Monday, September 21, 2015

Scenes from the weekend

A fun weekend was had around here! Busy, but fun.

{friday} during the day, Amelia and I went to MEC to return a jacket that I had ordered online for her {we got this one}. I had ordered two sizes as I wasn't sure which one would fit her. I spent the afternoon making some food for Amelia. Mr.D got home in the early afternoon, so we spent some time hanging out before he left shortly after dinner to meet up with some friends for dinner and a movie. I took Amelia and Harley for a short walk with a stop at the swings. Once Amelia was in bed, I caught up on Ellen and watched a documentary on Tig Notaro on Netflix after seeing her on Ellen. 

{saturday} I was up bright and early at 6am with Amelia and we let Mr.D have a sleep in as he didn't get home until late. Once he was up, we traded off and I took Harley for a 6km run in the gorgeous weather. Amelia was down for a nap when I got home, so I hopped into the shower and quickly did my hair before she got up. When she woke up, we headed out to go to a kids clothing and toy sale close by. I got there maybe 1.5 hours after it started and it was already quite picked over, but I found a few things for Amelia. In the afternoon, Mr.D's parents arrived for a visit. The boys headed out to pick up railings for our deck while my MIL and I walked up with Amelia to the harvest festival that my neighbourhood puts on each year. We also stopped at a garage sale and I picked two sweaters for Amelia. She made out that day!

Mr.D and I were going to go out for dinner and have my in-laws babysit, but the railings took longer than the boys thought, so we ended up just picking up some pizzas and hanging out at home.

{sunday} Amelia decided 5:20am was a good time to get up, but luckily Mr.D got up with her and I had a bit of a sleep in. Mr.D left to go biking with his bike boyfriend (aka Justin) around 9am, and my in-laws left shortly after that. Amelia decided to have a 26 minute nap, which is not good for her or our day, so I was luckily able to get her back down by laying in bed with her. Once we were up, we took Harley for a walk in the sunshine and just spent the day hanging around at home and doing some cleaning. 

When I was laying in bed in the morning, I heard a bang against the house and didn't know what it was {I didn't want to go check as Mr.D was gone and what if it was the boogey man?! Haha}. I found out that it was a bird and it ended up injuring itself. When Mr.D got home, he called the city and they said if we could catch it then to take it an animal hospital since they didn't have anyone to send out on a Sunday. Mr.D tried with a towel, but the little guy hopped through the fence and down the road before we could get him. It was funny to watch him try though!

Tell me: how was your weekend?


  1. Yay! A nice, productive, and maybe a bit relaxing weekend! I worked 28 hours between Fri/Sat/Sun and came down with a cold that Josie got too. Not even sure if that's worth updating my blog about!
    I love that coat for Amelia, such nice colours.
    I wonder what kind of bird it was. Was it big?

  2. I'm anxious to see the deck railings. Sounds like it was a pretty good mix of a weekend. Bummer that your date night didn't work out! :(

  3. Deck railings! Nice! Can't wait to see. Good hawl for A - D has that same red sweater and jammies! Cute coat from Mec too! Hope the bird survived! :( Poor thing! Glad you had a good visit with the inlaws too even though date night didn't work, boo. Now you will have to plan a lunch date so we can have her!! Get on it!

  4. Cute new winter clothes for Amelia!
    Poor bird, It makes me so sad when they fly into our windows. I hope it's OK!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend and that the weather was great! We had beautiful weather here, too, so I am glad I was outside for hours on Sat and Sun morning running and biking in it! The weekend felt short since I left for the airport around 3 on Sunday but it was a great weekend all in all!

  6. Nice score for miss A! I love going to those kinds of sales (I did know about the one I'm thinking you went to, but couldn't make it)...I've had good luck at ones in the past. Haha - "boogeyman". I wouldn't go investigate if I was home alone either!! :)

  7. Poor bird! I used to have a cat that injured a ton of birds and we always had to rescue them and take them in...sigh.
    You score so good at those sales! I wish we had some in RD!

  8. I prefer pizza in over going out 99% of the time. Looks like a good weekend with some extra helping hands!

  9. Great weekend, and super cute clothes for Miss A!

  10. Sounds like a great weekend. Nice haul on clothes for Amelia!

    Funny story about the bird. Hopefully it was ok.



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