Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Training Tuesday

Another week of workouts done! I've realized that getting out for a run (even a short one) by myself helps me so much! I don't mind taking Amelia in the stroller, but it's nice not to have to worry about her crying. Mr.D always talks about mountain biking is his stress reliever and running is that for me. 

Monday April 13
  • 6.55km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day plyo fix- this one kills my legs!
Tuesday April 14
  • 4.35km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • at home workout from Glistenfit- this was a great at home workout! 

Wednesday April 15
  • 6.8km {6:04/km pace} run with Amelia
  • strength training workout from Glistenfit
Thursday April 16
  • 3.67km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day extreme upper body fix- holy balls that was hard!
Friday April 17
  • 5.13km {6:08/km pace} run with Erica and Quinn
Saturday April 18

  • 21 day extreme plyo fix
  • 4km walk with the family

Sunday April 19

  • 7.18km {5:20/km pace} run with Harley- it was such a gorgeous day out!
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. Nice work! I agree, you gotta have a stress release. Glad you are liking the fixes they are great workouts and the extreme ones are just that! I love the upper and lower in both of them.

  2. Great job on the workouts! How do you stay motivated to do so many at home by yourself?!

  3. Nice work on the workouts! I am impressed that you fit in as much as you do in top of caring for an infant! That is awesome! I bet it helps to have those 30 minute workouts to fit in while Amelia is napping, though!

    Last week was a good week for me for workouts. I ran 3 times, did 2 strength training works and went to yoga once! One of those runs was 14 miles! I'm feeling ready for my half after that!

  4. You should check out the FITSpark app and facebook page. It was created by a woman here in Kamloops and has really awesome 10 - 15 minute HIIT style bodyweight workouts! Perfect for a new mom like you who has very limited time to workout!

    I think you're rocking the workouts by the way!



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