Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{amelia}: eight months

So much sass!

 You can find her previous updates here:

Weight/height: not sure as she hasn't been weighed lately. The last time I took her into the clinic to be weighed was at the end of August and she was 17lbs 13oz, so I'm guessing well over 18bs now.

Hair/eyes: she's a blondie for sure now (everyone keeps mentioning it too) and still her gorgeous blue eyes

  • rolling around on the floor or on her change table when you are trying to change her diaper
  • babbling 
  • blowing spit everywhere
  • waving her arms when she is excited or happy 
  • watching videos of herself or looking at pictures of herself
  • going on the swings
  • having her face wiped 
  • staying still so I can change her diaper
  • if I try and get a boogie out of her nose 

Eating: I am still breastfeeding during the day (or if she wakes up in the night). She gets a bottle of breast milk before bed (usually around 200-220mLs), which she gobbles right up. She is also eating a lot of food during the day as well and there doesn't seem to be much that she dislikes. She was fighting being fed purees for a bit, so I started ripping up cooked food and she will pick away and feed herself (with a bit of help from me). We give her plain Cheerios if we need to distract her for a bit while we eat, and I think that has helped a lot with her finger dexterity and being able to get the food into her mouth most of the time. No major gagging incidents either as she is pretty good at chewing everything. 

Sleeping: sleeping has definitely improved from the month before. She goes down around 7pm and has been getting up between 4-5am for a quick feed and will go back to sleep until 6-6:15am. Naps have gone down to 2-3 per day depending on their length. Still no rhyme or reason to how long each one is, but oh well. They do get shorter in length as the day goes on though.

  • she is getting good at searching a room for Harley or Mr.D if I ask her where either of them are
  • she cut her first bottom tooth right after she turned 7 months and then her second bottom one right after she turned 8 months. Those things are SHARP!
  • still in size 3 swaddlers during the day and baby dry at night
  • wears mostly 9 month clothing 
  • she was screaming for her baths for a couple nights (she usually loves them), so we quickly figured out that she did not want to lay down anymore. She now sits up and loves splashing! 


  1. Wow, Amelia definitely isn't a little baby anymore. Look at that sweet face: so full of personality! You probably hear it all the time but she's absolutely beautiful!

  2. Such a sweet girl! Love her big smiles! So glad sleep as been better. I love bath time so much more when they can sit! SO fun!

  3. Her eyes are gorgeous! She is such a little cutie!

  4. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I can't believe she's already 8 months! Giving them small foods to pick at definitely helps their dexterity! Have you tried green peas? Those were (and are) Sully's favourites and I attribute his amazing hand eye coordination today to his pea picking ability hahaha :)

  5. Oh my goodness she just gets cuter and cuter! She has the most beautiful color of eyes! xo

  6. Such an adorable mischievous smile! I have to say that at 22 months we still struggle with the same "hates" - I think those are Swede's top three even now!

  7. She is so adorable! I love her beautiful blue eyes! And she has such a mischievous smile, too! I look how her personality comes through more and more each month. That's great that sleep has gotten better, too!

  8. She's such a beauty. Those eyes!!

  9. Love seeing the side by side pics of her! She has some great hair and those eyeeeeeees :)

  10. LOVE her facial expressions! How cute!! Sass is awesome :-)

  11. Those blue eyes she has are so amazing! I think she is going to look a lot like her momma!



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