Monday, June 29, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It was seriously hot here this weekend....made me wish that we had AC or a pool. Actually, I would take both. 

{friday} my work was having a BBQ, so we decided to make a last minute decision and go for a little bit. My co-worker made a delicious dinner of ribs, prime rib, potatoes and corn. It was so good! Amelia started getting fussy, so we headed home around 7pm to make sure we could put her to bed on time {side note- we started sleep training on Thursday night which is why we wanted to be home on time}

{saturday} in the morning, Justin and Mr.D went for their bike date around 7:30am to try and beat the heat. I took Harley for a quick walk while they were biking before it got too hot. In the afternoon, Lindsey and Chad stopped by for a quick visit as they were in town for the colour run (it was good to see you guys!). The rest of the day was spent hanging out in the basement to hide from the heat and BBQ'ing some burgers for dinner.

so hot out that he had to rest his head ;)
{sunday} Amelia was up around 6:30am after an 11hr sleep! Holy cow, that still blows my mind that she did that. After I fed her and pumped, I headed out with Harley for a run at 7:45am and it was already 21C out!  After our run, we spent the morning hanging out in the basement - Amelia's room is the only one with AC and I was tempted to just hang out in there with her every time she napped! Mr.D went out for lunch and when he got home, I headed out for a pedicure. My toes are looking much better!

Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, June 26, 2015


Ah, sweet sweet Friday! So glad you are here. 

The high of my week was baby and mom bootcamp and getting together with the moms from our baby class. I love that we still get together as it's so fun to watch the babies grow up together! Another high would be finding a friend finding a jumperoo for me for $30. Amelia loves it so far!

The low of my week was nothing really. I mean there was some rough nights of sleep, but nothing absolutely terrible. 

The show we are watching is Orange is The New Black. We are almost done this season and I haven't liked it as much as the others.

The best money I spent was on the jumperoo for Amelia and a new pair of Silkberry pjs for her as well. They are not cheap ($30), but so worth it! Erica bought us a pair and Mr.D kept telling me to buy the next size up. The fabric is so soft and stretchy that it makes changing Amelia super easy (as easy as it is to change a squirming baby!).

Our plans for the weekend don't include much. We started sleep training last night, so I didn't want to make too many plans. I think Mr.D might go biking and I think he is sending me out of the house on Sunday for a pedicure. The weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, so hopefully spending some time outside as well. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

{amelia}: five months

 Amelia turned 5 months old on June 17th, but I'm a little late getting this post up.

You can find her past updates here:

One month
Two months
Three months 
Four months 

Weight: not sure as she hasn't been weighed since the end of May. I'm guessing well over 15 pounds

Length: not sure either

I wonder where she got her eyes from ;)
Hair/eyes: she has been losing a bit of hair on the top of her head and it's still getting lighter. Eyes are still very blue.

  • putting her hands and everything else in her mouth
  • pinching your arms/face or grabbing anything near her
  • playing on her play mat and swinging her legs from side to side
  • exercising her lungs - she found her voice this month and she is LOUD! She sounds like a dinosaur at times. She also has a fake cough, which is funny
  • sitting in her bumbo 
  • looking around when we go for walks
  • watching Harley and grabbing him when he comes near
Smiling at dad
  • sleeping for long periods of time at night ;)
  • not much else
Eating: still 100% breastfed, but we made a huge break through in bottles as in she will FINALLY take one! Someone in our baby group mentioned the Dr. Brown's bottle and I decided I'd pick some up as a last chance effort. And she has taken it every day without an issue. Thank goodness! Otherwise she is eating anywhere from 2-4 hours during the day and a bit longer at night.

Sleeping: let's just say it's been a little rough this month. Many wake ups each night and will sometimes be wide awake around 3am for 45-60 minutes. She is also a big fan of getting up between 5-5:30am...any idea how to get her to sleep in longer? She also goes to bed between 7-8pm and we have developed a bed time routine (bath, pjs, eat, book, bed).

  • wears size two diapers
  • slowly growing out of her 3 month sized outfits and sleepers and moving into 6 month stuff

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training Tuesday

After being sick the week before, I was finally able to get back on track last week. That meant restarting the 21 day fix, but oh well. I'm also quite enjoying the 21 day fix workouts with Mr.D...we always somehow end up laughing at each other during it. Has anyone else noticed how much she says "yeah"? Once you notice it, that's all you will can thank me later :)

Monday June 15
  • rest day as I still wasn't feeling 100% 

Tuesday June 16
  • 4.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day upper fix

Wednesday June 17
  • 21 day lower fix

Thursday June 18
  • 3.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day pilates fix

Friday June 19
  • 21 day cardio fix
  • 4.3km run with Harley and Amelia

Saturday June 20
  • rest day as we were busy in Banff and plans in the evening. We were both stuffed and tired when we got home that night, so decided to move our 21 day fix workout to Sunday
 Sunday June 21
  • 3.2km walk with Harley
  • 21 day dirty thirty and yoga fix

Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a busy, but fun weekend :)

{friday} Amelia was a bit of cranky monster during the day, so I needed to get out of the house. I took her and Harley for a run and luckily she didn't whine at all. Mom got to sweat = a win! That night, we headed over to a friend's house for dinner. They made a delicious Greek dinner and sent us home with yummy dessert when Amelia was having a meltdown. Thanks again for having us M!

{saturday} after Amelia had a morning nap, we packed up and headed out to Banff. Mr.D's family and friends go every year for the rod run, so we thought we would go out for a bit to see everyone. We hung out to visit with everyone and got to see our nieces for a short time. We ended up heading home around 2:30pm. After a quick change and feed for Amelia, we were out the door again to go to a friend's birthday party. It was nice to see everyone and we headed home around 7:15pm. We just didn't want to push it too much as Amelia usually goes to bed between 7 and 8pm.

{sunday} even though it was Father's Day, Mr.D took the morning shift and got up with Amelia (love him!). Once Amelia and I were up, Mr.D opened his presents (his favourite beer, a bike shirt, junk food, a gift card to a bike shop and a polo shirt). I asked him what he wanted to do for the day, but he had no specific requests so we had a laid back day. Amelia treated us to two 1.5 hour naps, which was wonderful! Other than that, we did a 21 day fix workout, watched OITNB and took Harley for a walk. 

Love these two! She loves grabbing Mr.D's beard

 Tell me: how was your weekend?

Friday, June 19, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! We have quite a few plans this weekend and of course celebrating Mr.D for his first Father's Day :)

The high of my week was finally feeling like a human again after having the flu. I'm okay not to have it again for a long time! Another high would be going to a free baby CPR class yesterday...always good to know what to do in case of an emergency.

The low of my week would just have to be having the flu. I promise I'll stop mentioning it soon, but it was miserable!

The show we are watching is So You Think You Can Dance. We didn't watch it last season, but am enjoying it this year so far.

The best money I spent was on a couple presents for Mr.D for Father's Day. I doubt he reads my blog, but maybe I'll share next week what I got him :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Workout Wednesday

Last week's workouts started out so good, but quickly went down hill from there. Oh well, nothing I can do when I can't control being sick. Mr.D and I had started 21 day fix together from the beginning, but we ended up stopping. We are back in it this week though!

Monday June 8
  • baby and mom boot camp
  • 4.83km walk with Harley and Amelia 
Amelia and Cain at boot camp - thanks for the picture Keagen!
Tuesday June 9
  • 4.3km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day upper fix

Wednesday June 10
  • 4.51km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day lower fix

Thursday June 11
  • 21 day pilates fix
  • 4.0km run with Harley and Amelia- it was a tough one as I hadn't run in almost two weeks!
  • 4.2km walk with the family- it was a beautiful evening so we couldn't pass it up 

Friday June 12
  • rest

Saturday June 13
  • 4km walk with the family - I was feeling a bit better and needed to get out of the house

Sunday June 14
  • rest
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's alive!

Holy, I thought I wasn't going to make it for a second there. Well, that might be an exaggeration. Just a little one ;) But having the flu when your husband has to work, you have a young baby and no family around is ROUGH! It started last Thursday night out of no where and I finally started to feel human again yesterday. I'm just glad Mr.D and Amelia didn't catch it.

Having the flu has put a big damper on things around here - not much happening! We were supposed to have dinner with friends on the weekend, but there was no way I was up to eating food. I also didn't go to baby and mom boot camp class today as my energy just wasn't quite there yet. 

A plus side to having the flu? Lots of time to sit on the couch and watch The Killing. We finished all of the seasons if that tells you how badly I was feeling. Neither of us were a big fan of the last season. And so glad they didn't show Holder and Linden together....I just can't picture them as a couple. We also thought the last season went downhill as Netflix took it over...maybe it was just a coincidence.

I'm also way behind on commenting on everyone's blog...I promise I'll get around to it!

Tell me: what have I missed in your life? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cousin photo shoot

Back at the end of April when I was home in Ontario, my mom scheduled a photo shoot for Amelia and my nephew C. Amelia and C are only nine days apart in age, so it was fun to see them together.  The fabulous Michlynn Schweitzer was the photographer and she was great to work with!

There isn't much else to say, so I'll let the photos do the talking:

Thank you again mom for organizing this photo shoot!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

Gah, last week got away from me and I meant to blog more! I was also enjoying spending time with my mom. Sometimes that takes priority over blogging. 

Let's do a little rewind to last week:
  • my mom flew in on Tuesday night
  • we didn't have anything planned for the week, but kept ourselves busy. We went to see Aloha at the Stars & Strollers, went to Costco, went garage saleing, etc
  • we also picked up some flowers and my mom helped me fill some planters for our front steps
  • she spoiled us and took Amelia for walks so we could nap and made us delicious meals
  • we also watched way too many episodes of The Killing after Amelia went to bed each night
  • enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend

 Tell me: how was your weekend?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scotiabank Calgary Marathon: Jugo Juice 10k {race report}

As you know, I ran the 10k race on Sunday at the Calgary Marathon which is sponsored by Jugo Juice. I've run the half marathon (twice) and the full marathon before, so now I just need to run the 5k :) Because the ultra is just not happening ever!

The expo

I headed down to the expo on Saturday afternoon to meet up with Becky. I had no issues with parking minus the parking lot being super because due to other events going on. When we got there, there was no wait to pick up our race packages, which was nice. The race packages included: a t-shirt, Kind bar, race guide and a bag for the bag check. Definitely nothing special, but the medal was worth it! After we grabbed our bag, we wandered through the booths but didn't stay long as I was pushing the stroller and it was pretty crowded.

Race morning

I was up bright and early at 5am (well, I was also up a couple times before that thanks to Amelia). I quickly got myself ready, had breakfast and then went to wake Amelia up and get her into her car seat. Once we were all ready, we headed to the train station around 5:40am and took the train down the Stampede grounds. There were people on our train running the ultra, full and half which started at 6:30am..they were definitely cutting it close! When we got down to the grounds, we met up with Becky and Brie. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and we took a pre race picture before it was time to line up!

Thanks for the picture Brie!
The race

I will admit going into the race, I was a little nervous about the logistics of bringing Amelia down to the race start with us and how she would be while I was running. I kept saying to Mr.D the night before that it would just be easier if I didn't run, but he said no way as he knew how much I wanted to run. Such a supportive husband!  

I lined up with Becky and Brie, but asked them if they minded if I went ahead :) Going into the race, I had no goal time in mind but rather just wanted to finish and have a fun race. 

I can't remember much about the race - it's almost like my brain and legs went into auto pilot! I do remember the Elvis impersonator singing on the side of the road, the band playing in Bridgeland and how awesome it is to go through East Village. That section is always so much fun! My first kilometer clocked in at 5:22 and I felt good. The rest of my kilometers were between 5:10-5:20. After I finished 4kms in that range, I knew that I could keep it up for the rest of the race. I was tempted to stop at the water stations, but knew that if I did then I wouldn't get running again so I just kept going. As I was coming into the last stretch of the race, I kept my eye out for Mr.D and Amelia but couldn't spot them. My finishing time was 52:57. My PR is 52:46 from 2011, so being 4 months post partum I am super happy with this!

After the race

Once I crossed the finish line, I grabbed my medal and bag of food and then headed back through the grandstand to find Mr.D and Amelia. We had arranged to meet outside and I couldn't find him for awhile. Turns out he underestimated my time and was on his way back still from grabbing breakfast. We headed inside to meet up with Becky and Brie again to see how their race went and to get an after picture.

Mr.D was a trooper and we hung out for a bit so I could see Kaella (great to see you by the way!). We headed home shortly after that as Amelia had fallen asleep in my arms. 

Overall, I am super happy with my race. Great weather, great race and got to see blogging friends - perfection! I also owe Mr.D a HUGE thank you as he was up at 5am with me so I could run the race while he hung out with Amelia. I definitely couldn't have done it without his support!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Training Tuesday

Last week was a fun week in terms of my workouts....started the baby and mom boot camp plus I ran my first race since last March! After the race on Sunday, I remembered why I love running and racing so much. I need another race to sign up for- any suggestions?

Monday May 25
  • baby and mom boot camp - it was only myself and one other lady, which was totally fine. I was surprisingly sore the next day!
  • 4.35km walk with Harley and Amelia
Tuesday May 26
  • 5.12km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day upper fix
Wednesday May 27
  • 4.3km {5:34/km pace} run with Mr.D and Amelia 
  • 21 day cardio fix and ten minute ab fix
Thursday May 28
  • 4.32km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day total body cardio fix
Friday May 29
  • 5.38km walk with Harley and Amelia
Saturday May 30
  • 4.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
Sunday May 31
  • 10km {5:15/km pace} run at the Calgary Marathon- full recap coming tomorrow!
  • 4km walk with Harley and Amelia
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Scenes from weekend

Happy Monday everyone! We had a fun, but busy weekend. An early morning yesterday means I need to catch up on already needed sleep. And how the heck is it June already?!

{friday} Amelia and I didn't do much during the day besides take Harley for a walk and have a long nap in the morning. When Mr.D got home from work, we spent the night hanging out at home watching tv. We also practised her tummy time and took some pictures to kill some time :)

{saturday} in the morning, we just hung out around the house. I headed to the expo for the Calgary Marathon around 12:30pm to pick up my race package and meet up with Becky. We grabbed our packages and then went to meet Brie  at Famoso for lunch. We were terrible bloggers and forgot to take a picture! Thanks again for lunch ladies :) After lunch, I headed home and we took Harley for a walk. I was in bed just after 9am as I had to be up at 5am the next morning.

{sunday} I'll do a full recap later this week, but we left our house around 5:40am to take the train down to the Stampede grounds so I could run the 10k. Mr.D and Amelia came along as she won't take a bottle and I would have been gone too long. Luckily she was pretty good all morning which made it a lot easier! After the race, we headed home so Amelia could nap and I could get some food in me. Mr.D headed out for a bike ride with a friend, so I took Amelia and Harley for a walk in the afternoon. I also had a much needed nap on the couch with Amelia.

Tell me: how was your weekend?


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