Thursday, May 14, 2015

This and that

Ready for another week of Leigh's rambling about anything and everything? If not, too bad because that's what you are getting today :)

  • I had a hankering for some baked goods yesterday so I made these. They were a fail :( Too much liquid, so they didn't form bars. Also way too sweet for me
  • Amelia and I have been having lots of play dates lately- it makes the day go by quickly and it's always nice to get out of the house
  • I miss sleeping for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I really hope Amelia gets through this leap/regression quickly! Haha, pretty sure I just jinxed myself 
  • I am still pumping once a day, but Amelia doesn't regularly take a bottle so I had a HUGE stock pile of milk. I signed up to be a milk donor at the Calgary Mother's Milk Bank, which gives the milk to sick babies. I took my stock pile in last week and I donated 7900mL's of milk which is pretty crazy!
Amelia and I are second from the right on the top

  • almost two months ago, I won a giveaway through Alycia's blog to Sugarplum Lane Boutique. I took forever to decide what to order, but finally chose these leggings. Now I just need Amelia to grow into them! 
  • I also won a giveaway on Instagram for lotion from Cedar and Sparrow, which is a company based in Calgary. Speaking of which, I need to try the lotion out still!


  1. That is so awesome that you donated milk!
    I love those leggings! I miss the days where A could wear white lol, now it is just asking for it. Dark colours all the way now!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's awesome that you donated milk. I stockpiled a ton when I was pumping but ended up having an issue with lipase after I froze it (basically it just has a soapy smell and odd taste, but it's still fine to consume). Liam wouldn't take it, but I donated it and the mom that took it was very very grateful. Liquid gold!

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Lucky you for winning giveaways! I never do. Womp womp. Sleep- what is that?

  4. That's soo awesome you are able to donate milk!! I hardly got anything when I pumped!! Hopefully A figures out the sleep thing soon!! :)

  5. I love that you are donating your extra milk! that is such a generous thing to do!

  6. Wow, that is awesome that you donated your extra milk! That was so generous of you to do. It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that your body produces milk, isn't it? So cool and crazy!

  7. That's so awesome you donated milk!

    Oh the sleep regressions- evil, evil, evil!

    Play dates sound like fun! So good to get out of the house.

  8. That is so awesome you were able to donate your milk! Very cool! Hope Amelia starts sleeping more soon.

  9. How amazing that you were able to donate that much milk! I'm sure it helps a lot!
    Have a great long weekend!

  10. That's so cool you donated milk!! What an awesome gesture!

    I hope you get some sleep soon mama! We found the 4 month (which started around 3 months) regression the worst!! Hugs!

  11. Way to go donating (so much!) milk. You are most definitely someone's angel!

  12. Good for you you milk machine!! I am impressed you still pump. I hated it far too much. Such an awesome thing to donate though. We had leggings in that exact print from another shop! I hate a headband somewhere you can borrow that matches! :) Playdates are great for getting out and the days going by quickly! Hope she starts sleeping better soon!! I know you love your sleep!

  13. That's awesome about the milk donation! Are you going to continue to keep pumping then? Ugh, I hate pumping, but I'm also a pretty inefficient pumper. I pumped a bunch before I left for New York though and Sully wouldn't drink a drop of it!! How hard is it to donate frozen milk? I don't have as much as you did, but I hate to just dump it before we move next week.



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