Monday, May 25, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a pretty great weekend minus a bit of a grumpy Amelia thanks to her four month shots.

Amelia and Quinn hanging out after our run
{friday} during the day, Amelia and I met up with Erica and Quinn for a stroller run. Amelia was a bit of cranky girl, so it made for more of a walk then run. Oh well, it was nice to get out in the sunshine and have some catch up time with Erica. Mr.D had a work thing that meant he didn't get home until later, so it was just Amelia and I. She was a bit cranky that day and I needed to get out of the house, so we went to Winners and Shoppers Drug Mart. After she went to bed, I hung out watching tv and relaxing.

{saturday} in the morning, we took Amelia for her four month shots which she SCREAMED for! Poor girl :( Luckily she calmed down less than 10 minutes later and fell asleep for a bit. We decided to risk it and headed out for some breakfast at Cadence. Later in the afternoon, we took Harley for a long walk and then bbq'd some burgers for dinner. I discovered that I got way too much sun in the last two days!

{sunday} Mr.D let me sleep in a little bit (well, Amelia wanted to eat so that was the end of my sleep in) and then I took Harley for a long run. It was a beautiful morning and it definitely left me super sweaty! Once I got home and showered, Mr.D headed out for groceries and then for a bike ride with Justin. They were missing their weekly bike dates ;) Amelia had a nap in the afternoon and then hung out with me in the garage while I did a quick workout. I had some brown bananas to use up, so I quickly made some mini banana muffins. 

When Mr.D got home, he made us a delicious dinner and then it was bed time for Amelia. The rest of the night was spent hanging out on the couch, watching tv and blogging.

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Ouch, that sunburn looks painful! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend, though, minus the Amelia having her fussy moments. We had a great weekend, too. Friday was beautiful so I went for a bike ride before Phil came over and we went to the driving range that evening since it was so nice out. Saturday we had a wedding which was very nice and a lot of fun! And yesterday a friend who is expecting came over so I could give her her baby gift since I'm missing her shower next weekend. We did some knitting and spent 3 hours getting caught up! And then that night I went out to dinner with Phil and his mom to celebrate her birthday and we stopped by the going away party for a couple that is moving to Boston this week. So it was a full weekend, especially yesterday!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! The sun was HOT! I eventually put D's 60 on and missed a little line right by my headband yesterday!! And it's RED! Poor girl and her shots, they are never fun. Hopefully she is back to herself today!

  3. Hope Amelia is better today! Shots can be such a necessary evil! I always found Avery to be very sleepy after, and irritable 24 hours afterwards.
    It was such a nice weekend, I hope more are that nice! Since lately it seems like weekends are ugly but the week is nice!

  4. Hope Amelia feels better soon!! Sounds like you made the best of your weekend!!

  5. Shots are no fun. Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine! Hopefully that burn turns into a nice tan. Hoping the weather this weekend will be just as nice. Looking forward to seeing you!

  6. Poor Amelia! Hope she's back to herself now. Never heard of Cadence before- is it any good?

    You need some sunscreen girl!! I just bought 4 bottles on the weekend and got one free from the race yesterday! I'm set!

  7. Awesome that we both had great weather this weekend! Boo to the sunburn though.
    I hope Amelia is doing okay! Fortunately at her 6 month appointment she will only need to get one needle!

  8. Awww poor Amelia! Glad she felt better quickly though.

    That sunburn looks painful! I somehow managed a serious burn yesterday even though it was hot!! I was too focused on applying, and reapplying, on London that I forgot to do me!

  9. Harley looks so happy in that picture! Hope little miss is feeling better. Shots are no fun! And nice tan! Glad the sun is out for you guys!!



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