Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Recent eats

Our long weekend was pretty quiet as Mr.D was healing from his surgery. The surgery went well and he didn't end up with black eyes like I thought he would. He's still got some swelling and redness, but otherwise things look good! Thank you for all of your comments :)

We like to try new recipes and have some good and some bad lately. I know I always like trying ones that people have tried as well, so I thought I would share them.

Salsa stuffed muffin meat loaves

I'm not a big meatloaf fan, but these were pretty tasty. Easy to make and good as left overs. I served them with green beans and mini potatoes that I roasted in olive oil and S&P. 

Ground turkey and sweet potato skillet

I found this one through Lindsey who always has great links for recipes! This one had potential for me, but it was missing something. Still not quite sure what I would add.

Grilled chili honey lime chicken thighs from Iowa Girl Eats

We've tried a bunch of different recipes from her and they rarely disappoint! I found this one through Brie when she IG'd about it. This was a keeper of a recipe! So, so good. We served it with stir fry veg and coconut rice (you can find her recipe in the post- so good!)

No bake chewy cookies and cream bars

I saw this one linked on IG by someone and decided to make them for Mr.D to take to work. They had potential, but they massively stuck to the wax paper. I tried a bit and it wasn't my favourite

Tell me: have you tried any new recipes lately? Do share!


  1. We love that grilled chicken recipe! SO good! I need to try some new recipes, I am in a rut for sure. But J is always happy with the same old!

  2. That all sounds good. I need to try some new recipes, I'm so lazy when it comes to cooking.

  3. My new suppers lately consist of pb&js lol. I cannot wait to be able to eat normal foods again!!

  4. I have not been creative in the kitchen lately at all! I'm looking forward to cooler weather so that I can use the crockpot more!

  5. Glad that Mr. D. is feeling better! I need to try some of these. YUM!!

  6. Isn't that chicken recipe so good?! And thighs are SO much cheaper to buy than breasts. I made no bake energy bite style things the other week and had such a hard time getting them to stick together.

  7. I am glad that Mr. D is recovering well! I know how painful surgeries in that region can be!

    I have not done much cooking lately, and when I have cooked, it's things I've made before. I am planning to make these mini bbq meatloaves from Iowa Girl Eats this weekend, though! I don't eat meatloaf often, either, but my iron and red blood cell count has been low lately so i am trying to incorporate more red meat into my diet, at least until the marathon. I'm also making her vegetable ragu as my carb loading meal on Friday night before the 22 miler on Saturday!

  8. Our kitchen creativity is lacking... The only thing we have made that we don't usually is homemade wonton perogies and we made more than enough to freeze!

  9. I'm impressed with all your cooking! I'm not doing so great cooking consistently! Thanks for some meal inspiration!

  10. I need a personal chef. I don't enjoy cooking but all these recipes look amazing!

  11. I really get out of the cooking habit in the summer and have just been eating a bunch of the same things over and over and over again. I'm hoping to try some new recipes this fall/winter! Everyone raves about recipes from Iowa Girl Eats so I will have to try some from that site!

  12. I too have heard good things about the Iowa Girl recipes. I will have to try that chicken one! I have been doing my standard meals lately, which consists of a big pot of ___ (chili, pasta, soup) with the latest addition of garden tomatoes (yum!) and salads. Boring, but less time consuming and pretty healthy and delicious.



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