Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{amelia}: three months

You can find her past updates here:

One month
Two months

Weight: 12lbs 4 ounces as of April 7th (50th percentile)

Length: 60cms as of April 7th (50th percentile)

Hair/eyes: still has lots of brown hair, but has lost a ring of it on the back of her head because of rubbing on the car seat/play mat. Her eyes are still blue and hopefully they stay that way!

  • standing with assistance
  • her play mat
  • bright lights/TV
  • blowing bubbles with her mouth
  • putting her hands in her mouth
  • tummy time as long as she's not tired or hungry
  • being tired
  • sometimes having a wet diaper, but for the most part she doesn't complain about them
  • waiting to eat
  • eating from a bottle depending on the day
Smiling for dad!
Eating: not much has changed in this area. Still eating every 3-4 hours during the day and then longer at night. Depending on the day, she will take a bottle of pumped breast milk, but she mainly eats from me.

Sleeping: ooh we had a rough week this month with her naps. She would get so tired during the day, but would scream and resist falling asleep. Luckily she still slept great at night during that week. She is still sleeping in our room in the bassinet. She will also let me put her in her bassinet at night awake and will fall asleep on her own. She is also still swaddled for naps and at night. 

Modeling the hat that Alison's mom made
  • rolled over from front to back for the first time on April 15, 2015 and has done it multiple time since
  • getting much stronger and better at keeping her head up during tummy time
  • celebrated her first Easter


  1. That little smile is so sweet! And she is a tummy time pro - so strong. I love the hat Alison's Mom made. It is adorable!!

  2. Oh my gosh. She is so cute with that little grin! She looks like Brian when she does that. I know I just had cuddles but I feel like I need more soon before she gets any bigger! They get big so fast! She is so strong and such a good little stander!

  3. She is getting so big!! Standing already!! Go Amelia :) Probably one thing I wish we did more with Avery, was to get her on her legs, maybe she would have walked before 15 months ;) And the fact that she can self soothe at night is huge, way to go!

  4. She's SO cute!! Can't believe she's already three months.

  5. She is rocking tummy time! I hated doing tummy time lol. And her smiles are sooo cute! Wow, three months already?! Crazy.

  6. Aww she is doing so well!! Such a cutie! Glad things are going well minus the sleep issues hahah. That will come and go!!

  7. Aw she is so cute! And she has so much strength in her neck - that is awesome! I see both you and Mr. D in her. I hope she keeps those baby blue eyes!!

  8. now I can see how big Wes will be in 3 months- we have the same bouncer and he's a tiny little thing in it right now!

  9. What big beautiful eyes. She is so alert and happy! <3

  10. She is so so cute! I totally see both you and Mr. D in her. I really see you in that first photo! You definitely have a baby and not a newborn anymore!!

  11. Ah, she looks so happy! It's crazy how fast they grow and how their actions change in such a short time.



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