Friday, May 29, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! So glad that the weekend is here even if it's going to be a busy one.

The high of my week was meeting up with some of the ladies from our prenatal class on Wednesday. It's so fun to watch all of the babies grow up together and be able to chat with other moms about what our babies are going through.

The low of my week was Tuesday. Amelia was up a lot the night before and I was just dead tired all day. By 5pm, my eyes were burning from being so tired. After I put Amelia to bed, I was doing the same by 8:30pm. I felt so much better the next day!

The show we are watching is The Killing. We finally finished Parenthood (I'm sad it's over!) so we needed something else to start and found this on Netflix. Anyone else watch it?

The best money I spent was on some new clothes for Amelia. Well, they aren't new as I bought a bunch of summer stuff at Once Upon a Child. Other than that, I didn't spend any money this week.

My plans for this weekend include going to the expo to pick up my race package on Saturday, hopefully meet up with Becky and Brie and then run the 10K race on Sunday morning. And probably take a nap on Sunday afternoon :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Having an awesome race this weekend!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you!!

  3. We just finished watching The Fall on Netflix, it was great!

  4. Good luck at your race this weekend!! Have fun!

  5. I LOVED the killing!!!!!!! And the series ending was perfect, which I don't often say about shows I like because I want them to keep going and going haha :)

  6. I hope that your race went super well and that you had fun!!

    I am so sad that Parenthood is over. That is the only sitcom I watched! I loved the Braverman family so much!

  7. We went to Once upon a child too this weekend and got D some shorts that will hopefully stay up! :)

  8. How did your race go?? Good I hope! And what is The Killing about? Is it scary? I finally just finished Suits so I need a new show to watch! Though I also still really need to catch up on House of Cards!!

  9. I will have to check out the Killing. WE always like a new show.



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