Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Training Tuesday

We started the 21 day extreme fix last week and holy moly it's hard! We are both left in a pool of sweat and cursing the workouts!

Monday July 6
  • 4.0km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day total body cardio fix

Tuesday July 7
  • 5.0km run with Harley and Amelia - MUST start running more again!

Wednesday July 8
  • 3.2km walk with Amelia

Thursday July 9
  • 4.0km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day lower extreme fix

Friday July 10
  • 3.2km walk with Harley and Amelia
  • 21 day cardio extreme fix

Saturday July 11
  • 4.0km walk with the family
  • 21 day dirty 30 extreme fix

Sunday July 12
  • 5.0km run with Harley
  • 21 day yoga extreme fix
Tell me: how was your week of workouts?


  1. My week of workouts last week was good! For the past two years, I've been working out 5-6 days a week, after being a couch potato all my life prior to that - working out is now just part of my daily routine, and I'm glad I've finally taught myself to make it part of my life! That said, my workout sched was knocked out of whack because of Canada Day mid-week, and I was glad to get things back on track last week! I've been doing a mish-mash of 21 Day Fix, TurboFire, and Hip Hop Abs in the mornings, then trying to get a walk in in the evenings as much as possible :)

  2. great week of workouts!

    My workouts were minimal last week since I was on holidays and couldn't find a good time to go when it wasn't 30 degrees. I did some yoga and SUP and that's about it.

  3. I have 2 weeks left of T25 (wanted to do the full 10 weeks) then will be moving on to the 21 day fix extreme. I can't wait!

  4. Extreme is no joke! I am back on it and did the lower fix the first time this round and car barely walk today!

  5. I am so looking forward to being able to do more than walk again! I get jealous every time someone runs by me when I'm out for a walk. I was in the middle of T25 when I first got pregnant, so I'm excited to start that again!

  6. Nice job!! I think I'm going to start T25 again- I need to switch it up. I'm not super motivated to run right now so I think I'll do T25 4x a week and run 2x a week to keep a base.

  7. Nice work on your workouts! That is awesome that you and Mr. D are doing these fix workouts together. I am sure it's nice to combine spending time together with being active! My workouts last week were pretty good. I ran three times, biked once, swam once and did one strength training session. I wish I was fitting in more ST but I have a hard time doing more than one ST workout a week as marathon and triathlon training are so time consuming! My long run was 14 miles and it went really well so I feel good about that. This weekend I have to do 16 - the long runs are getting long real fast!!

  8. Good job!! Hope you are liking Extreme! :)

  9. I've heard good things about 21 Days and would love to try it after I run the NYCM. Great job on rocking all your workouts lately! I've been feeling proud of myself for stepping outside of my fitness comfort zone and making time to work out :)

  10. I did my first 21 Day Fix workout in months yesterday and I'm soooo sore today! When I was doing the workout (Dirty 30) it didn't feel too hard and I was thinking I must be in better shape than I was when I did the program before and now I'm so so sore today!



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