Thursday, April 9, 2015

This and that

I've decided that I might just make this a weekly post as I feel like I have things to tell you, but they are always random things that don't fit into any other blog posts. Aka Leigh's brain dump before she forgets because her memory sucks lately.
  • Amelia had a two hour and twenty minute nap in her crib the other day!! This is unheard of in our house. Forty five minutes is usually the max she'll stay asleep in there. Fingers crossed it happens again!
  • Amelia and I are flying to Ontario in less than two weeks to see my family. I'm excited to see everyone, but also nervous about flying alone with her. Any tips for me?
  • yesterday I had a couple of the ladies from our prenatal class over. It's fun to see how much the babies have grown and chat with the other moms about what we are going through right now
  • I could use a nap. I could also use an update to my closet as things just don't fit the same anymore
 Tell me: something random for your Thursday


  1. Woot woot for crib naps! A would nap in her swings for hours but crib would be under an hour for sure, until we started putting her in the crib for all naps around 3-4 months then it slowly got better :)
    She will do awesome flying! I found it so easy to travel with Avery when she was little, now is another story lol. She will probably just eat and sleep :) Bring a nursing cover and a couple blankets. My arm went numb from her sleeping on it! haha

  2. Look at all those babies!! Mostly girls!! Crazy!
    Flying with them at that age is pretty easy! Remember an extra shirt for yourself just incase and an extra outfit for A! Use the handicap bathroom if there is one - waay more room! Nursing during take off and landing works wonders. But you can get baby Benadryl just to have on hand if she gets super fussy! How long are you home for?

  3. I totally feel you on the new clothes front. NONE of my old clothes fit my boobs anymore, apparently I really liked fitted things. I've bought some really cute flattering tops and a bunch of dresses from Old Navy, I honestly have been finding their clothes super flattering. Until my skinny items in my closet and I meet again :-P

  4. Flying with babies isn't so hard (in comparison to flying with mobile toddlers). Nurse on take off and landing if she's awake. Don't be afraid to walk up and down the isles with her. You can do it!
    So fun that you still get together with your baby class group. No one from our class wanted to get together after, Sad!

  5. I hope that your flight with Amelia goes well! I am sure it's nerve wracking, though, especially since you'll be on your own!

    Sometimes random is that the weather here has sucked this week! We even saw snow flakes last night. So depressing! But tomorrow will be beautiful!

  6. I hope the flight goes well, I sure it will. I was WAY more nervous then I needed to be! At that age she really only needs you anyways! I nursed at take off and landing unless she was sleeping. I am dreading our NY flight cause D does not sit still anymore! I think we will be doing laps of the walkway! YAY for awesome crib naps!!

  7. Aw, the babies look so cute together. I have been thinking about what I'll be able to wear post baby and am wondering if I should buy a few things a size up or just wait and wear maternity stuff for a while after. I suppose I'll just wait and see what happens. But having clothes that fit and make you feel good is important!

  8. Yay for crib naps! Hope it continues!

    Travelling with baby- bring spare outfit for both of you, change her diaper just before boarding, wear her onto the plane if you can since that will give you free hands, nurse at takeoff and landing, I liked the window seat for room and privacy. Good luck!

    Yah a lot of my clothes just don't fit right anymore, even though I've lost more weight. Annoying for sure. Then adding needing clothes that are breastfeeding friendly and my wardrobe seemed so small.

  9. If your carrier doesn't have metal on it, you can usually wear a baby through security. This makes things SO much easier...
    Make sure you have more diapers than you would ever think you'd need in your carry on and as a few have said - extra clothes for both of you. Good luck!

  10. - A closet update would be nice. I almost exclusively wear yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a costco hoodie these days. It's as practical, economical, and comfortable as a new mom wardrobe gets, but maybe a little boring!
    - All the best with the flight! Will you or your husband be wearing her at the airport/on the plane?

  11. My bosses daughter has flown over here twice now since her daughter was born in October and both times she said she wore her moby wrap to carry her in (I think that's what its called) and checked the stroller. She said her daughter was great and slept for both flights! I hope it goes well for you -- I'm sure it will!



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