Friday, September 25, 2015


The high of the week was going to aquasize on Tuesday and getting out for two good runs after Amelia went to bed. 

The low of the week was nothing really. Amelia was a bit grumpy/fighting her naps yesterday, so we had to cancel a play date but we made it through the week :)

The best money I spent was groceries? Haha so exciting.

The book I read was The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. It definitely went a way that I didn't think it was going to and I liked it! I can't say much else or I'll give it away.

The meals we had were:
  • Monday: quesadillas
  • Tuesday: Thai chicken crunch wraps -I accidentally used red onion instead, a bit of a different sauce and left out the lettuce and they were still delicious!
  • Wednesday: spaghetti squash with meatballs
  • Thursday: chipotle chicken with lime quinoa - the chicken marinade was definitely a keeper! I would leave the lime out of the quinoa next time though. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yum, you hate some great meals this week! The best meal we had was muffaletta meatloaves from Iowa Girl Eats. They have salami, cheese and an olive mix in them and were SOOO good. Probably not the healthiest with the meat and cheese in it but oh well! I hope you guys have a great weekend! It's going to be summer-like here which I am happy about!

  2. Your meals sound so yummy. Have a great weekend! <3

  3. Awwww - that last photo of Miss A - she is SO adorable!! Sad we won't get to see you this weekend :(

  4. I tried to read that book but couldn't, but loved the movie! I like your bathing suit top!

  5. What kind of stuff do you do in the class? I'm interested!

  6. Amelia is so cute and growing so fast :)

  7. How is the class? Good workout? Did you find a good bathing suit? I love her little grin, such a cutie!!



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