Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Day in the life

I thought it would be fun to do another day in the life post so I can remember what life was like right now. I also wanted to link up with Julia's link up, but I didn't get my act together in time.  You can find my last one here.

Amelia was almost 6 months old (two days short), Mr.D was 32 and I was 28. I recorded Wednesday July 15, 2015.

6am: Amelia wakes up and is ready to start her day. Luckily, Mr.D still takes this shift and takes her downstairs. I go back to sleep quickly after he gets up.

6:30am: someone is hungry, so Mr.D brings her up to me in bed so I can feed her. Once I'm done feeding her, I pump and Amelia hangs out on the bed practicing her rolling

  7am: done feeding and pumping, so we head downstairs so I can have breakfast, freeze the extra breast milk and put away the dishes from the night before

  7:50am: Amelia is starting to get fussy, so we head upstairs where I read her a book, sing the bedtime song and put her down for a nap

7:57am: after rolling around and babbling a bunch, she is finally asleep. I decide to go lay in bed and doze off for a while

that doesn't look like sleeping missy!
9:26am: Amelia finally had an awesome nap (the last couple of days were rough in the nap department). I feed her, change her and get myself and Harley ready for a run

9:56am: we head out the door for a slow 4.2km run

  10:25am: we are back from our run, so I quickly chug some water while Amelia plays on her mat. 

10:40am: we head into the basement to watch some TV while Amelia jumps in the jolly jumper. She is loving this lately!

11:10am: Amelia is cranky, so we head upstairs to do the bedtime routine again and put her down for a nap

11:21am: I don't hear her anymore, so I check the video monitor and she has finally fallen asleep. I try and order photobooks while eating left over spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs from the night before.  

12pm: I hear Amelia wake up just as I was starting to clean my bathroom. I decide to leave her for a couple minutes (she wasn't fully crying yet and her nap was under an hour) hoping she would fall back asleep, but no such luck. I head into her room to get her out of her crib then I feed and change her.

smiling at me instead of eating!

12:30pm: Amelia is pretty happy, so I decide to lay her on some blankets on the bathroom floor while I finish cleaning the bathroom

12:35pm: Mr.D calls and says that he is on his way home

12:45pm: Mr.D is home from school and has lunch while Amelia and I play on the floor

1:20pm: we started talking about giving Amelia rice cereal, so we decided to try it. She seemed to like it and I think it went everywhere!

2:04pm: Amelia is ready for her next nap, so Mr.D goes upstairs to put her down. While she is napping, we do the pilates workout from 21 day extreme fix

2:55pm: head upstairs and decide to quickly hop in the shower while Amelia is still sleeping

3:10pm: done showering and head to the basement to blow dry and flat iron my hair (it was hot this day, and it was way too hot to do upstairs). She wakes up while I'm almost done flat ironing my hair, so Mr.D goes upstairs to get her. Once I'm done, I feed her

4pm: I leave Mr.D and Amelia in the basement playing to run to the grocery store and to pick up Harley from doggie day care. He had a good day playing like always!

4:40pm: I get back home and start making dinner. We had broccoli and cheese quinoa casserole from Iowa Girl Eats that night. So easy to make and so yummy!

5:10pm: we attempt to put Amelia down for one last nap of the day. I find this time of day so hard as she needs another sleep, but doesn't always want to go down again. Today is one of those days.

5:41pm: we decide to get her up as she is screaming and having none of going to sleep. I give her a quick feed while Mr.D eats. Once I'm done, he takes her so I can eat and finish up the dishes

6:20pm: I head out to meet Alison at the movies. We saw Magic Mike XXL

9:20pm: movie is done and text Mr.D to let him know I'm heading home

9:40pm: arrive home and chat with Mr.D about how Amelia went down that night (it did not go well and she screamed for 15 minutes a couple of times). I hear Amelia start fussing again, so I go into her room and couldn't resist rocking her quickly. She settles back down, so I get ready for bed. I head to bed and check social media before heading to sleep

And another day is over and done with!


  1. The dreaded last nap! Avery was always hit or miss with it too. it was around 6 months we dropped it I think, but it was messy for a bit ;)
    I love that Iowa Girl Eats recipe!

  2. I love reading all of the DITL posts! It seems SOO long ago that I had a 6 month old. I must admit, 6 months is my most FAVORITE age of the first year!

  3. I'm going to have to check out that recipe. Sounds yummy.
    I saw Magic Mike this weekend. So bad but oh so good lol

  4. I wish J liked Quinoa and Spag squash! ha ha But I should just make them for D and my lunches! Will check out that recipe. Sounds like a good and busy day - especially the movie part! ;) I thought you guys got rid of the soother?

  5. Is Mr. D taking a course? I guess I never payed attention to what he does for a job lol!
    Do you send Harley to daycare daily? Part of me misses that stage where they stay put so you can get stuff done haha

  6. I find Sully often still needs a nap around 4 or 5 to make it to bedtime, otherwise he's can get really cranky. If we're home, he won't go for a nap, but if we happen to be out in the car around that time, he almost always falls asleep. Oh well, he still goes to bed at night no problem. I kind of miss those days where I could just plop him down and he wouldn't go anywhere lol.

  7. July 15, that's a Wednesday. Are you not working? Also, if not, how do I get that gig. :-)

  8. Wow, 4 naps in a day! I had no idea babies napped that often (I know very little about baby sleep schedules).

    Those turkey meatballs look so good!

  9. Sounds like a good day! We have started sleep training and do about 4 naps a day as well. The first few days are intense, but I **think** they are getting better. Nap time is hardest. Bedtime is fairly easy!

  10. Sounds like a good and busy day! I also had no idea that babies napped that often!!! haha. Guess I will have a lot to learn one day :)



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