Friday, May 22, 2015


Lisa and Amber do these posts and I thought I would join in the fun today :)

The high of my week was spending time with a couple different friends this week. I find that now that the weather is warming up, I want to get out of the house more often.

The low of my week was when Amelia decided to finally poop after five days of not doing so. Well, this could also be a high of my week {oh gosh, is this what motherhood is?}, but let's just say the poop made it everywhere. It was straight into the bath for her! And of course it was when Mr.D was at work, so I had to gag my way through it!

The book I'm reading is nothing. I don't think I've read a single book since Amelia has been born. Not good at all! I just find that by the time I get into bed, I have no energy to read and it's straight to sleep for me.

The best money I spent was going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with another mommy friend at the stars and strollers at the theatre close to us. It was nice to be able to see a movie and not have to worry about Amelia making too much noise. She fell asleep for a bit, ate and then was happy looking around/watching the screen.

My plans for this weekend include taking Amelia to get her four month shots, going for a run and enjoying the sunshine! And maybe a nap here and there :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Sorry I laughed at the poop thing! It is frightening every day that passes when they do not do it because you know it probably won't be good when they do!
    Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the sun :)

  2. Oh man, 5 days without pooping?? Poor Amelia!!! I hope that her shots go well this weekend!

  3. Oh man. Poop explosions suck but it's funny how happy we are when our kids poop.

    Stars and Strollers is such a great idea. I only went a couple times since one time it was too loud or bright for Liam and he cried until I took him into the hallway. Pitch Perfect 2 was so good though!

  4. That's awesome you went to Stars and Strollers, I kept wanting to but never did!! Oh deal that a long time without a poop! Must have felt great for her to get it out!! ha ha That's awesome you have so many friends on mat leave with you!

  5. Hahahahaha your low that could also be your high cracks me up. Probably because I don't have to deal with it ;) I'm surprised you haven't been reading much since you were such a voracious reader before, but I guess taking care of a tiny human being is a pretty good excuse not to read if I've ever heard one!!



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