Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flying with baby

Back in April, I took Amelia on her first flight to Ontario to see my family. I was super nervous about how it would go, but I shouldn't have been. I thought I'd share my tips for what worked for me as I know I searched for tips before my flight.

{1} give yourself extra time

I was flying within Canada, but gave myself lots of time to get to the airport and go through security. I took my stroller and car seat with me to the gate, so I wasn't sure if going through security was going to be longer. If you choose to take your stroller with you, you will have to take your baby out while they take the stroller around the other side. I lucked out and there was no lines when I went through as well.

{2} pack extra

You never know when a big poop or puke is going to occur, so pack more diapers and wipes then you think you will need. You can never be too prepared! I also packed two extra sleepers and an extra shirt for myself. I also found that dressing her in a sleeper was much easier for changing her in the airplane bathroom.

{3} don't be afraid to ask for help

As I mentioned above, I took the stroller and car seat with me to the gate and was nervous about breaking them down if other people were boarding. Luckily, an agent was more than happy to hold Amelia while I broke them down. I also had to use the bathroom on both flights, and a flight attendant was more than happy to hold her.

{4} board early

I took advantage of being able to board early, which allowed me to get situated in my seat before everyone else came on. It let me put my nursing cover, burp cloth, diapers and wipes in the seat pocket which made it easier when I needed them. It also let me stand up and rock Amelia (she was getting sleepy both times) before everyone else boarded.

I think the most important thing is try not to stress! I was nervous about Amelia having a big meltdown, but she did better than I thought she would. Sure, she cried a bit but she's a baby and I was never going to see anyone on the flight again.


  1. Great tips! I have never been on a plane alone with Avery but we used lots of these tips when we travelled too. The only thing we don't do is board early, mainly because I am too antsy to sit and wait on the plane while everyone else board lol! I am terrified of the bathrooms in planes so never go in them!

  2. Definitely great tips. It gets a bit more tricky with a toddler, having to bring snacks, drinks, toys and books to keep them occupied. And trying to change a squirming toddler's poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom? Well, lets just say we sacrificed a pair of socks on our flight.

  3. I am glad your first trip went pretty smoothly - especially since you were traveling by yourself! Hopefully next time you'll have Mr. D with you and then I bet it will really feel different!

  4. "and I was never going to see anyone on the flight again" hahaha. Love it! That's a good perspective for anything in life we feel nervous or awkward about really!

    Great job with the long flights! My bosses daughter lives in Ontario and she's flown out to visit a few times now since her daughter was born in November and said the same thing that it went a lot better than she imagined. She said having her baby in her sling carrier helped a lot too.

  5. Yes, I agree with all of these! Especially having baby travelling in a sleeper - when we flew, there were other babies all dressed up and I thought, why?!? Glad your trip went smoothly! We have no plans to fly in the near future (yet), but I'm kind of dreading flying with a toddler over a baby (basically for the reasons Becky mentioned lol)


  6. Great tips! So nice the flight attendants held her! So glad these went well, no you don't need to worry in the summer. I am a week bit nervous for our flights to NYC but we have my entire family on our flight minus J&J so we can pass her around! :) Fingers crossed she just zonks!



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