ride, but were met with a snow storm! They ended up coming home and enjoying a beer on the deck to drown their sorrows ;) While they were riding, my friend Kim came over and we went for a walk with Amelia and Harley. We ended up cutting it short because it was so freaking windy! I think I would rather have rain or snow over wind any day. I had a quick shower in the afternoon and then we headed to Alison and Justin's close to dinner time as they invited us over for a last minute BBQ. Justin BBQ'd burgers and sausages....yummy and easy! 

Can't wait until these two can play together!
At least one of us is looking at the camera ;)
Thanks again for having us over guys!

{sunday} in the morning, I did a bunch of chores around the house (does laundry ever end?!). I wasn't feeling super great, so Mr.D took Harley for a walk and grabbed groceries. Amelia and I ended up laying on the couch watching tv all afternoon...sometimes that's just needed! 

I decided I better make myself look semi presentable as I was joining a Google chat with Amber, Lisa and Kyria in celebration of Lauren and her soon to be baby. As we all live in different parts of Canada/US, this was the best is pretty darn great! It was great to "see" all of you girls!

A pretty unplanned, but fun weekend :) 

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

This and that

I've decided that I might just make this a weekly post as I feel like I have things to tell you, but they are always random things that don't fit into any other blog posts. Aka Leigh's brain dump before she forgets because her memory sucks lately.
  • Amelia had a two hour and twenty minute nap in her crib the other day!! This is unheard of in our house. Forty five minutes is usually the max she'll stay asleep in there. Fingers crossed it happens again!
  • Amelia and I are flying to Ontario in less than two weeks to see my family. I'm excited to see everyone, but also nervous about flying alone with her. Any tips for me?
  • yesterday I had a couple of the ladies from our prenatal class over. It's fun to see how much the babies have grown and chat with the other moms about what we are going through right now
  • I could use a nap. I could also use an update to my closet as things just don't fit the same anymore
 Tell me: something random for your Thursday

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Workout Wednesday

Another week of workouts done! In case anyone is wondering, I'm doing the 21 day fix workouts but not following the schedule or eating plan. I am trying to do it every day, but also want to get some runs in. And some days Amelia just wants to be held a little more :) 

I need to get back on track after all of the Easter goodies though!

Monday March 30
  • 8km walk - I went for a couple different walks
  • 21 day fix total body cardio
Tuesday March 31
  • 4.7km run - everything that could go wrong on this run did. Amelia cried, Harley pulled, it was windy and I was tired. I ended up walking lots, but that's okay. Runs like this happen and onto the next one 

Wednesday April 1
  • 21 day upper and lower fix
Thursday April 2
  • 4.3km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day dirty 30 fix- tough workout!
Friday April 3
  • rest
Saturday April 4
  • 5.63km walk with the family
  • 21 day plyo fix- holy that workout had me sweating!
Sunday April 5
  • rest
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scenes from the weekend: Easter

I'm a little slow getting this up as I was super tired when we got home from Edmonton on Sunday and I had no desire to blog. But, better late than never right? :)

{friday} Mr.D had the day off work, so as soon as I fed Amelia and pumped in the morning, we were off to his parent's house for the weekend. The drive takes a bit longer now as we usually have to stop to feed/change Amelia, but that's okay. We ended up getting into town around 1pm and then Mr.D's brother, his wife and kids came over. We had a wonderful family dinner and we got to meet our new niece. She is so tiny and Amelia feels HUGE after holding her. 

{saturday} in the morning, we took Harley for a long walk with my FIL and their dog. It was chilly and windy though! Mr.D and his dad went to motorcycle sale, so I hung out with my MIL. After they came back, we went to visit Mr.D's grandma in her seniors home. We were sitting in the common area on the main floor and the old ladies were just flocking to see Amelia! One lady kept trying to hold and touch her. Oh and she even asked if I was breastfeeding. Fun times! 

Amelia and her great grandma

That night we went out for Chinese food and then just hung out relaxing. I ended up doing a 21 day fix workout and it was tough!

{sunday} once Amelia and I were up and fed, we packed up the car and headed home. We got home around 1pm and spent the afternoon hanging out and doing laundry. We were both super tired, so not much else happened!

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

This and that

Happy Thursday everyone! For those of you who aren't on mat leave, are you excited that it's a long weekend? Mr.D only has Friday off, but we are glad to have him home. I've got a bunch of random things for you:
  • has anyone watched the roast of Justin Bieber? We watched it last night and it's pretty funny yet so off side
  • we can't stop watching Parenthood...we are almost done season two and it's so good!
  • I was taking some pictures of Amelia the other day and had her sitting her in the chair in her nursery- when did she get so big?!
  • have you ever made a super easy dinner but it was so delicious? That was what I made the other night. Shake n bake chicken, green beans and roasted sweet potatoes. So easy, yet so good!
  • We are heading to my in-laws house for Easter tomorrow and looking forward to it. We haven't met our new niece yet, so I'm excited to meet her!


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