Thursday, July 9, 2015

This and that

I'm sure that you've noticed that I haven't been posting much lately and I'm struggling to come up with stuff to post about. Anything you want to know about? Since I can't think of anything good, you're getting a bunch of random for today.

  • I was in a foul mood the other night so I decided to make some cookies. Four cookies later yesterday, I probably shouldn't have made them. Who wants to come over and help me eat them?
  • Amelia has rolled over three times in her crib (from back to belly) now and of course I missed each one! It's the funniest because I'll check our video monitor and there she is on her belly just looking all around
  • we are starting 21 day extreme fix tonight....I think it might kill me, haha
  • I have a hair appointment next week and am tempted to cut my hair shorter...but I also wear it in a ponytail almost every day which would make that hard. What to do?
  • speaking of hair, I have a bunch of tiny short hairs around the front of my hair line and they are driving me nuts!
Tell me: something random happening in your life


  1. This time last year I chopped my hair off and I love it! With all the postpartum hair loss and new baby hairs growing in, it was well needed. I still managed to get my hair into a teeny tiny ponytail when needed. Those baby hairs are so annoying and sorry to say, they aren't going anywhere soon haha! The worst is the sideburns ones lol.

    Yay for rolling! Does she like being on her tummy?

  2. I never know what to post about either. I am the most boring blogger, haha! It is more for me - kind of like a scrapbook to look back on. I need a haircut too!

  3. I hear you on posting right now, I blame summer!
    I chopped my hair off last spring and loved it but come summer I regretted it and NEEDED that ponytail! lol. Oh and the hair loss...mine just started a month ago - crazy, but it did, and I have to part of hair different to hide those little hairs!

  4. I find I have less to write about but even when I want to post, I can't find the time and ai certainly don't have he energy at 9:30pm when Henry is sleeping. :/ I always like reading day in the life posts and am curious about baby's dwvelopment or if you are getting out and meeting other new moms. I am currently struggling with what I should do for work... Go back to the running store part time (and hire a babysitter so basically is be making no $ but be able to do something different a few days a week), not work at all this year, go back to school part time while taking care of Henry, look for another full te job. Such a hard decision.

  5. I am still getting the little hairs... Soo annoying especially when humid!! I am growing my hair out! I miss being able to do things with it! Cookies can fix any mood! I wish I could come share them with you!!

  6. Me!! I'll eat all the cookies!! We need a visit soon!

    The regrowth hairs suck!!! Mine are finally at a decent length. I found it hard to wear my hair up bc of all the little hairs but yet I didn't want to have to do it everyday- like I had time! ;) I don't think I could ever cut my hair so short I couldn't wear a ponytail again. I had it short for so long and I like it so much better long, although it is much lighter short!

    I did T25 tonight! I think I need to start it again- I'm getting bored of just running and i need something to kick my butt!

  7. I go through phases where I have a hard time coming up with things to write about so I can relate. I like all of your posts, though! I like hearing about what Amelia is doing!

    Something random in my life is that today is my last day of work at my job! I've been soooooo unhappy there so I am so glad this chapter is closing! I plan to celebrate with some ice cream this afternoon. :) And then tonight i am going to a big outdoor concert with a good friend that I haven't seen in weeks so I am really pumped for that!

  8. I know what you mean about the blogging thing! I just did a post and realized that it's been a month since the last time I posted! Oops! Oh well, sometimes life gets in the way, or I am just not feeling creative. I have cut my hair short 3 times and donated it to Locks of Love. Each time I am glad I did it, but I always wish it was just a little bit longer so I could put it in a ponytail if I wanted. Especially with running, I really need it to be out of my way!

  9. I like the random facts!! Random fact for me ... we're headed to Vegas today!

  10. Cookies make everything better and you do make the best cookies!!
    The hair regrowth sucks!! Mine were getting long and hideable but now they are back!! jerks.
    Good luck with Extreme! You can do it!!
    Can't wait to see you hair!

  11. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with your hair.

    Good luck with Extreme. I'm scared to start the first one next week, haha.

  12. I am struggling with blogging lately too! My life is the same ole' same ole' and some of the things that are causing me a bit of stress in my life right now are things I can't really talk about on the blog because they relate to work. So frustrating! Anyways, I would love to come help you eat cookies!! Too bad you're so far away. Come visit! :)



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