Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Workout Wednesday

Another week of workouts done! In case anyone is wondering, I'm doing the 21 day fix workouts but not following the schedule or eating plan. I am trying to do it every day, but also want to get some runs in. And some days Amelia just wants to be held a little more :) 

I need to get back on track after all of the Easter goodies though!

Monday March 30
  • 8km walk - I went for a couple different walks
  • 21 day fix total body cardio
Tuesday March 31
  • 4.7km run - everything that could go wrong on this run did. Amelia cried, Harley pulled, it was windy and I was tired. I ended up walking lots, but that's okay. Runs like this happen and onto the next one 

Wednesday April 1
  • 21 day upper and lower fix
Thursday April 2
  • 4.3km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day dirty 30 fix- tough workout!
Friday April 3
  • rest
Saturday April 4
  • 5.63km walk with the family
  • 21 day plyo fix- holy that workout had me sweating!
Sunday April 5
  • rest
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. Nice work! Glad you are liking the Fix. You will love the Extreme I am sure. But I love Dirty 30!

  2. Good job lady!!! I think some days are tougher than others. Good for you for getting out there though!

  3. I am starting the 21 Day Fix next week! Super excited. Sounds like you are getting good use out of that stroller!

  4. I have tried the plyo fix yet! Glad you are loving it though!!

  5. Nice work on your week of workouts! I'm tempted to do the 21 day fix for the workouts. I don't think I'd follow the eating part of it but I've heard great things about the workouts!

    Last week my workouts were so so. I had a couple of crappy runs, especially the run on Friday as it was so cold and windy. I'm soooo over this cold, windy weather (and I say this as I am preparing to go out and do a run with my club which will be close to 8 miles - bleh!).

  6. Nice job! Isn't the full body cardio fix a killer? I find that one so hard! I think the hardest workout for me though from the 21 Day Fix is just the plain cardio workout. I find it sooo hard and it makes me so sweaty!

  7. Some days it seems impossible to get a workout in! 21 day fix sounds tough but good! How do you like it compared to t25? (Have you done that one?)

  8. My week of workouts was blah. I had a trail race on the 27th, so then pretty much took the week off the next week. I did do a bit of snow hiking, a small run and a bit of a trail run/hike for Easter weekend though! I have heard great things about the 21 day fix, both for the food and the workouts!



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