Wednesday, July 15, 2015

{a review}: 21 day fix

As I've mentioned multiple times on the blog, Mr.D and I recently completed the 21 day fix. We both needed something to kick our butts and get us more active. This definitely did it for us!

The workouts

In the program, there are nine different workouts that rotate through the three weeks. Each workout is only 30 minutes long and you only need some free weights. The workouts are:

1. total body cardio
2. upper fix
3. lower fix
4. pilates fix
5. cardio fix
6. dirty 30
7. yoga fix
8. plyo fix
9. 10 minute fix for abs 

In the third week of the program, you have the option of doing double workouts each day (meant to be done at different times of the day). We chose to do the double workouts and were dead by the end of the week!  

I personally loved how the workouts targeted your whole body and focused on different parts each day. I also love how you use weights for some of the workouts, which makes it as easy or as hard (depending on the weights you use) as you want it to be. Another big plus for me is that we can easily do them at home after Amelia has gone to bed or even when she is content playing on her play mat during the day.

The meal plan

I can't comment on this part of the program as we didn't follow it. The main reason is because I am still breast feeding and I didn't want to mess with my supply. I think once I am done with breast feeding, I may do the whole thing again with the meal plan to see if it makes a different. We did try and clean up our meals and limited our snacks as well.  

Final thoughts

I think my biggest complaint about the program is how many times she says "yeah" in it! I know that it's silly, but once we started noticing it it was hard to stop! My other complaint is that they screwed up the timer clock (or she is terrible at counting) as she would be saying 3-2-1 when the clock already said 0. Silly I know! 

And because I'm always curious about other people's results, here you go:

               June 17        July 6          Total

Waist       31.25"           30"           -1.25"
Chest       34.5"            34.5"            0"
L arm      10.5"           10.25"         -0.25"
R arm      10.5"           10.5"             0"
Hips        36.25"          36"             -0.75"
Weight     116.2lbs      114.6lbs       -1.6lbs



  1. Wow, that is awesome that you got such great results in such a short amount of time! I definitely would like to try this program but probably not until the winter. My only concern is whether it requires a lot of jumping around as I'd have to do it in my condo (I assume you have to watch a video while doing it so doing it at the gym wouldn't work?) so wouldn't want to risk any noise complaints if people heard me jumping around... But i am curious enough about it that I might have to just try it out.

  2. Nice work!! You guys did awesome. So glad you liked it! And it's funny cause I never noticed the yeah or the clock! :) Hope you like Extreme just as much. My brother sends me funny pics after his workouts. :) I'm excited to do it in full post baby.

  3. Awesome job!!! You look amazing!!

  4. Wow, great results!!! I'm going to get this program after I completely do T25. I've only made it to the 2nd week of Beta so I'm restarting the program now. My only concern is that I'm not sure I'll be able to do 21 Day fix everyday. Maybe I'll have to get up earlier than the kids on my days off :/

  5. Awesome job! Your results are fantastic - you can really notice the difference in the photos - you look so toned and fit!

  6. Nice work. Your results are amazing, definite tone over those three weeks! I'm starting the Fix on Monday and am mostly doing it for the meal plans and will work in the workouts in with running and yoga.

  7. Awesome results! I really want to do the program all in (like I told you) but my running and yoga get in the way and I am not ready to give those up. And well as much I like the idea of the eating plan it won't happen lol.
    I actually can barely walk today (STILL) from lower fix extreme on Tuesday am!

  8. Woo hoo! I need to get Tyler in on this with me!!

  9. She does say yeah A LOT!! I really liked this program too. I just muted the TV when the "yeahs" got to be too much! Haha! Great job!!

  10. Great work! Now if I ever do this program I will probably only notice that she says Yeah haha

  11. Those are pretty awesome results! Especially since you didn't follow the meal plan. I really love the 21 Day Fix meal plan and would highly recommend it for someone trying to lose weight. The way the plan approaches portion control vs. calorie counting really really worked for me.

    Also the timer clock messing up on some of the workouts annoyed me sooo much! haha



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