Monday, April 13, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Anyone else think it's crazy that it's the middle of April already? I feel like it was just January and I was counting down the days until Amelia arrived.

Let's see what we were up to on the weekend:

{friday} when Mr.D got home from work, we went to the mall to grab some dinner and look for a bigger swaddle for Amelia as she is getting too long for the ones we have. I found a couple shirts at Old Navy, but didn't try them on until I got home and they just don't work. Looks like I'll be making some returns this week.

the baby straight jacket ;)
{saturday} in the morning, Mr.D and Justin attempted to go to the mountains to go for a mountain bike ride, but were met with a snow storm! They ended up coming home and enjoying a beer on the deck to drown their sorrows ;) While they were riding, my friend Kim came over and we went for a walk with Amelia and Harley. We ended up cutting it short because it was so freaking windy! I think I would rather have rain or snow over wind any day. I had a quick shower in the afternoon and then we headed to Alison and Justin's close to dinner time as they invited us over for a last minute BBQ. Justin BBQ'd burgers and sausages....yummy and easy! 

Can't wait until these two can play together!
At least one of us is looking at the camera ;)
Thanks again for having us over guys!

{sunday} in the morning, I did a bunch of chores around the house (does laundry ever end?!). I wasn't feeling super great, so Mr.D took Harley for a walk and grabbed groceries. Amelia and I ended up laying on the couch watching tv all afternoon...sometimes that's just needed! 

I decided I better make myself look semi presentable as I was joining a Google chat with Amber, Lisa and Kyria in celebration of Lauren and her soon to be baby. As we all live in different parts of Canada/US, this was the best is pretty darn great! It was great to "see" all of you girls!

A pretty unplanned, but fun weekend :) 

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. It was so crazy windy on Saturday afternoon! I thought my car door was going to get blown off when I got out of the car at Co-op. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. The wind was nuts this weekend!! Glad you had some down time. Glad our last minute BBQ was a success. :) Loved my Amelia snuggles. Hope you feel better today!

  3. Aww I miss swaddling Avery! So cute all bundled up! The wind was bad here too, all week was so nice and then the weekend was so yucky! Boo. Hope you are feeling better today!
    PS I am having so much trouble finding tops I like right now! The styles are not me at all.

  4. I saw these swaddles online that look really interesting and might be good and long, they aren't cheap but they do buy 1 get 1 free sales a lot. I found them on instagram, the ollie swaddle. Might be worth looking into!

  5. Love the Google chat idea!! Neat you can do that!! Hope you are feeling better!! I ordered sleep sacks right from shipping was cheap!!

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Couch days are the best and needed sometimes

  7. I am glad that I got to be part of your weekend and got to see Amelia again. She is SO darn cute! And sooo long! Sounds like a good weekend - sorry to hear you weren't feeling great on Sunday, though!

    It's been super windy here, too. I hope the wind goes away soon as it feels like we've had 5+ days of windy days!!

  8. Haha Amelia looks SO cute in that picture with her little surprised :-o mouth. And you look gorgeous!!

    I agree, HATE wind. Especially when trying to walk or run!

    It was wonderful to "see" you and Amelia the other night!

  9. Amelia looks so sweet in her straight jacket!

    Jealous of the lazy day! Why don't my kids sit still anymore? Trade off I guess!

    Technology is great isn't it? What did we do before Skype, FaceTime etc?

  10. It was so great to meet Amelia. She is such a cutie! I love how curious she seems, and how she loves to stand up! She looks so peaceful all swaddled up. My friend's daughter hated to be swaddled; she always would flail her arms around until she could get them out of the blanket and then she would be 100 x happier!!



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