Thursday, April 23, 2015

A day in the life

I've seen a few other people do these types of posts, so I thought I would join in :) The date was Friday April 17, 2015. Amelia just turned 3 months, I was 28 and Mr.D was 32 years old.

5:15 am: Amelia wakes up and is ready to eat and let's me know by exercising her lungs! I take her from her bassinet and go into the nursery to nurse her.

5:43 am: all done feeding and changing Amelia, so put her back in her bassinet and crawl back into bed. Harley is up and pacing, so I gently remind him it's not time to eat yet.

7:04 am: Amelia is up and screaming for no reason, so luckily Mr.D was going into work a little later this morning so he took her downstairs so I could keep sleeping.

8:01 am: Mr.D brings Amelia back upstairs to me so I can feed her and so he can go get ready for work.

8:38 am: I'm finished feeding/changing Amelia as well as pumping, so we head downstairs to make myself some breakfast. It's usually toast with peanut butter as it's quick and easy. While I eat my toast, Amelia hangs out in her swing. I quickly do the dishes and sterilize my pump parts while she is still happy.

9:20 am: change Amelia's diaper and put her down for a nap. Head into our room to flat iron my hair and realize how much post partum shedding sucks! So much hair everywhere. I get myself dressed as well.

the time is wrong because we never changed it after the time change and it wasn't really 0C in her room!
9:45 am: Amelia wakes up, but I can tell that she is still tired, so rock her back to sleep.

10:10 am: Amelia wakes up again and is cranky! I decide to give her a quick feeding to see if that will help her, which is does. I change her diaper and put her in an outfit once she is done eating.

10:40 am: head out to meet Alison (& Delainey) and Nicole (& Leo and Audrey) at the market. 

11 am: arrive at the market and discover how freaking windy it is out that day! We wander around a bit and then decide to grab lunch from a Mexican food stand. Amelia falls asleep in my arms without a fuss, which is nice.

12:15 pm: the kids are getting restless and ready for their naps, we all head out our seperate ways. Amelia falls asleep on the drive home, so I decide to go meet up with the girls from our prenatal class. 

4 pm: Amelia is getting fussy and sleepy, so I decide to head out. It was nice to see everyone again!

4:15 pm: get home, talk to Mr.D who was home early and took Harley for a run. Amelia has woken up happy on the way home, so she plays on her playmat.

4:45 pm: text with Erica to see if we should brave the wind and go for a run. Decide to make a decision after I feed Amelia.

5 pm: feed and then change Amelia's diaper. Text Erica and we decide to go for a short one.

5:35 pm: meet Erica and Quinn for a run. It was super windy, but almost 20C so it was nice. Plus it's always nice to see them and have an adult conversation. 

6:10 pm: get back from my run and head to the basement to see how Mr.D and Amelia are doing. She's sleeping in his arms, so head upstairs to take a shower.

6:20 pm: once showered, head downstairs to make and devour a sandwich...I was starving!

6:40 pm: I clean up the kitchen and then head to the basement to sit down to blog and watch some TV while Amelia is still sleeping. 

8:39 pm: Amelia wakes up, so I feed her and she falls right back asleep.

10:10 pm: head upstairs and give Amelia a quick top up before bed. I swaddle her and put her down in the bassinet. I get myself ready for bed, browse the internet for a bit and then it's lights out.

How's that for an exciting day? 


  1. I love reading these posts. You got a lot done in a day!!

  2. Which video monitor do you have? I wish Noah would have slept that much as a baby hahah, he was always awake and would only nap for 30 minutes if I was lucky! Luckily he was usually in good spirits and slept most of the night!!

  3. Yes- you definitely got in a lot in one day! And it IS exciting because I'm hoping to have days like that once my parents leave!

  4. It's nice that you're able to get out and see other adults during the day and get some exercise in, in addition to taking care of Amelia. It seems like that could make a big difference in your sanity when dealing with a little munchkin all day. I hope to go to the weekly baby weigh-ins our midwifery center has on Tuesday mornings as well as meet up with my friend Lindsey who is due two weeks ahead of me.

  5. I love that picture of the 4 babies smushed together and I love that one of the babies slept through that!

    I agree with Lauren - it's great that you were able to get out and have some adult interaction! I feel like being a mom to a newborn could be isolating so it's good that you've got people to see during the day!

  6. That's actually a super busy day! I'm impressed with everything you fit in while also caring for a little baby! Like the other commenters said I'm sure it was sooo nice to get some adult interaction in there too!

  7. Sounds like an awesome day!! It was so nice to meet up with you for lunch and see sweet Amelia again! It was so windy out that day- I'm impressed you went out for a run in it!

  8. Won't you be glad when you don't have to sterilize your pump parts?! Or at least not as often, anyway! Haha. It feels like ages ago that this was a lot like my days (so much breastfeeding!!), yet, it really wasn't that long ago. What monitor do you have? Looks like an awesome one!

  9. Busy day!! Good you for! LOVE video monitors. I think D will have one until she is grown up. :)

  10. That is a busy day! It's good that you are getting some time to work out and hang out with your friends, as I am sure it gets a little baby heavy at the house some days!



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