Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why I run and Training Tuesday

The other week Kaella tagged in me in a post on Instagram asking why I run. It's taken me just a little while to get around to it, but I thought I would answer it today. 

Growing up, I played sports such as soccer, swimming and field hockey. I was never a runner and dreaded when we had to do our runs at soccer practice. After high school, I didn't do much in terms of running or working out. When Mr.D and I moved in together, I slowly put on weight and wasn't happy with myself. After getting engaged, it motivated me to start working out and running again. I started with the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred dvds and "running" a short distance around our place. I remember how hard those runs were in the beginning and it felt like I would never be able to go more than 500m's without being out of breath. Once the wedding passed and I had more time on my hands, I decided to start taking running seriously. I slowly built my way up to running 5kms to 10kms to my first half marathon. After completing many half marathons, I decided to try something new in the form of crossfit. Crossfit made me so much stronger not only muscle wise, but mentally as well. Pushing through those tough workouts definitely helped me through labour!

My reasons for running and working out:

{one} my health- since I started working out and running regularly, I have barely been sick (knock on wood!). I think being active and healthy plays a huge role in that!

{two} my sanity- since having Amelia, going for my long run on the weekend helps my mood so much. Even if I am dead tired that day from being a mother, it allows me room to clear my head and have some time to myself. That lets me come back home and be a better mother.

{three} as Amelia grows up, I hope that I am setting a good example for her. I hope that she knows that being outside and being active is a good thing and that she can do it too! Even though it's a lot of work to push the jogging stroller, I can't wait until she can cheer me on from it!

{four} I love it! Sure, some days the runs/workouts are tough, but I love working out. From the sore muscles to the sweat to the getting through a tough workout- I love it all! I'm one of the weird ones!


Onto my training from last week:

Monday May 4
  • 4.5km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day pilates extreme fix
Tuesday May 5
  • 5.0km {5:48/km pace} run with Harley and Amelia
Wednesday May 6
  • rest day as I woke up not feeling super great this day
Thursday May 7
  • 5.14km {5:56/km pace} run with Harley and Amelia 
Friday May 8
  • 21 day extreme lower fix
Saturday May 9
  • two long walks with my MIL and Alison and Delainey- guessing around 8kms total
Sunday May 10
  • 9.09km {5:47/km pace} run with Harley
Tell me: how was your week of workouts? What are the reasons you workout/run?



  1. Great reasons! I agree with being active definitely keeps you from getting sick. Again knock on wood but I am hardly ever sick too. Good week in workouts, hope your legs feel better from lower fix extreme!! :) It's a gooder!

  2. Love this! I'm with you, I kind of love the sore muscles too!

  3. I love working out because it's great for my health, makes me feel good (& participating in sports growing up helped me set priorities and kept me out of trouble! Hoping it'll do the same for my guy!)

  4. These are all awesome reasons! I only started "really" running after I had London and I knew I needed to feel better about myself and set a good example for London. Amelia will be cheering you on in no time. Seriously, London loves being in the running stroller and often yells "mommy, run faster" if I'm just walking or running at a slower pace. Cheeky monkey haha!

  5. Those are great reasons! I totally agree with it helping with your mood. I always happier after a run! Awesome week of workouts, too!!

  6. I agree with your reasons! I also run because I like to eat. :) But mostly I run because it makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel strong/competent.

    You fit in a great week of workouts. Last week is a blur for me, but I fit in 3 runs, a strength training workout and then I packed/moved a lot of boxes which I am considering a workout!

  7. I LOVE the feeling of being totally dead tired after a good workout or the sore feeling you get after a good hard workout!! I also love being outside in the fresh air, which is one of the reasons I love running so much. Also running has turned from a completely solo activity to a very social one for me. From our girls running weekends to my weekday/weekend runs with friends here, this morning there were five of us on our morning trail run!

    I definitely run and train less than I used to but I still LOVE running and what it has done for me so so much. Nothing beats the feeling you have after a good run.

  8. Love this! I agree running and workout has helped my health- except the plague carriers like to share their germs!

    Audrey is starting to want to go for runs with me and she really cheers me on which is the best!



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