Friday, July 17, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! It was POURING rain here yesterday, but it was kind of nice to have a break from the heat. But, I'm also not quite ready for fall like weather. 

The high of my week was a bunch of things:
  • having 'me' time in the form of getting my hair done on Tuesday and seeing a movie with Alison {we saw Magic Mike XXL...meow}
  • having Mr.D home in the afternoons
  • finding out that I donated another 3800mLs of breast milk to the milk bank, which brings my total to almost 12 litres!
Can you spot us? :)

The low of my week was when Amelia decided to have a poop explosion when I was out in public. If you don't follow me on Instagram, I was out on Monday and I heard her poop just as I was pulling into Toys R Us. I went into the bathroom only to find the poop had made it's way up the back of her onesie and of course I didn't have a spare! Many wipes later, I got her cleaned up and walked through the store with her half naked so I could buy her a new one, haha. Oh man, I could only laugh at that point!

The show we are watching is nothing really. Well still watching SYTYCD and Suits, but not much else besides that.

The best money I spent was on getting my hair done, going to a movie, some new summer clothes for myself from the Gap outlet and a high chair for Amelia. I spent a lot this week, but it's definitely not typical.

Our plans for the weekend include having dinner with my BIL, SIL and nieces on Saturday and that's it so far.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What kind of high chair did you decide on?
    That's awesome that you were able to donate so much milk. What is the process like to donate there? Is there anything you have to do or can you just take it in?
    Kind of funny about the poop explosion. Of course it's always when you're out that those things happen isn't it. Have a great weekend!

  2. That is so awesome you have donated so much! I am jealous! I was lucky to pump an extra 4-6oz a a day which was all for A's dream feed.
    Avery never had a public explosion, I might have died! I agree all you can do is laugh though :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. That's so awesome you can pump so much milk and donate it. I really only could pump just enough for Delainey if I was going out. What high chair di you buy? Thanks again for the movie. It was good to get out! :) We love Master Chef right now, have you ever watched?

  4. The poop explosion stink face photo was awesome! I'm sure that's an experience you'll remember for a long time. :)

    Way to go on donating all of that milk! That is so awesome that you are doing that - and that you have that much to spare! It's amazing what he human body can do!

    Enjoy your weekend! We don't have too much planned either as we just have a dinner tonight with friends and then I am in charge of a post-run potluck breakfast for run club tomorrow. But that's about it which is nice!

  5. You are AMAZING!! I could never get anything when I pumped but would have loved to donate. You're such an incredible person!!

    Speaking of incredible..Magic Mike was so good! I like that they basically made fun of themselves. I wish there was more dancing though (does that make me sound creepy?! Ha Ha!)

    Glad you got some alone time too. It's sooo important!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!! Are you around next weekend? I MAY try and come to Calgary to do a few things and would love to see you of course! (it's not for sure yet but I will know by next Monday/Tuesday.)

  6. You need a superhero cape for those breastmilk donation photos!!! You are incredible.
    Ah, the classic poop explosions (or sh*t-astrophe as I call them thanks to my sister in law). Fortunately they become a lot less frequent when baby starts eating solids!

  7. Which chair did you end up with? Soo amazing you can donate that much milk! I def. would have never had enough to donate! Neat that there is such a device soo close!!

  8. Wow, nice work on the breast milk donation! That's so awesome of you and I'm amazed (and slightly jealous!) of how much you can pump! How was Magic Mike?? I'm dying to see it - I Loooooove Channing Tatum, way back from his Step Up days :) Luckily, we've never had a poop-explosion while out in public (and miraculously, he's never even peed on me!), but murphy's law I tell ya - if you don't have back up clothes, that's when it will happen! At least you were able to laugh about it :)

  9. I can't remember did you watch Hell on Wheels? Season 5 is about to premiere!

  10. Haha! Blow Outs are funny. Quinn has them all the time! She had one once when I was visiting a friend in Airdrie who has a baby the same age as her. We had gone out to eat at Brewsters and sure enough she pooped everywhere and I only had my purse and not my diaper bag with her spare outfit. So she sported one of my friends sons' outfit for the hour we were out haha.

  11. So impressed you are able to donate so much milk!! That's amazing and so needed!!

    Me time is so important now- was the movie any good?

    Too funny about Amelia's poopsplosion!! It always happens that way! At least you were somewhere you could buy her a new outfit!!

  12. Ahh...I feel like every mother has a poop explosion story! At least you were at TRU and could buy a new one. And it's warm out! ;) That's so awesome that you donate breast milk!



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