Friday, August 21, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! It's supposed to be 11C and rain here today...yuck! I'm not ready for that kind of weather yet.

The high of my week was being back home (even though I miss my family- I know you'll be reading mom) and seeing girls from our baby group. It's crazy how the kids have grown and are all at different stages. 

The low of my week was leaving my family in Ontario and the flight home. Let's just say it was a long 3.5 hours! Someone (aka Amelia) didn't want to sleep and would rather have squealed and screamed. I don't think I made any friends on that flight, haha.

The best money I spent was on nothing. Well, besides groceries to fill our empty fridge.

The things I'm thinking about are:
  • not that I want to think about fall/winter, but I need to buy a jacket for Amelia. Any suggestions? I also need footwear for her...what do you put on a baby that isn't walking yet? Is that a really silly question? Haha
  • how I really need to get back into working out- I didn't at all while we were in Ontario and need to get my motivation back
  • whether I should buy breathable crib liners/bumpers. Amelia moves around a lot and seems to end up with her feet/hands out when she falls asleep. If you have some, what kind do you have? Where did you get them from?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You can get her Stonz, they are great warm boots, easy to put on - great for non-walkers or just walking! - you can probably find a used pair on kijijji sites and stuff too!

  2. Nooks boots!! They are awesome. I loved them last winter, and have bought Avery another pair this year since they can be walked in too. And they aren't bulky and look cute :-) I hate bulk looking boots on little ones.

  3. Nooks boots!! They are awesome. I loved them last winter, and have bought Avery another pair this year since they can be walked in too. And they aren't bulky and look cute :-) I hate bulk looking boots on little ones.

  4. When Liam was smaller, we had Padraig boots for winter. They were so cozy and warm (and adorable!).

    The weather is super gross today. I could see my breath while I was getting gas. All Liam wanted to do was curl up under a blanket and watch movies and I wish we could have!!

  5. I second Becky - Padraig boots! They are super cute and so cozy. And they can even wear them in the spring/summer because they keep your feet cool in the warmer months and warm in the cold months (much like true Uggs do). And even once Sully started walking, he still wore them - and he will wear them this year. I'm expecting the winter to be more mild here than Edmonton so I'm not investing in snow boots until I absolutely need to. I also liked the pair of Nooks we had, but they didn't fit Sully's chubby feet as well as the Padraig's.

    As for bumpers - if she's rolling and can move her head, there's really no reason why you can't get regular bumper pads. Unless of course they are just out of your comfort zone! We got regular ones from west coast kids at like 6 months because Sully was constantly getting arms and legs caught in the bars. We've never had an issue where his face is smushed up against them and he can't move ;) I'm pretty sure babies r us and west coast kids sell the breathable ones tho?

    And this weather blows today! I'm glad we don't have to leave the house for anything.

  6. I third Padraigs. I also have a pair for myself. They're awesome.

  7. I was told to get Stonz and Padraig's too and to check Once Upon a Child. I got Max a great snowsuit off of a local buy/sell group and am cruising kijiji for a winter coat. Baby shoe sizing is very confusing for me though. I got Max breathable bumpers last week and they're great! He was getting limbs stuck too as well as bumping his head (I cannot believe how much he thrashes around at night!) since I installed them, he's been sleeping better. It also contains the soother

    1. Oh and I got the bumpers at toys r us (but they're cheaper on Amazon)

  8. We had cold, rainy weather here this week, too, and so many people were like, 'yea, fall' and I was like, 'bring summer back!!!' I like fall, but not in August! End rant.

    Sorry to hear you had a tough flight with Amelia. I hope the people around you understood - you can't control a baby! Good thing she's extra cute. ;)

  9. Such a sweet baby friends picture! Wouldn't it be cool if Amelia ended up being in the same class as one or all of them?

    We never did the crib bumper thing. The (secondhand) bumpers we had were not the breathable/seethrough type and when I set them up I realized I couldn't see Josie from her doorway so I took them down and we decided to wait a few weeks. Turns out she grew out of that phase pretty quickly and we have been fine with no bumpers. I'd definitely recommend looking for a seethrough-ish set because not being able to see her was the dealbreaker for us!

  10. I've got mesh bumpers and stonz if you want to borrow them.

  11. Such cute kids all together! How fun! Sorry to hear the last flight wasn't fun! :( But you'll never see those people again so there! :)



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