Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scotiabank Calgary Marathon: Jugo Juice 10k {race report}

As you know, I ran the 10k race on Sunday at the Calgary Marathon which is sponsored by Jugo Juice. I've run the half marathon (twice) and the full marathon before, so now I just need to run the 5k :) Because the ultra is just not happening ever!

The expo

I headed down to the expo on Saturday afternoon to meet up with Becky. I had no issues with parking minus the parking lot being super because due to other events going on. When we got there, there was no wait to pick up our race packages, which was nice. The race packages included: a t-shirt, Kind bar, race guide and a bag for the bag check. Definitely nothing special, but the medal was worth it! After we grabbed our bag, we wandered through the booths but didn't stay long as I was pushing the stroller and it was pretty crowded.

Race morning

I was up bright and early at 5am (well, I was also up a couple times before that thanks to Amelia). I quickly got myself ready, had breakfast and then went to wake Amelia up and get her into her car seat. Once we were all ready, we headed to the train station around 5:40am and took the train down the Stampede grounds. There were people on our train running the ultra, full and half which started at 6:30am..they were definitely cutting it close! When we got down to the grounds, we met up with Becky and Brie. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and we took a pre race picture before it was time to line up!

Thanks for the picture Brie!
The race

I will admit going into the race, I was a little nervous about the logistics of bringing Amelia down to the race start with us and how she would be while I was running. I kept saying to Mr.D the night before that it would just be easier if I didn't run, but he said no way as he knew how much I wanted to run. Such a supportive husband!  

I lined up with Becky and Brie, but asked them if they minded if I went ahead :) Going into the race, I had no goal time in mind but rather just wanted to finish and have a fun race. 

I can't remember much about the race - it's almost like my brain and legs went into auto pilot! I do remember the Elvis impersonator singing on the side of the road, the band playing in Bridgeland and how awesome it is to go through East Village. That section is always so much fun! My first kilometer clocked in at 5:22 and I felt good. The rest of my kilometers were between 5:10-5:20. After I finished 4kms in that range, I knew that I could keep it up for the rest of the race. I was tempted to stop at the water stations, but knew that if I did then I wouldn't get running again so I just kept going. As I was coming into the last stretch of the race, I kept my eye out for Mr.D and Amelia but couldn't spot them. My finishing time was 52:57. My PR is 52:46 from 2011, so being 4 months post partum I am super happy with this!

After the race

Once I crossed the finish line, I grabbed my medal and bag of food and then headed back through the grandstand to find Mr.D and Amelia. We had arranged to meet outside and I couldn't find him for awhile. Turns out he underestimated my time and was on his way back still from grabbing breakfast. We headed inside to meet up with Becky and Brie again to see how their race went and to get an after picture.

Mr.D was a trooper and we hung out for a bit so I could see Kaella (great to see you by the way!). We headed home shortly after that as Amelia had fallen asleep in my arms. 

Overall, I am super happy with my race. Great weather, great race and got to see blogging friends - perfection! I also owe Mr.D a HUGE thank you as he was up at 5am with me so I could run the race while he hung out with Amelia. I definitely couldn't have done it without his support!


  1. Awesome finish!! Congrats. I'm so happy we could meet Miss Amelia on Saturday, she is such a cutie. You're flying in those pictures!

  2. What a GREAT race!!! Mr. D is seriously so awesome for encouraging you to run and supporting you! It's awesome that he knew how much you wanted to do this. I LOVED seeing you! Our visit was way too short but I know we'll get another one this summer :)

    You should come run the LRPS half in August (29th) with a bunch of us!! Mr. D and Amelia are more than welcome to come too!

  3. Awesome race. Such a great time! And so awesome that you have such a supportive husband. I'm glad he encouraged you not to drop out! It was great to meet him and see you and Amelia this weekend.

  4. Holy moley, you are fast!!! I'm so happy you had a good first postpartum race!

  5. Wow, you absolutely rocked it. What an amazing time and only 4 months post partum. You're amazing.

  6. You are a superstar for not only getting yourself up and out the door to run this race, but to get your baby out the door with you! And then you killed the race on top of it! And your husband is so awesome for totally supporting you (and being our photographer!) :) And I did NOT get a Kind bar in my race bag! :(

  7. WAY TO GO!!! You did so so so so awesome and should be so proud of yourself! I think it's so impressive that you were so close to your PR! You are one fast momma! I am glad you've got a supportive guy who makes training for and running races possible. :)

  8. You look SO AMAZING!!!! It's hard to believe you just had a baby! Great job on a wonderful time and race. So glad you were able to do it!

  9. Congratulations on your first race post baby!! You rocked that 10K!

  10. Awesome job on your first race post baby! That's an accomplishment in itself! :) Brian kinda owed you anyways from all his biking!! :)



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