Friday, September 18, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! We had a good week, but are ready for the weekend and time with Mr.D.

The high of the week was starting our aquasize class on Tuesday (Amelia loved being in the water and splashing), taking pictures with our prenatal group on Thursday and having my free night last night {I tried out an Orange Theory class}.

The low of the week was our day on Wednesday. Amelia is cutting another tooth and was just so grumpy all day long. She cried the entire time when we went for a run, which I am sure scared a few people we passed, haha. My mommy patience was at all time low and Mr.D had something that night for school. We survived though!

The best money I spent was on our mommy/baby pictures yesterday. One of the girls from our prenatal group organized a photographer to come, so it was $25 for a short session with you and your baby. We also took one with the whole group, which will be neat to see.

The books I read were none. I started The Birth House, but am struggling through it.

The meals we had were:
I also made these deep dish oatmeal fudge bars for our baby get together {thanks again M for the recipe!} and hot damn, they are so good! I had to send some with Mr.D to school as I ate way too many on Wednesday (I'm an emotional eater).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aw - teething is no fun. Hugs mama. That casserole sounds so yummy!! hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Yum, those oatmeal bars look amazing. I will have to try to make things as they look like they are dense so I could substitute GF flour and they'd be fine (substituting GF flour kind of only seems to work when it's a dense baked good!).

    Sorry to hear you guys had a tough day on Wednesday! Teething seems like it would be so painful!

    Enjoy your weekend with Mr. D around! And I am curious to hear what you thought of Orange Theory! I would like to try that out but the Orange Theory studio is not conveniently located and I am all about convenience when it comes to working out!!!

  3. Sorry you had a tough day. Sometimes I struggle with patience too.

    I'm excited to see your photos :)

    PS I wish you were coming to Waterton. Want to change your mind and join us??

  4. Those oatmeal bars look so good, but quite dangerous! I always take my treats to work. otherwise I would eat the entire pan myself! I hope you guys are having a great weekend together and Amelia's teeth are not bugging her too much!

  5. Whyyyy did you share that deep dish oatmeal fudge recipe with me. Hahaha! Those sound SO amazing!

    Sorry to hear about Amelia's bad day but I'm glad you guys got through it!

  6. Those pics will be so cute! You have had lots of little shoots with her!
    What did you think of OT?

  7. Oh I love The Birth House!! Stick with it! I feel your pain with the teething - we had a few rough patches this weekend. It's never fun! How did you like Orange Theory? I did a few classes in Edmonton and really liked it.



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